Asumi’s Gift

This is the second part to another entry I wrote for Asumi, a fellow blogger. As this story remains exclusively hers, I had delayed it with the other entry (see part 1 below) until now for all to enjoy. So do expect this entry to be familiar if you had visited her site. 

Part 1 | Part 2

Just a week after our first meeting, Asumi texted me to tell me that she missed the alcoholic treat and politely asked if we should meet one day to get really drunk together. After the short SMS conversation, I prepared something for the next meet up by purchasing a of a newly released magic scent. It was to be used on the next day when I was tasked to close shop yet again. The invitation to head down to the cafe after closing garnered an instant respond from the lovely writer.

Everything happened that night kept replaying in her head despite the busyness of her work and she confessed that she was wet the whole time on the day of our second meet.

I turned off the lights for the bar like how I did every night, while she waited at the first floor, having arrived early. Just as I came back from the main power box, she requested to use the ladies and it wasn’t too much hassle to let her use it either. She brought her tote bag with her and I thought nothing of it, brushing off as a standard make up moment. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, the door she entered five minutes ago, swung opened and her fair skin with the pieces of lingerie blocking out the important areas, forming a poorly visible silhouette.

Immediately, I turned my head around to the pavement where people were still walking past, fearing that she might put herself in danger. Sure, sexy and fun is good, but not when it risked a complaint to the place I work at.

Me: ‘Sumi, it’s too dangerous here.’

Asumi: ‘Relax. I’m not going beyond these tables. And I won’t jeopardise your job.’

She stood right in front of the service counter of the kitchen, skin appearing luminous from the dimmed streetlight behind me. I waited no more and made my way to her, standing a few inches in front of her to breath in the warm and fragrant scent. You guys know how good girls smelled even though they just perspired? From what I could tell, there was a hint of restraint, but it was more for her to manage.

Asumi: ‘You know. Just by being so close to me.. I am having trouble holding myself back not to jump on you?’

Hearing her sweet voice making such nice comments, I opened my arms and she stepped into my embrace. To feel her boobs on my chest was the most motherly thing I could imagine. Those soft, succulent, fleshy breasts were known to be life-giving. And a pair just presented themselves to me. I hugged her in return and unhooked her bra with a pinch, letting them fall silently on the floor. The next thing my hands did was to get on her chest, to hold the pair of luscious fair buns, and kneading them like soft dough.

Her head tilted sideways on my chest gave off moans that was the opposite of our first encounter. Soft and obedient, putting me in a charitable state. It seemed that she understood how cats could get people to keep petting them, by being the cutest little things on earth. Plus, the change in pace that made her impatience detectable underneath those well-behaved actions. I held her chin up and gave her a peck, pulling myself away just as I felt her lips part. She was under my control which was not exactly in her advantage.

Asumi: ‘Feel how wet I am?’

Me: ‘No. You feel how hard I am, without seeing, or touching.’

Asumi: ‘But.. Oh!’

Exactly, she was cute with a pinch of blueness, but not insensible at all. She undid my belt easier this time, and my loose jeans did half the work of getting out of the way. Like a down riding lift, she descended out of my sight, and I felt cold air against my groin. Right after, a warm, slippery vacuum, devoured my dick with a tight seal, like a snake having a mouse for dinner.

She sure took her time and put me in the same state I did to her, sheer desperation and urgency. Asumi only gave me one single stroke, that resulted in a satisfying gasp from me and took her mouth away, smiling as her eyes approached me from the ground.

Asumi: ‘I’ve checked. It needs a thorough clean with alcohol, but the size is right.’

How could it just end with one stroke? I made a dash behind the bar counter for the same shot glass of Bacardi and made my way to her. She snatched it from me and emptied it into her mouth. Needless to say, I was shocked. Was she that thirsty? She squatted down and went down on me again, this time, letting me know where the drink went. The Bacardi had a cooling effect on my dick and the 360 flooding of it made me felt drunk in the shortest time I couldn’t imagined to be possible. Her tongue was like an eel, fondling the shark to taunt it.

Once I had felt the effect of it, I couldn’t help but wanted to have my revenge. I brought her to her feet and kissed, transferring the mouthful of alcohol to me. I lifted her up on the table and took a seat, unable to make out the situation between her legs.

Asumi: ‘Waaait..’

I paused with my mouth full and she stepped lightly on my thigh to slip those satin panties off, colours visible for the first time when she placed it by her side. She laid flat on the table that was joined with another, keeping her heels just at the edge. Without further ado, I began feasting, drooling Bacardi all over as I sucked vigorously on her cleanly shaved pussy. The arching of her back hit the tables against the wall, but there was no cause for worry as it was a steady brick wall we were working out on. I soon got my wish of hearing the continuous erotic moans as I did a sloppy lick, until she decided it was too much for that short time.

Asumi: ‘Do you have one in your jeans?’

Me (mouth full): ‘Umm-hum.’

I nodded with my mouth full. She sat up and pulled my shirt off, while I handed her the shiny wrapper. She tore it open with skill and held it with two fingers between her legs, waiting to help me put it on. Of course, I made my way in and it took some time for it to roll down my shaft, at the same time penetration into her pussy.

Asumi: ‘Let the Bacardi run down your body as you do it k?’

My lips opened and a single stream trailed down my chest, across my stomach and onto our privates, closely connected. As gentle as I could, I began moving and her legs went around me. In our position, we could easily turn our heads to look out of the bar for curious eyes. And it showed to be ‘all clear’ up to that point.

The tables began hitting the walls harder and I was groaning with her, fucking in a drunken state like previous. There was a certain novelty to it as we did it twice in the same conditions – high on alcohol. Just after five minutes, my mouth was finally emptied and I stopped for a change in position.

Asumi: ‘Do you think we can shift there?’

She pointed at a corner with more visibility where customers would seat and I was doubtful about her decision. Still, I had arranged the chairs back to their positions once she was off the tables, so no one would suspect anything. In the short period of time, I managed to sneak out the magic bottle I bought earlier. And going over to where she pointed, my eyes could make out her shapely slim figure, sitting crossed legged facing the glass windows in front, obvious to a point I got a little worried.

Me: ‘Are you sure no one would see us?’

Asumi: ‘I don’t know. But I feel more excited here. What’s that in your hand?’

Me: ‘Oh. Something for you. It’s coconut flavoured.’

I placed the tiny brown bottle in her hand and she uncapped it, giving me little time to warn her not to ingest it. A little whiff was all she took before her body almost lost balance, and a senseless smile appeared on her face as well.

Asumi: ‘This is good.’

Me: ‘I know.’

She sat on the table in a Japanese style but realised that I couldn’t reach her pussy at all. The only remedy was to sit between her legs and tip her pussy over the edge of the table, exposing it for my dick’s entry.

Still holding onto the bottle, she took occasional sniffs at it while I straightened my knees, pushing my dick with the safety helmet on, into her pussy.

The entry was the most sloppy one you could imagine, juicy sounds being heard as I pierced my way in. She was just so wet. Once connected, I pressed her onto the table and began thrusting my hips like the wheels of a locomotive, increasing in speed as I felt her pussy relaxing.

From then on, it was a point of no return. I was pushing myself so hard that her body was trembling non-stop, pussy clenching onto my dick with every orgasms that did not seemed to be more than two minutes apart. Of course, I was no superman. Frequent ‘power downs’ were needed but never once I took a break without giving those pointy nipples some loving. I would pinch them between my thumbs and index fingers, then rolling them with increasing pressure until I felt a sudden squeeze of my rod.

Fun being fun, everything that has a beginning has an end. But in my mind, I hoped that the next phrase would always work – every end marks a new beginning. And I knew I had to work hard for it.

Driving my hips hard on her butt, the meaty gluts had unknowingly created a soft padding with a great rebound. I found myself using less effort as momentum found its rhythm.

Asumi (muttering): ‘I can’t take it anymore.’

I was indeed surprised when I heard that, so I took a quick peek at what was happening in front. Her face was sideways on the table, with the opened bottle in front of her nose. There was no overdose to worry about, but her dripping pussy was contradicting her words.

Me: ‘Okay. I think you had enough too. Let me finish it up k?’

Not expecting a reply, I rammed into her with all my might and her body suddenly picked itself up, groaning in an agony-like state. We understood that it was beyond her already. And I was about to cum as well.

After just two minutes of the insane-mode, I changed my strokes to long strides and before I knew it, the last thrust kept me in her as the condom stretched to contain my semen, deadly yet necessary.

Asumi: ‘Oh my god. I can feel the condom getting filled.’

From what I could see, sticky white fluids were being forced out of the space between my dick and condom, streaming down to her pussy.

Me: ‘Oh shit. I think some might have got into you.’

She showed no change in expression, mumbling softly with only the words ‘safe.. days..‘ audible. Assuming it was no big deal, I exited her tight love hole and tied the condom up neatly. After disposing the evidence, I wore my clothes back and helped the feeble lady get dressed, skipping the lingerie to her clothes.

At exactly one in the morning, we were finally done and walked out of the bar, oblivious to some wandering eyes.

Asumi (shocked): ‘Oh my god! I think I left my bra and panties inside!’

Me (confidently): ‘They are in your bag.’

She opened it and heaved a sigh of relief, contented that she did not forget them instead of fearing not wearing them home. After we separated to make our way home, a text from her came about ten minutes into the taxi ride home.

Asumi (SMS): ‘At first. It was the Bacardi trick that kept me thinking about you. Now, it’s the little brown bottle.’

Me (SMS): ‘I think it is a little addictive.’

Asumi (SMS): ‘Whatever the case, when will you be free again?’

This is a fictitious entry and in no way reflect the character of the fellow blogger, Asumi. In my impression, she is still that lovely girl who simply wanted to share her fantasies and sexual life with her supportive readers.

Part 1 | Part 2

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