Birthday Girl

‘If there is one thing you can have for your birthday, what would it be?’


Collin didn’t managed to get the answer he wanted especially when it was too obviously close to her birthday. Everyone had asked the same question and she could have possibly given the same answer. When it was the day to celebrate her day in the cafe she booked, he went with vouchers. Seriously, the best thing he could come up with were shopping vouchers of Zara, which she shouldn’t turn down.

The night came and went as guests got high on the alcohol she brought, except for Collin who wanted to send her home after that. Well, that was the least he could do after giving her such a crappy present. When the party was finally over, he did most of the cleaning up for the drunk girl, that included helping her into his car.

When they reached her place, she did not want to head up and asked him to join her at the backseats. So, have you guys figured out what was about to happen?

‘Take your pants off now.’

‘What? You are seriously drunk. I’ll let you rest alone for a while more.’


She grudgingly leaned over and tore at his jeans, which he did not have anyway to hide without leaving the car. The carpark was especially bright after a makeover, and they were too near flats to cause a commotion at that ungodly hour. His belt came off after a struggle and he helped her get to his underwear, where his dick bounced out without a single bit of interest.

‘Are you gay?’

‘No I am definitely not!’

She pinched his cock and peeled the foreskin back, moving her face so close to his groin to take that whiff of sex that has yet to know what was happening. His legs slipped around her once she took that little bite into her mouth, sucking it as if her life depended on it. Something had overcame her and he was enjoying the drunken stupor no matter she had any idea whatsoever. Her tongue swirled in huge circles around his head till he was all big in her mouth, going deeper to her throat where it made him tensed.

‘For some reason, I can take you deeper after feeling it ‘grow’ inside me. Yummy!’

She pulled her strapless dress down and brought his hand to them, letting him play in anyway he liked. Senses heightened by the simultaneous servings of pleasure, she only sucked harder on the trips up. Once he got his hardness stable, she let go of her mouth and yanked his body under her.

Turning to the rear-view mirror, she raised her dress and dropped her pussy down his raw cock, forcing all his breaths out into the chilly car. The ride-within-his-ride came and never stopped, not even for a second no matter how hard he begged. If she had that much confidence of not getting impregnated, he had way lesser than her. His hard on was feeling every inch of her insides, sliding around him in indescribable wetness.

‘Stop stop!’

‘Not till you cum!’

‘Have you?’

‘Yes I have.’

How? When? He wasn’t thinking straight as the impending urge overtook his sainity. Broken words formed the warning phrase for her, completing her ride with a grind that sent his cum squirting for a long time into her pussy.

Things got pretty straightforward after. She got off him and tided her dress before leaving his car, but not forgetting to give him a kiss on the forehead from outside his car.

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