#5 RUB-777/ MEYD-164

Every week (or so), I will strive to present one of the best/ most interesting/ latest JAV clips to aid the healthy, preferably-weekly release  of one’s sexual tension. After years of ‘research’, as raw and uncensored as we prefer porn to be, the most captivating ones might just be covered in the occasional mosaics. 

Scene set in a cafe, a waitress is targeted by the man and then raped right in the diner. Deed was done and she was somehow contacted by him to his place after work the next day. Standard operating procedure for a blackmail story. Noteworthy pointers are her realistic expressions and reactions to his advances.

Rating: Interesting location, responsive actress. Check it out if you like to see her in misery.

A sexually-frustrated ‘wife’ strayed upon laying eyes on their new neighbour, a man at her father’s age. Accidental nakedness, awkward visit (while he is bathing), led them on a new adventure in his home. Come think of it, storyline ends at the 41st minute of the two-hour movie.

Rating: This is highly-recommended for their convincing performances, not just during sex.

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