#2 SNIS-121/ SOE-540

Every week (or so), I will strive to present one of the best/ most interesting/ latest JAV clips to aid the healthy, preferably-weekly release  of one’s sexual tension. After years of ‘research’, as raw and uncensored as we prefer porn to be, the most captivating ones might just be covered in the occasional mosaics. 


Another impressive work by S1 NO.1 STYLE. Despite being in ‘yet another’ one-on-one, single-location setting, Sakura Ena has seemed to found a void to fill with her innocent, somewhat-blur/ confused look during production. In very subtle body cues, you can tell that her personality, wasn’t those ‘fierce’, ‘wild’ type that the male lead has displayed. The way she tries to catch up (being always one-step-behind), was what made this video worth sitting through. Not exactly a professional, but her undying efforts to gain ‘acknowledgement’ might make her a little more lovable.

Rating: If you like last week’s recommendation and have nothing to watch.


Shock, was what I felt when I saw the extent of how ‘rape’ was portrayed in that (luckily) controlled environment. AV, especially made in J, can get a little absurd, or make one question their morality. But when I first saw Aino Kishi react so naturally in the sexual assault scene, I almost turned my head away. Realistic, authentic, genuine, those are all the words I will list to spark any interests anyone has in such genre. kthxbai.

Rating: Must watch at least once. May or may not like.

*You might just see some familiar (a.k.a. old) covers, because they are THAT good.

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