Beautiful Defeat

Hanging out in the vicinity of Orchard Road, Maggie was with her bunch of friends smoking outside H&M, wearing a translucent top with a black tube bra under, and a denim skirt ending with pink wedges for her small feet. Countless eyes were on her group where the guys wore stylishly and the girls in skimpy, suggestive clothing. She was the only girl who stood out among the rest with her long, brown hair with near-perfect make up to compliment her juvenile figure. The guys with her, long had fantasies about boning this friend, given her outgoing nature and often slack character which offered downblouse and upskirt shows.

As they smoked their cigarettes away, another group of guys were eyeing them and one of her guy friends quickly discussed about the staring eyes, wondering if they should confront them. Right then, a tall figure walked towards them from the offensive male group and approached Maggie.

Guy: ‘Can I get your number? I think you look beautiful, enough to make me break out of my comfort zone to get your number.’

Maggie took a few seconds to admire his long legs that led to a slim waist, finishing with a GI haircut parted to a side. Her short height seemed almost too small for him but there was something in his eyes that melted her heart. Scribbling on a piece of paper he offered, she shyly handed it to him and he grabbed her hand.

Guy: ‘My name is Joe, and I was wondering if you want to join me today. Just me, without my friends’.

She did not think twice before giving him a nod, much to the anger of her guy friends who had never been successful in bedding her. The couple left the jaw-dropped group and went in a separate direction, while the rest of the girls gave sly stares to the same group of guys who was still standing around.

Joe had brought her for a dinner at a posh restaurant, one that she could only dream of dining at. None of her friends were independent enough to afford it, and the classiness of the place just seemed to sink deeper into her heart. After that, she was brought on a shopping spree where he allowed her to walk wherever she liked, and then paying for the items she spent most time looking.

Joe: ‘Do you have any boyfriends before?’
Maggie: ‘No. The guys at my age are not mature enough.’
Joe: ‘I bet there must be many guys who ask you for your number.’
Maggie: ‘I usually hang out with that group of friends, and the guys scare away most of the people who wanted to approach the girls. You’re the first to ever walk up to them.’

The charming smile on Joe’s face softened her awkwardness and they walked through one of the quieter streets in Orchard, fearless with the big guy protecting her. Without asking, he reached his hand out to the slower walking lady and she grabbed it tightly, hoping that he would not let her go no matter what.

Call it a crush or one-night-stand, it was not easy to even find someone who appreciates girls as they were, or crudely put it, knew the steps to successful bed a girl. Maggie’s heart was pumping so hard when he brought her to the entrance of a modern, glass-concrete building, not knowing what was waiting for her.

Joe: ‘I live here. You want to see the view from my place?’
Maggie: ‘I don’t mind. But I can’t go home too late. My parents will ask.’
Joe: ‘I’ll send you home after this.’

Well, there was no way of knowing how ‘this’ would last. The security guard nodded cooly at him and unlocked the automatic gate for the girl behind Joe, returning to his post once they entered the lift. The ride to the fifth highest floor was not exactly that long, but it felt like a lifetime to Maggie. Upon reaching the floor, the glass doors slid open silently, and the lights automatically lit the place up.

Maggie saw the beautiful sight overseeing the Bay and ran towards the huge glass panels, breathing deeply as the scenic view filled her mind with disbelieve.

Maggie: ‘You live here?!’
Joe: ‘Yeah. Like it?’
Maggie: ‘A lot! Do you bring other girls up here?’
Joe: ‘I am usually shy when it comes to girls. That’s why you only see guys in my group. They are my colleagues, and a few of them live in the same building too.’

Wow! If only her friends managed to get hold of any of the guys, it would be their lucky day. As she watched silently, the lights behind her dimmed and Joe placed his arms over her chest, like how a taller person would hug you from the back. Maggie rubbed her face on his arm and pressed his hands hard onto her chest, immersing in the dream love she had always wished for.

She looked up at him and closed her eyes, ready for the kiss that approaching face was giving. That one kiss soon led them to the dining table in front of the window, and he gracefully unbuttoned her sleeveless top. She too, had undone his shirt and peeled them sexily off his strong shoulders, leaving them topless with just her bra on.

The both of them had slender, slim waist mesmerising to the touch and they held each other for a long time, making out under the street lights and stars of the night sky. The pose she was in, leaning her small skirt clad butt on the table, and him leaning towards her, was so beautiful to gone to waste not captured on a camera.

His hands soon went under her bra and warmed her breasts, cupping them respectfully without offending her. Maggie’s fingers were digging into his jeans and squeezing that firm ass of his, almost ready to be taken in any way to his liking.

Joe (whispering): ‘May I lick down there?’
Maggie: ‘You’ll be the first to see it, be gentle with it k?’
Joe (whispering): ‘I will.’

The last kiss split his lips from hers and he lifted her onto the table, lowering his body between her legs. Her skirt was undone and he kept his eyes on her as his mouth dived onto her panties, licking it until it was soaking wet. A swift and understanding pull of her panties stripped her bottom bare and his tongue stroked up and down along her slit, sucking on her clit once in a while.

Maggie had no dying urge to cum as he served her, for she was enjoying the sensual teasing of the whole experience on her mind. It was only when his tongue sped up and flicked her clit, that her thighs closed on his head while an orgasm shot through her body.

Right after that one climax, she sat herself upright, lifting his head to her face for a taste of her own juices. As their tongues fought, she let his pants fall onto the ground and guided him at her pussy. Poking just the tip in, the stiffness of her legs told him how inexperienced she was, and he took over immediately.

He laid her carefully on the table and held her tummy down, while his dick pumped shallowly until her vagina had loosened up to accommodate his size. From the start when he showered that much care, the pain faded and she was just indulging in the erotic penetration, till he was fully parked in her. They laid quietly in the stillness of the night, sensing each others’ heartbeat through their connected genitals.

Only after he felt she was ready, he carried her upper back to sit in front of him and she held him firmly in her arms. Very slowly, her pussy felt his thrust picking up speed and the indescribable pleasure was numbing her other senses. At his height, she could only place her head on his chest, hearing the thumping sounds like his dick pounding her.

He had been growing bigger inside of her and Maggie knew it first hand, for her pussy was feeling better as the package sealed her opening skin tight.

They had only adopted one position that night, and her moans were so subtle that Joe did not go any faster, maintaining the speed until he was cumming.

Maggie had sensed the upward expansion of his dick and stopped him, only to know he was about to pause as well.

Joe: ‘I’ll finish it in the toilet.’
Maggie (whispering): ‘No no.. Don’t leave me. You can cum anywhere you want.’
Joe: ‘I’ll shoot below then.’

Maggie moved closer to the middle of the table and placed her palm opened between her legs. He put his dick in her hand and continued thrusting, going faster than before. At the back of her hand, where her knuckles were, she was following the jerking of his dick and let her hand rub her off.

Joe (groaning): ‘I’m cumming!’

She pointed his tip at her pussy and watched as the strong burst of cum hit her clit, engaging the last straw for the discreet masturbation during the handjob. Maggie came as he fired away and let his dick slipped out of her hand, pumping into a pussy a few times without any response from her.

Maggie: ‘I’m so tired.’
Joe: ‘Me too. Shall we tidy up and send you home?’

She checked her phone’s clock in a hurry and wore her skirt, bra and top back, leaving her panties forgotten under the table. Joe was done as soon as she was and he drove her home, exchanging kisses in the car just before she alighted.

Maggie: ‘You have my number. Call me?’
Joe: ‘Giving you a miss call now. See you tomorrow?’
Maggie: ‘Yupp. Where?’
Joe: ‘MBS. Goodnight.’

As she reached home, she saw the long column of notification from the guys in her group, mostly written in jealous and angry tone, while the girls were on a totally separate topic, sharing their happenings for that evening.

It seemed that Maggie wasn’t the only one who had scored, the other three girls had been picked up by his group of friends as well. And one of them had sex, right below where Joe lived, presumingly around the same time too.

What a life changing day for the girls who had led a carefree lives till then, unaware that such gentlemen exist outside their bunch of horny, immature guys. All it takes for guys was to keep their opinions to themselves, and they would be immediately seen as ‘deep’ by the girls.

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