Be Safer

(Janice excitedly suggesting) ‘Do you want to try anal sex this time?’

(I answered sceptically) ‘I would. But if it hurts.. ‘

(Janice responded hopefully) ‘If it hurts I’ll take the juice!’

For the past week, Janice and I have been staying in my room, although hers was just right opposite. We weren’t exactly in a relationship, but we were related – somehow. Living in a hotel, it was fairly easy to notice those who were there for leisure, and the handful who were long-term residents. As for Janice, she was even harder to ignore, often well-dressed, and still gorgeous even in ‘home clothes’.

A head of flowing long hair, professionally-permed, fair, flawless skin, on a tight, petite body joined to a mesmerising pair of long legs, with the occassional change of colours on her nails. It was too convenient for the hotel to put us, the long-term residents, together, on the same floor, sometimes side-by-side.

The fine establishment, tastefully furnished with expensive furniture, touted world-class service, minimum disturbance, and fittingly, maximum privacy for the guests staying there. It was no wonder, that no one, has yet to discover the disappearance of Janice, from her room. Well, even if they did, would it be hard to imagine a couple of their guests inter-mingling with others outside of their allocated rooms?

For the first day of her ‘stay’, I have tried a few restraining methods. From cuffs, to collars, to longer ropes, most didn’t hold up well. A well-fed maiden could garner enough strength and wit, to overcome those obstacles. As much as I hate to cause any marks to her body, I had to inflict some beatings, some scarring, and a few more bruises than intended, to keep her obedient. Violence clearly wasn’t a sustainable method. Oh, if any one of you wondered about her ‘bathroom business’, let’s just say, for a lady like her, relieving herself anywhere else besides the toilet, carried a deeper shame than what I was putting her through. So no, we didn’t have to worry about that.

I couldn’t stop thinking about ‘well-fed’. So on day two, I went through some dubious channels, met some shady people, and my hands on some consumables. The first time I administered some, she felt like a dead fish. Too much of any thing could be bad, right? So I let her sleep most of the day off, except for her second feeding, which kept her up a little longer, but she still dozed off halfway. Not wanting to risk any medical emergencies, I figured she earned the rest of the day off.

Day three started off with a hearty, English breakfast, carefully seasoned with what was her third dose. This time, she got sufficiently wet, adequately high, and even a little excited, when I relieved my urges on her. I was slightly worried when she offered to suck me off, but it was all for the greater (a.k.a. bigger) good. From breakfast, to lunch, and dinner, she was filled, as like my tummy was.

On the fourth day, I wanted to try something different. After feeding her breakfast, once she felt a little dizzy, I placed her over the vintage, wooden chair in the room. With her chest facing the backrest, I straightened her arms down the back of the seat and tied them to the feet, and sort of did the same for her feet, to keep them apart. I was initially concerned about hygiene, seeing her all bound up, but in the end she was still nice enough to be vocal about going to the loo, that I didn’t have to worry much. In that compromising and certainly humiliating position, I enjoyed myself tremendously. Her mouth, pussy, were both a delight to shoot into. I just couldn’t bring myself to try her anus. It did felt a little ungentlemanly to access that area without consent.

The morning of the fifth day, she woke me up to use the toilet. And it was time for breakfast anyway. I guess it was just a matter of time, that she realised I was drugging her. Before I could say anything, she offered her body drug free, that she wanted to ‘enjoy’ every second of it. Would you believe that? Anyway, I let her did the work that morning, and it was underwhelming compared to when she was high. For the rest of the meals, I dosed a little less, and mixed a new pill I crushed, into her food. As usual, I had my way with her, and she fell into a sleep deeper than before. I wasn’t too keen in using her when she was out. So I slept with her.

Day five began strangely, with her sitting awake next to me, yet in a daze. She couldn’t recall her name for a moment, and the past few days became more fuzzy for her. That didn’t change her situation, so I resumed feeding her food laced with potent aphrodisiac. To my surprise, she was seemingly enjoying it throughout the entire session. For a second, she felt like a hot girlfriend/ slave I could control and do whatever I want. That night, we both cuddled to sleep, though I knew I couldn’t remove the cuffs on her.

On the sixth day, I went into her room, picked out a few pieces of clothes I wanted to see her in. She quietly wore them for me, and we had a ‘lunch date’ in room. She has gotten used to seeing me drizzle that mysterious liquid, and even more used to finishing her food. After that, and for the next two meals, I felt like a boyfriend, stripping my own girlfriend to be used for my sole pleasure, like she had a fetish to be used that way. That very night, I put a dash of the unknown powder into her drink, and she fell asleep almost instantly. It was time to purge her memories.

Waking up to a hand stroking my manhood one week into it, I thought she had broken free and was about to cut my dick off. Thankfully, she was just up, and horny. Did she took the juice on her own? Or did something happen to her psychologically? In any case, we had pure, raw sex before we had any food, or drugs, and she was surprisingly more susceptible than ever. She went to the toilet on her own, she sucked me off without hesitation, and bent over the moment I got hard. Still, I had to help her forget. How about getting her turned on in her sleep, would her horniness overpower the desire to sleep?

After all these, it’s only right for me to pay for her accommodation right?

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