A Gentle Night

Lying between her legs, in front of her beautifully shaven pussy, her eyes were on me. Two clenched fists at her chin, it was something we had done for almost every foreplay, but she always made it seemed like it was our first time.

‘Am I wet?’, she asked shyly, afraid to have exposed her desire before I did. The centrefold was slightly moist, with some white among the transparent. I couldn’t help but see her as the most delicate being, frightened by what made her felt good. It was, a part of her that I fell in love with.

Resting my elbow at her inner thigh, I used my thumb to swipe up that sleeping oyster, gently spreading those wet folds around my thumb as I moved. My other hand came into the picture soon, to split that book apart, revealing the shiny little nub under. My lips, they were approaching that spot on its own until she stopped me by my forehead.

‘Don’t’, I smiled at her response and went against her push, landing a short kiss where I have not tasted in a long time. Her hand removed itself after that and I was back on my elbows, this time, making a downward stroke that didn’t return to her clit.

Slowly, my middle finger made its way inside her in twisting motion, easing the entry while smearing her sweet liquid all over for lubrication. My mind was half outside, admiring her closed eyes, deep breathes that made her breasts play a game of sneak-peek with me.

There wasn’t any forceful thrusts, just graceful in-out motion, along with a slight curl of my fingertip. Suddenly, her head rose into my view and she pulled her pillow under it, ‘put another finger in?’. My index joined the middle and her tightness pushed towards my knuckles, moans becoming audible as I went in deep.

Part of the process included the ‘discovery’, where I would take my time and explore the insides all over again. Twisted wrist, stroking fingers, scissors-style clamps, ‘cycling/ running’ motion, all caused her to sound differently. At the end of all that, she would never fail to give me a weak smile.

‘I’m sorry for being tired tonight’, she sighed her disappointment that apologised needlessly. It was the end of my teasing and I returned to her side, letting her roll over on my chest while she lazily turned my face for a kiss.

‘Goodnight baby’, ‘Goodnight’, I clicked on my phone to turn the lights off and let her catch the much needed rest, for another day that we both will have to last through. Only that we will always remember it was each other that made our mundane work life worthwhile.

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