By You, For Me

I had never expected to check into a hotel with him. He was just a friend, a witty one that always types difficult-to-understand sentences with simple English. We had lunch together, and he helped me finished most of the dim sum he bought for me. Walking across the road without traffic lights, he was too nice letting cars take advantage of his patience. I couldn’t believe I had to pull him across, and then felt softness of his palm.

‘Hotel?’, he popped the question out of the blue, and ‘which one?’ came from me, as a joke until he pulled me into a hotel which name has two digits in it. ‘Two hours?’, was the time he gave us but I was confident with less. So I gave him my answer, ‘I can get you done in thirty minutes’. Sure, I admit he had guts to take a joke this far, but when he took his wallet out and walked towards the counter, all I did was to turn back and check the door to see if anyone spotted me.

What was I thinking?! ‘Your IC?’, those words made me felt like I am holding up a queue with an unresponsive ez-link card, and I hastily handed it to him before I realised what I just did. Pulling him away from the NETs terminal, I was still convinced he was playing a prank, just more elaborate than anything I have tried.

‘Are you serious?!’, I was sure my whisper sounded damn loud in the empty lobby, and he could even reply me calmly, ‘Two in Four right?’ Finally, I understood what he meant. He was attached, and so was I. We ARE the two! He held my hand to collect the key from the front desk, and then flung me into his arm hugging my waist. My heart was already in my throat, and I was just THAT close to puking in the hallway.

I figured the best way to get attention would be to throw a fit at the lobby, or along the way, and that was the last thing I needed. He clamped my wrist under his armpit until he got the door opened, and I was catapulted again into the bed.

‘Not bad’, my brain did a quick comparison with my worst experience at a stairwell. And this felt way safer. But what the fuck? So fast? Wait wwait. What fast?! He walked over to me and dragged me upright on my ass, pulling my long sleeved blouse over my arms which I stupidly raised. The sudden silence from him really scared me, but as fierce as his actions were, he was gentle when it came to my bra.

What was I afraid of? Him? Or my boyfriend? Why are my boobs on display for him? A shove on my shoulders sent me lying on my back, and my shorts were removed like a hyperactive girl resisting bathtime. Before he could take off my panties, I caught hold of it and he just pulled it till I felt a tear in my tightly clenched fists. Fuck! Would he just tear it if I held on? My intricately trimmed pubes flashed his eyes, instantly making me wonder if a thin strip of hair was presentable.

Argh! I can’t be giving in to him like that right? My eyes couldn’t leave his body as he stripped down to his birthday suit, attracted to his display of strength and what lies beyond his violence. He laid over my body dangerously (dick almost touching my pussy!) and threw my arms around his neck, which I held tightly for whatever he was going to do.

He slid one arm under my legs and carried me to the bathroom, where a jet of cold water hit me as soon as I was seated on the toilet. He too, aimed it at himself and jumped cutely at the temperature shock, before turning off the water to soap me up. Exactly like a baby, he scrubbed me down from the neck, around my boobs and between my legs. Even my ankles (which I occasionally skipped) got to feel his thorough cleaning. Ashamed was all I felt when he picked my wrists up, to clean my prickly armpits.

Guys as usual, took a quarter of the time to soap themselves up, and the cold water sobered me up from the wrongful fantasies again. He ran his hands over the areas he lathered earlier and pampered me like never before. In no time, we were dried by his hard ruffling all over my sensitive body.

I did not think twice when his neck reached my eye level again, holding him by the neck and helping me on my feet. The little squat he did confused me at first, but everything was cleared up with just one word from him, ‘jump’. He caught me skilfully and later dropped me at the bed, in the proper direction.

My body totally betrayed me when I felt my limbs tremble in excitement, pumping adrenaline through every vein. As his body hovered over me, deep breathes made my B cups touched him. Keeping his silence over our secret gathering, his head disappeared south of my view and warm lips sealed around my nipple. His tongue relieved the doubts I had and the rush died down to his gentle flicks, followed my sensual sucking.

Never once did he touched my pussy (besides during the shower), and managed to get me moaning with just my nipples. He paid ample attention to both sides, bringing more than enough stimulation to feel the cold air from the air-conditioner.

My knees rose abruptly over his hands, and the contact of his tongue on my clit forced my lungs to return all the air I breathed in my eighteen years of life. Every swipe, every flick, and every pinch (between his lips), sent electric-like shocks through my spine. It was then I realised how foreplay can be more addictive than orgasms, making it last longer than I ever had done.

The last stroke along my wet slit took the longest, and his appearance in front of me calmed and made me yearn at the same time. What was I yearning for? I didn’t even knew how big he was. Just.. how cold the tip was when it touched my pussy. His gaze never left my eyes when the second part of his shaft split my vagina wider, setting the width I was about to feel throughout my innards.

Unlike ‘him’, he took his time to fill me up with his cock, lightly touching the right spots despite being shorter. I could feel an orgasm inbound just by picturing his intensity. His chest went above my line of sight and I felt a kiss on my forehead, along with a deeper reach into my pussy.

When he pulled out of me, every nooks and cranks stroked along my walls, driving me to hold him around his ribs in case he stopped. On his return trip, a ninety degree entry stabbed my groin and pushed along the neglected section of me, that had nerves as sensitive as everwhere else.

His body got warmer as those hips plunged downwards, angle slowly changing with his eyes coming back to me. Like magic, my mood and responses adjusted to his speed and direction of thrust, enlightening me with the varieties of pleasure in a single penetration.

At last, he settled down on a specific tempo, and jerked his upwards pointing cock at the underside of my vagina. My muscles tensed up all of a sudden as he tortured the g-spot mercilessly. I couldn’t let my fingers go from his arms no matter how hard I tried. Was it spasms overcoming me? The grey screen in my vision lightened with every toe-curling thrusts, until I couldn’t see through the white.

That precise moment, I finally felt the pain on my lips I have been biting on, and a brief flash of brighter light hit me with intense power that tightened every muscle I had. At the peak of the death-like sensation, the lights suddenly went out, as if someone had turned the screen off after dropping a flashbang.

Then, I felt movement inside me. Right. He was still there. As those hips resumed their deep pounding to bring my vision back. Every inch of his dick felt much harder, and there was no lack of after-quake shivers from the teasing of bloodshot veins covering his rod.

As I regained my composure, he slowed down to a stop before unplugging me, like how someone would interrupt your classical music by pulling your headphones jack out.

A long series of rapid breathes later, he stroked my cheeks with care. ‘I’ll cum on your tummy k?’ The memories of losing my virginity returned, but only to make me wished it had turned out this way instead. I nodded at him innocently, and he pushed his manhood back into my womanhood, accepting him more readily this time.

My ears, eyes, skin, were all on him during the last lap of rhythmic sex. A man, who can appear so calm in control, was the last thing I hoped to see before I settled down. I bet he would willingly make a baby with me if I had asked. Could I ever find someone like him?

He gently sent me to the edge of orgasm without me knowing, and the speed of our clapping hips increased. His strong hands opened my legs wide after he expended his last bit of energy, and a cock popped out from under my pussy as if he was saying hi. Cute indeed.

I let him rest his cock on my hand and watched his eager expression, sliding faster and faster through my clasped hand. Alas, he groaned and moaned to the firework of cum landing all over my belly. Far, they could reach, but warm they were really. He moved at his own pace to release everything onto me, and I freed him after he stopped.

Not wanting to waste the potent love seeds he dispersed on my body, I rubbed them all over my chest, not forgetting my belly button where he fired the first shot at. Like before, he towered over my body again, and pecked at my forehead with much more care.

We did not touch each other anymore after that. And he wiped me drier before we went into the shower again. Realising how delicate he was behind those smarty brain, my skin never felt a more comfortable touch since my mum last showered me. If only my man would wash our baby like that next time..

He wore my clothes back for me the same way he removed them, except for my shorts which he held under my feet for me to step into, pulling them up my waist like diapers. I returned the favour too, but held his shirt from him until the reminder call came.

For our sake, we left the hotel one by one, and met at the MRT exit we first saw each other.

‘Goodbye. You must take care of yourself k?’, I opened my arms for him to walk into and he held me really tight. Have we missed each other that much for that long? ‘Be better to yourself. I’m here if you ever need me’, a kiss landed near my ear after hearing that and we went our way.

‘Hard on the inside, soft on the outside’, was the man I saw walked away in the station. Be it on bed or in life, I admired his courage to act, and patience to think. Maybe I’ll never be like him. But he might be in me again, just to remind myself that someone capable of making a woman feel loved, exists.

See you soon, I hope.

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