Free Fuck

Dominic was attached with a sweet innocent girl, Kim, who was a virgin until two days ago. She had ample experience with self pleasure and even a high sex drive, usually expressed through her skilful hands and mouth, but could never meet her boyfriend’s thirst for sex. He had ‘accidentally’ put his dick into her […]

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Review – Durex Fetherlite Ultima

Durex Fetherlite Ultima (S$11.96) – With all those episodes in my stories, would you think protection is really absent? Out of so many brands I’ve tried, this is the brand, and type I would recommend. Away with those extra thick, extra lube, extra bumps and dots. Skin-close is the way to do it. Firstly, a couple’s […]

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Public Awareness

Gary was a new groom, but his hot 23 years old wife wasn’t close enough, in terms of moaning and turning him on, round after round of sex. After all, they had been dating for about five years, and lost it to each other during their fifth date. I guess even the wildest sex could […]

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