After A Long Busy Period

Day: Tuesday
Date: 11th February 2009
Time: Morning and Evening
Location: Peiling’s house then my house.

For the past few days, Peiling’s parents were out of the country and she was posted to her relatives’ place for that period. She wasn’t allowed late nights and would have to report to her dad’s paint shop to help out with whatever. So, after three days without being able to spend time with her, I was really happy to have her back.

As usual for a Tuesday, her class only starts at 1pm, so I went over to her place, with my mind more horny than ever from the deprivation. In case you guys didn’t know, I have to stay in a spot to watch her mum leave house, or monitor her car. Her parents didn’t liked strangers as her dad would openly leave money lying around.

Upon entering her house sneakily, I went to her bed and snuggled in comfortably, while she went to wash herself up. She still had some work to be done and so her PC was on. I began typing on whatever she was doing since I was used to helping her doing work. After she was done looking fresh, I invited her to join me and she sat behind me.

The usual foreplay happened, and she was quite unsure about the early morning fun as the tiredness might affect her long day. But the sick me continued working my hands and mouth and soon enough, she was the one asking for it. I love it when she got so turned on.

I used the vibrator on her and found out something interesting. As I pressed my dick against the vibrator which then press against her clit, moving left and right creates extra simulation for her sensitive pussy. Her breathing would get even heavier, and orgasms came more frequently. She got really wet and like always, climaxed till her body was literally limp.

Peiling: ‘You want me to help you?’

Me: ‘Um-hm.’

Little head over big head. Just the day before and I am trying to convince myself not to play, and here it is – here we are.

Seated on the edge of the bed, and she sat on the floor in front of me, at my dick level. I took out my hard dick from my boxers and she went to tie her hair instead. Well, we have to prepare before we eat don’t we?

She took the head of my dick in her mouth, up to where the mushroom ends. It wasn’t a lot, but it definitely felt good. After just 30 seconds, she said, ‘Okay, that’s all’. And I was like, ‘Huh?’ ‘Just kidding’, she replied cheekily.

A few more minutes into the job and she was using her hands. Not an issue for me, she’s my loved one after all. Like those rare occasions, she guided me into the bathroom and stood behind me. My dick was aimed at the toilet bowl while she jerked me from behind. The scene was quite funny though, she did claim it made her feel like she had a dick and masturbating it.

I shot my load after a while as her movements were inconsistent. She varied her hand shape during the whole thing. Making it unbearable for my already-loaded dick. She finally gave it a final boost by using both her hands, in a ‘praying’ position and sped up.

Just as I unloaded, her hands were pressing tightly on my dick and but moved slower to cope with the release. We then washed up and went to her school.


Here is not the end. Her attire today got me hard for most of the day.

She was wearing a tank top, strapless bra and a short skirt. She doesn’t wear this all the time, usually, it will be shorts, t-shirt/ polo. I like to run my hand under loose clothing and then into the bras.

So, we pit-stopped at my house after dinner at Sakae Sushi. She is tired, but horny. Just like many of us, we want it, but just afraid of the consequence that it might bring along.

I eased off the clothing on her, some sort of loosening her clothes while it’s still on her, and started. From running my hands up her tank top, to sucking her breasts with her clothes on.

I got her all heated up but there wasn’t a second round for me. We feel asleep after a while and everytime I wake up, I will turn on the vibrator which is still wet, in between her soaked undies and pussy.

She will moan but not wake up. After a while when I am tired again, I will turn if off and go to bed. At around 7.30pm, both of us woke up and I toyed with the vibrator again.

Made her climaxed a few times before asking for it – which is a no-no. So, nothing for me. Being with her is enough for me.

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