Baby’s Perk-her-Up

My mind was barely sober when I felt my bedsheets flipping away, followed by a tug on my cock into a warm mouth. My cock grew like a space shuttle’s lift-off in the strong suction, sending me deeper into the relaxed mood.

Me: ‘Baby?’
Baby: ‘Mmm?’

Her tongue quickly finished slurping my pre-cum up and she licked the outside thoroughly, before a condom went over the hard erection. Heavy thighs then climbed over my hips and my body sunk into the mattress for she had pressed against my chest for support.

Me: ‘Baby.. ‘
Baby: ‘Don’t say anything.’

She spent some time sitting upright while moaning and rocked her hips back and forth on my groin. I wasn’t even prepared for sex and she just jumped on me. Feeling her occasional fingernails poking my belly, I knew she was rubbing herself at the same time.

Baby was in her own world during the whole time and I was merely a ‘tool’. Her feet tucking next to the sides of my hips next threw me into a series of uncontrollable moans, as she bounced her endowed hips on me. I could never get used to her tightness no matter how much sex we had. She simply did not need to do anything special to get me at my weakest moment.

Her vaginal muscles slowly closed in on my dick as she continued hopping, till her full D cups slammed onto my body. Her legs spread wide like a frog and she brought me into her orgasm, arching just her waist to slam my cock deep into her a few more times. Her unmistakable shiver escalated to an orgasm that made her tremble for a long period, choking my dick equally for as long.

Once she pulled away from me, I knew she was done and my exhausted mind was ready to fall back to sleep. I felt the condom came off, and then it was her mouth again. This time, I knew what she was up to when she parked her lips around my tip, bobbing her head in short, quick thrusts under my ‘hood’. Her fleshy hand then stroked the rest of the shaft she did not cover, making me struggle in my comfortable spot.

The determined girl of mine kept going non-stop, leveraging on our relationship to make me beg for mercy. My end hastily arrived when she sank my cock into her throat, and it was the same for the next few strokes.

Me (groaning): ‘Shooting-ngggg.. ‘

Girlishly, I held her head against my stomach as cum was ejected out of my system, pouring into her sucking mouth without restraint. She executed slow, deep moves to get everything out of me before skipping away from the bed, towards the toilet where she showered in the dark.

I couldn’t open my eyes anymore and only heard her mention that she was leaving for work, and then our main door locking. Well, that was it. Back to sleep now. The revenge shall happen the next day during the weekend.

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