Free Fuck

Dominic was attached with a sweet innocent girl, Kim, who was a virgin until two days ago. She had ample experience with self pleasure and even a high sex drive, usually expressed through her skilful hands and mouth, but could never meet her boyfriend’s thirst for sex. He had ‘accidentally’ put his dick into her and gave her a ringing pain that lasted a whole day. Furthermore, he only finished his deed after convincing her that they had to finish the session since it (penetration) was already done. Having no choice, Kim let him did what he wanted and took his load in her mouth. That was the only one time they did it.

Having to go through so much to have sex, he would rather find relieve outside. So, on days they did not meet, he would be online, chatting up with girls and pasting his mobile number all over the net. Another one of the nights ended without any catch, and as usual, he went to bed earlier, at 10pm, ready to masturbate the daily load away into the pathetic pieces of tissue.

Unknown number (SMS): ‘Hey Dominic right?’

Dominic (SMS): ‘Yeah. Who is this?’

Unknown number (SMS): ‘A girl who is interested in your lah. Want to meet now? I live around you.’

Dominic (SMS): ‘Who is this? How you know where I stay?’

Unknown number (SMS): ‘It’s Janice lah. I can come over to your place now.’

Dominic (SMS): ‘Okay. Come if you dare lo.’

He stopped texting despite the rush of blood to his dick and fingers to know more about her, but being the online predator for the longest time, he knew she could jolly well be a guy and was just pranking on him. After a while, his eyes started closing and right at the point where he had fallen asleep, the door bell rang with its might. Fuck.

He got up to the door and opened it. A girl, dressed in a mini white dress, smiled at his shagged expression.

Janice: ‘I’m the unknown number who texted you.’

Woah! Hot girl, free delivery to his door step. He stepped aside and let her in, which she had a quick glance at the house and went to the only room with lights on. Dominic quickly followed her in and she dropped her bag at the door.

Dominic: ‘So free ah you?’

Janice: ‘Hehe. Not just free. And horny too. Since you stayed near me while I needed someone most, I decided to call you luh.’

With glee in his eyes, his jaw dropped gradually as she lifted her dress overhead. The strapless white bra and panties that had lace around its edges were definitely reserved for a girl with her figure. Although the international standards for ‘sexy’ was 36-24-36, she was nothing close. In fact, she was closer to 32-21-30, grip-able, fuckable body for any male on the planet. Sure enough, getting to his place had posed many dangers as single, attached and even married men had eyed on her, with one following her all the way to Dominic’s place.

She fell on his bed and closed her eyes, before popping two blue oval pills into her mouth. ‘What’s that?’, Dominic inquired. ‘Oh.. it’s dormicum. Helps me to relax‘, she replied hastily. Her breathing slowed and he sat beside her all the while, admiring her body and wondering what good luck befell onto him.

Are you just going to sit there?‘ she asked with a grin behind those words. ‘Umm.. no‘, Dominic could not contain the excitement anymore. He lifted her hand and it fell lifelessly on the bed. As she got weary, the final words were her last, but she was conscious when she said, ‘You can do whatever you wish with me.

Dominic removed his boxers and his dick sprang into full salute. He turned her over to the side and angled one of her slender long legs at 90 degrees. Resting his butt on the other straightened leg, he entered her without a condom and stopped immediately just after his little head went in. He leaned on her feeble body and whispered, ‘Fuck man, you’re damn tight.’ Thrusting his pelvis in and out of her, he inched the length of his shaft into her slowly. It took longer for him to reach the full distance, and the worry about controlling himself was fighting in his mind.

I’m all yours‘, replied Janice in a whisper.

He sat back up and rammed furiously into her, sending his mind into another debate and comparison. The sex with this girl was far beyond comparison with his then girlfriend, Kim. Kim was adventurous until he brought up the issue of sex, and would doubt his intentions, flushing his advances with guilt. For Janice, he was more than proud to have her as his girlfriend, who would gladly make him happy anytime he wanted.

As her pussy tightened, soft moans was hear coming from her and Dominic went on his work mindlessly. For that moment, he knew he would not be able to contain his hormones for long, and the urge to cum would arrive any moment. Not planning to waste the chance with this girl, he flipped her around and after spending some effort, he got her to bend forward in doggie, except that her body was too weak to support herself.

He took her wrists in his hands and pulled her body backwards while he thrust his dick into her, very contented with her small, but fleshy ass. It was the first time he had a body that coordinated with his strength and force, generating a small recoil which perfectly retained only the tip of his penis. It would then be his one of many turns to yank at her arms and force her little body to receive his enlarging manhood.

The juices her pussy generated was making his trips into her smooth and slippery, coating his balls and having a little of it running down his thighs. The urge to cum finally came and there was no way he could hold himself back any longer. Dominic dropped her arms and held onto her tiny waist, pulling her body backwards as he pounded relentlessly into her flooding hole.

During that speed pick up, his dick gave way and slipped out, directing his way into her asshole, which Janice did not expact and she moaned louder as it went into her ass without warning. The amount of lubricant was enough to keep him going, and he did not notice the wrong entry. Feeing an overwhelming tightness on his dick, his mind continued to thrash her anally until he could not take it anymore, blowing a humongous load into her butt. Happy with his conquer, he pulled out and landed on his back, on the other end of the bed.

Janice fell on her side and breathed deeply as her lower body shook with pleasure. Dominic had more than what he could handle and climbed back beside the free fuck, and fell into sleep. Gathering her last bit of energy, she took some tissue to clean up the leaking mess from her anus and took his phone to send a text.

Dominic (SMS): ‘Hi, this is Janice. I’ve taken care of your bastard boyfriend for you. AIDS will take care of him from now on. On top of that, I gave him something else that would make him unable to ‘stand’ anymore.’

The next morning came and he found himself alone in his bedroom. Still unaware of what happened, he read the text from Kim, requesting for a breakup, to be a blessing. Only God knows what he would be doing with the rest of his life.

Review – Durex

Kinda hard to believe I took this picture yeah? I really did.

Durex Fetherlite Ultima (S$11.96) – With all those episodes in my stories, would you think protection is really absent? Out of so many brands I’ve tried, this is the brand, and type I would recommend. Away with those extra thick, extra lube, extra bumps and dots. Skin-close is the way to do it. Firstly, a couple’s relationship should be strong enough to withstand 3rd parties, love history, monetary issues, distances, family pressure and etc. Yet, that single moment of intimacy is divided by rubber. Sure, family planning huh? Then, the next thing to focus on is getting as physically close as possible to her.

So, Fetherlite Ultima. It’s the closest you can get. Thin enough to stick so close to your (penile) skin, that you’ll forget it’s there. One thing though, rubber is always smoother than skin. So, live with slight loss of grooves and bumps from your RAW penis. Family planning remember? Safety first. I like this model because of the feel. It doesn’t affect the whole act much, and you can release safely inside. The tightness is not to a point semen will get pushed back out (unless you are XXL in size, you’ll need expert level contraceptions).

Durex Play Strawberry (S$8.48) – Woohoo! Sometimes, it’s not the issue about your skills. It could well be the female body that just doesn’t produce enough. So, lubricant to help. I’ve tried the tingling one, and this. Before this, I tried the ‘standard issue’ KY Jelly by Johnsons & Johnsons and the Tingling Durex one, which was a no-no for me. The minty effect was too much to take, to a point I was disabled and shrunk to an unbelievable size. It’s more of dipping your cock in Colgate instead of eating Eclipse and receiving oral.

Next, KY Jelly. Great product, had totally no problem with it. Except the drying part. Once, I missed and wasted a few drops on the floor. Mum came in and asked what is the sticky substance, I said.. ‘water’. It took a long long time to dry out, therefore a great juice-replacement. Take care when using it on bed. The ‘wet looking patch’ does not come off easily.

The strawberry one was much smoother, like.. less water, more slippery. Please note that it’s not really OILY, I’m just stating a description. Like those use in JAV, it takes a while to dry out too, so it’s a 5 out of 5 for long battles. The reason I recommended this was for the strawberry flavour. It still tasted a little weird, and sweet! on my taste buds, but we know we’re not supposed to drink this. I loved how the scent fill up the room and gives the little high class effect while procreating.

For masturbation wise, please please do not let water mix with this as it will lose it’s lubricating effect. Do it before you shower, and be generous with it. It would prepare your rod in case you get a random hot looking girl, she would smell the after scent of strawberry too! Apart from DIY, I would recommend this for use with toys as well.

Most importantly, hygiene comes first. Try them, enjoy making love.

Public Awareness

Gary was a new groom, but his hot 23 years old wife wasn’t close enough, in terms of moaning and turning him on, round after round of sex. After all, they had been dating for about five years, and lost it to each other during their fifth date. I guess even the wildest sex could get boring with the same woman. He wasn’t even sure if he loved her, but she can well satisfy his needs whenever he wanted. Though he was always looking at Craigslist’s personal section for out calls, he didn’t dare to try any of them since he always approached his hot wife whenever he felt like it, to relieve his urges.

Not long ago, she had to go overseas with her boss for a sponsored trip to Paris. The client was very generous to have invited them over to his mansion for a stay, but Gary couldn’t give a hoot about it. He was horny, and needed help to release. So, he hit on the ‘Enter’ key after typing in the URL to Craigslist. Moving his mouse swiftly, he opened about five tabs on his browser, looking closely at the poorly taken self-portrait.

Finally, he decided on one and made the call.

Gary: ‘Hello? Is this Sharon?’

Girl: ‘Yes. Free today?’

Gary: ‘Looking for some help. What’s your rate?’

Sharon: ‘300, unlimited, 2 hours.’

Gary: ‘I’ll pick you up at your place.’

Sharon: ‘Just meet me at Lavender 81.’

He took his car keys and drove to the hotel, excited to rendezvous with the lady as seen on his laptop. She was seductively dressed, presumably for work, but he wasted no time checking in and making his way to their room. Her freshly showered scent was overpowering, but Gary didn’t care if she had one or ten customers before him, he needed to unload. Her tight dress didn’t make his hard on any more comfortable, and he could even make out her lacy underwear beneath. Being a sucker for SYTs, the 20 years old was way better than his wife, though just three years difference.

The door closed behind them and he carried her onto the bed, pouncing on her like a hungry wolf. Sharon had seen all sort of guys in her job, a few even started ripping her panties off even before the doors closed, this was one of the fiercer ones. She calmed him down with a bit of frenching, and slowly undid his buttons, of both his pants and shirt. Luckily, this customer of hers still had some shape, which would probably help when she got on top. The foreplay didn’t last too long before Gary asked to shower before start.

She took the few minutes to remove her clothes and tucked herself like a little princess happy to be in her own queen sized bed. He was done quickly and the sight of this petite little whore became too much for him. He crawled under the blanket and feasted on her tiny pussy, with sweet fragrance and nothing else. Her body was trained to get wet slowly so these guys would overshoot the time and paid her extra. The ten minute long cunnilingus finally got her wet enough and him hard for too long.

She then reduced some of her guilt of ‘the receiving side’ by giving him a blowjob, with his knees on the bed. Her throat received the pounding with no effort, possibly used to the violent abuse of desperate men. Her lipwork started barely five minutes and he could feel his shaft getting hypersensitive. He had no time to stop her mind-blowing mouth when he blew his first load between her bright red lips. Sharon then professionally cleaned him and herself up and lay on the bed texting while he took a few minutes to recover.

Gary positioned himself between her legs and she handed a familiar wrapper to him. He took it and simply placed it by his side.

Gary: ‘Can I not use the rubber? I’m disease-free.’

He wanted to know if he can say no before deciding. Since the only partner he ever had sex with was his wife, he hasn’t used a condom more than five times in his life. On the other hand, Sharon wasn’t surprise at his question, as many had requested it before. Although she hasn’t seen a dick quite as large as his, she wouldn’t mind trying it with or without protection.

Sharon: ‘Fine. I’m warning you first. You’re clean right?’

He hastily nodded and pierced his saliva-precum coated dick into her unexpecting pussy. Trailing waves of pleasure through her body, represented by the moans and squirms. Her sweet voice was producing sounds like an angel being teased in the heavens. Her tightness was just right for Gary’s dick, wide girth textured with veins, fired with piston-like force and strength into her, doing total justice for the whole of male dominance. Although her body’s lubrication made the whole session juicy and smooth, his depth of penetration was still unfelt before.

Sharon’s body was almost over the edge when he groaned, hinting that he was about to cum. Her daily dose of contraceptive pills were mandatory for girls in her line of work, providing the second level of protection in case any men forced themselves on the girls unprotected. There wasn’t much to worry about. She received the first of his load with ease and held it inside her until she realised his dick was pumping a lot more. You guys should have seen how much he saved. It was like a new tube of toothpaste, being emptied and wasted in seconds. Those thick white pulp of cum being forced back out of her tight pussy failing, to contain it all. The warmth in her was quite a comfortable relief despite the overflow.

He paid S$400 for the overtime and left after she did. The two powerful ejaculation made his genital a little sore as he relieved himself, or so he thought.

The next few days, Gary felt an unbearable pain when he urinated or jerked off, which he simply too medicine for. Which after a few more days, subsided with no side effects. His wife was back by then and their intense fuck sessions resumed, releasing the monster in him over and over again, still thinking about Sharon’s body and voice. Little did he know, that he had contracted HPV that resulted in the wart-occurrence the first few days, and had no symptoms following. While his condition stabilized, he had given his wife a dose of the virus, resulting in a cervical cancer, rendering her infertile for life.

Sure, he was safe, until three years later, a cancerous cell was found on his penis and had to be castrated for prevention of spread. Once healthy and horny, now, weak and deprived. Sharon carried an STD, but she was responsible enough to provide a condom. Till the moment the guy decides his stand.

Responsibility meets Irresponsibility. Which side are you on?