#13 Audrey Grace

Like its counterpart, America (and probably Europe) does have an almost unlimited amount of porn and every once in a while, there will be one that catches my attention. Well, like my preference for JAV, I tend to favour non-hardcore, playful and natural acting. 

Lovers Foreplay by Passion HD (ft. Audrey Grace)
Like X-Art, Passion HD produces some of the most elegant, classy porn that make sex look more like art. In this flick, Audrey plays the insatiable vixen that couldn’t help giving in to the dildo until her ‘boyfriend’ returns.  You can imagine the rest right? I find this particularly erection-worthy because of how undistracted she is in the film.

Natural, responsive, authentic. Good enough for me.

Rating: Not too hardcore, but not too subtle either. Good balance. Recommend to watch at least once.

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