Sticky Substance 2

After Junie’s mum was done with putting the laundry into the washing machine, she went back to join her girl in front of the TV, keeping silent until she asked her a deadly question.

Junie: ‘Mummy, so what was the craziest thing dad and you did?’

Mum: ‘Oh! So it’s my turn?’

Junie: ‘Just want to know.’

Mum: ‘Fine. Hmm.. Back in the olden days, carparks had concealed staircases and dad was one of the few who owned a car at his age of 28. We too had dinner, and he drove me to the top most level of a carpark, to enjoy the open air view of the stars. There wasn’t so much high rise compared to now, so it was easy to find such places.

In the darkness and silence, it was me who initiated your dad. I remembered leaning over to him and going for his pants, unzipping it and struggle to yank his dick out. He didn’t resist at all, since men are bound to stay motionless when a girl pounces on them. Something just came over me to make a good memory out of this romantic night, and my mouth was over him before he could even adjust the seat down.

I wasn’t going to let him relax or what, so I just sucked him fast and deep, choking myself a few times but I was happy doing it for a man I loved. His manly groans is still in my head today. What you call it erotic-asphyxiation was what I went through. The lack of air was making me light headed and getting it over and done with was all that was on my mind.

He had sensed that and stopped me before things went out of hand and into my mouth. And it was that which brought me back to this world too. He climbed to the back seat and I followed suit, lifting up my black skirt and exposing my butt to whoever was looking at the car, if there was anyone at all. He was lying on top of me and tearing a hole in my pantyhose, then attacking me with his mouth. He could go on and on, at the fastest speed that drove me wild with orgasms. And when he got tired, his fingers would take over to create those slurpy sounds that I always loved when we got intimate.

Once I was wet enough, he just shifted his hips to the position and shoved it in one stroke. At that moment, I was resenting him for not being a gentleman, but the quick entry reduced the pain once he started pumping. Oh god you should see how crazy he was. He threw my legs out of the way and placed his clenched fists next to my head. I was looking at him in the eyes while licking my lips.

He was like an animal, pounding and shaking the car so much. The suspensions worked well as it helped him to ‘bounce’ better. My pussy was always in a contracted state with the orgasms that hit me so hard and frequent. He knew how to delay as well, shifting his attention to my breasts when he needed a rest. He ripped the buttons apart and just bite on my boobs so hard that it felt good, coupled with the pain I couldn’t care about.

Once he recovered his energy, his mouth found its home on my nipples and sucked so hard on them while his hips pumped that thick slab of meat into me. My pelvic bone was hurting but it felt too good to stop. He just went non-stop in a frenzy until I got so tight that he couldn’t wait any longer to cum.

Pulling it mercilessly out of my needy body, I sat up and changed to a kneel, taking his cock into my mouth once he found his balance on his knees on the seats. I just kept sucking until he held my head down and unloaded his creamy thick load down my throat. All along, I was afraid of the taste, but that was when he showed me that a little suffering of my throat will make things better.

So from then on, up to this day, I would always let him shoot in my mouth whenever we did it. Since having you and brother was more than enough to handle. Occasionally, when we told you we are going to spend some points at the hotel, it was more of an excuse to have marathon sex with your dad.

Now that I’ve told you about daddy and I, are you happy?’

Junie: ‘Yupp! I didn’t expect you two to be so wild!’

Mum: ‘Young days!’

By the time she finished her story, dad came home from work and found the two girls bonding better than before. With a smile on his face, he asked mum to help him change out in the bedroom, and perhaps a night of wild sex too.

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