A Little Boy

When I was about 12, I had a stomach ache that was not treatable at home. So my parents sent me to the hospital at about 2am in the morning. After the doctor gave me a little jab, I was transferred to a ward and left alone after instructions from parents. I fell asleep soon after the transfer and it was only 6am when I woke up from the clinging sound of a nurse placing some files on the table at the end of my bed.

Nurse: ‘Hi. You’re awake. How are you feeling?’

Me: ‘Better? And thirsty.’

This nice lady poured me a glass of water and helped me up. She pulled the curtains over and sat on the bed. I didn’t know what was she doing then, since I was only 12. She undid my shorts and pulled my underwear down.

Me: ‘What are you doing nurse?’

Nurse: ‘I’m going to do a check. Just relax for me can?’

Me: ‘Can.’

She had an unmistakable Chinese accent, and in the twilight, I could tell she had fair skin too. With her small hand, she used her thumb and index finger to move the skin of my dick up and down. It felt good, but I didn’t know how to explain the sensation but the feeling going through my mind was simply beyond description then.

She did not stop and I felt more of her fingers around my little brother. As it got bigger, she took a cleansing wipe and cleaned it. If this is how they clean patients when the patients can’t do it, I’ll sure want more. After cleaning it thoroughly, she resumed sucking it.

Nurse: ‘Can you put your hand here and play around jie jie’s here?’

She slipped my little hand under her uniform and I touched a wet piece of her. Like a blur little boy, I groped around and slip my little fingers between anything I could get. Her hips was moving on its own but I couldn’t tell if she was enjoying it.

Just a couple of minutes later, I felt a rush of pleasure and I felt my dick pumping. I didn’t know if anything came out, but she was still moving her lips up and down across my shaft. Immediately, a tired, home-sick like feeling overcame me and my dick was getting smaller.

The nurse got up and wiped her mouth. But not forgetting to massage my dick while she continued to get teased by my innocent fingers.

Nurse: ‘Does it feel good?’

I simply nodded in reply.

Nurse: ‘You want somemore?’

My shoulders says don’t know. But my little brother says yes. It was getting big already! It wasn’t huge then, probably 2.5 inches? She was a little surprise, but she was surely glad with that smile on her face. Stroking it faster, she placed the dick head into her mouth and sucked on the pee hole.

This vacuum feel was mixed with a little ache and strong intense pleasure. It was right in my head. While she sucked, her hands kept working until I shot a second time. She opened her mouth and showed whatever I gave her. It was this clean white gooey stuff and she swallowed it.

Nurse: ‘Don’t tell anyone k? Our little secret.’

We hooked our little fingers and she left after taking my temperature and such. Parents come at 8am and picked me up. I waved goodbye to the nurse on my way out too. First blowjob? Don’t know. (:

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