Celestial Experience

Note: The following entry is a re-write of Adventure Girl’s story – A Plan Threesome. It is a gift to her and Celeste. I am simply inspired to write, pardon my poor writing skills. (: Enjoy.

Adventure Girl’s MSN chat window popped up one evening and asked me if I wanted to try a threesome with one of her readers. A brief introduction about the reader, Celeste’s, relationship status and situation helped me understood a little about her controlling boyfriend. Since I was also attached, the secrecy became a mutual binding, a shared responsibility, further assuring Adventure Girl’s choice of me. Another guy, Kelvin, was also taking part and she left us three (inclusive of Celeste) to discuss about the meet up. Kelvin was much hornier than I am and prompted intimate conversations which I gladly followed.

That night, I made my way over to Celeste’s block when I bumped into Kelvin, barely recognisable in his shirt and berms, until he wound down his car window. If I remembered correctly, he lived just two blocks away. Our approach was well received by a girl exactly in what Celeste said she would be dressed in, a black spaghetti top and dark blue denim skirt.

Me: ‘Hi, are you Celeste?’
Celeste: ‘Umm.. Ya.’
Me: ‘I’m Jo.’
Kelvin: ‘I’m Kelvin.’

Celeste said hi and shook our hands very formally. I was first skeptical about this meet as such good ‘lobangs’ are virtually non-existent. Her smooth tanned skin was simply attractive, making it hard to turn my eyes away without looking so lecherous. My mind was filled with jealousy and bliss for her boyfriend then.

Kelvin: ‘You looked great. You still told us you were not good looking?’
Celeste: ‘I don’t think I look good.’
Me: ‘You are! Well okay. Do you have any idea where to go?
Celeste: ‘Umm.. no.’
Kelvin: ‘Then let’s go to my place. No one is around.’
Celeste: ‘Huh? Don’t want. How about just some staircase?’
Me: ‘Sounds okay to me.’
Kelvin: ‘If you insist.’

The three of us walked to another block, took the lift to the top few levels and found a sweet spot around a corner of someone else’s door. It was bolted with a dusty rusting lock that we assumed the unit was unoccupied. Wandering Celeste took a few seconds to locate the cleanest patch of ground and sat on it, clearly showing a mixed expression of fear and excitement. On the other hand, Kelvin’s bulge told us about his eagerness to start.

Kelvin: ‘Shall we start?’
Celeste: ‘Can I take a video of the action? I want to keep it as memory.’

No one in their right mind would make a porn flick that would risk relationships and even their future. Then again, no one in their right mind would have a threesome in public.

Me: ‘You’re so cute. Just don’t show it to anyone.’
Kelvin: ‘Yeah. Don’t show it to just anyone.’
Celeste: ‘Of course I won’t.’

And so, the filming is approved. Celeste got up and placed the camera against a wall, at an angle I am sure all three of us could be seen clearly in. She sat back on her spot with a thud that flashed a little preview of what’s under her skirt. Her skin was having a little rash from the cold sweat. After all, it must have been quite a feat to convince herself of committing such an act.

Kelvin: ‘Hey, don’t be so nervous.’
Celeste: ‘How not to? It’s my first time.’
Me: ‘Just relax k?’
Celeste: ‘I’ll try.’
Me: ‘Then let’s start?’
Celeste: ‘Umm.. okay.’

Kelvin and I each took one side and he advanced first, kissing her on the cheek, down to her neck, then back up to her lips for a french treat. I liked the idea of how a threesome challenged our male alpha ego to share a female. I know guys like Kelvin wouldn’t give it too much thought. But wondering exactly how Celeste felt about this whole thing, lost me. I focused my attention to kissing her sensitive neck and felt up her breasts, massaging the firm yet soft bosom through her top.

My hands then lifted her top and undid her strapless bra, probably recommended by Adventure Girl for outdoor convenience. Her B cups were in my hands, wobbling like a water balloon, full and soft. It was so close to my face, emitting a familiar Dove body foam fragrance that made me even harder. My hungry mouth started feasting on one side while my naughty fingers helped me out with her other boob, fondling her nipples with pinches and rolls, along with licks and nimble. Her body slowly warmed up to be more relaxed and even anticipating.

Kelvin’s lip was still on hers, while gilding his hand up her thigh, into her skirt. His forearm had lifted most of the skirt to her waist, giving me a good view of his fingers, pressing on her clit through the cameltoe of her panties. The smoothness and perfection of the converging circumference got me distracted for a while. As her underwear soaked up more moisture, it was a clear hint for Kelvin to proceed. Pulling her undies to the side, he circled on her clit even quicker, picking up all the wetness and spreading it around her labia and the lips and everywhere. Celeste could no longer hold her moans and sexy ooos and ahhs from us.

The three of us had the the most unwilling pause as we removed all of Celeste’s clothing, which after our unwillingness was proven wrong. Her body was making Kelvin and I unbearably hard, it was well proportioned in every way, small butt, subtle lips, tempting smooth pussy, unworked fingers, and manicured toes. Kelvin took over the breasts massage and it was my turn to taste her succulent pink lips. Her tongue was never in a rush, swirling and poking with such gentleness, cats wouldn’t mind her shaking their paws.Kelvin’s finger disappeared into her slit and whatever his digits did inside her vagina, it worked. Her moans echoed louder as she instinctively reached for my pants, unzipped it and relieved my hard on with well-timed strokes, occasionally teasing my balls to see me struggle.

Both Kelvin and I were next to remove our bottoms, but left our boxers on, which wasn’t of much use to contain our dicks which were incidentally trying to ‘peep’ through the elastic waistband. For the next thirty minutes or so, Celeste became the star of the show. She took my dick into her mouth and gave Kelvin a handjob, alternating between him and I. Our thick hard slabs of meat couldn’t contain our raging hormones at all. We made sure to pleasure her in return by teasing her breasts, sometimes kneading them so hard that she would ‘hmmm’ with our member in her mouth.

Kelvin went for the fucking part and lay on the floor while I remained at the side. Celeste’s pussy swallowed his dick in no time, sitting snugly fit over him. For the next twelve minutes, I knelt beside them, kissing Celeste, toying with her nipples while she rewarded a handjob for my deed. On the ground, Kelvin was definitely giving her the ride of her life from the non-stop bouncing that never seemed to be enough for her.

The two got tired soon and Kelvin finally decided that it’s my turn. I was dying to feel/ fill her up with my throbbing, starving stick. Kelvin took a seat on the steps while Celeste bent forward over his knees, taking his dick in her mouth and welcomed me with her tight cunt. As he received the oral treat, he couldn’t stop teasing her nipples too, which we, the two guys, unanimously discovered was the key to make her moan loudly.

The next thing that happened was quite anti-climax. Kelvin got too carried away and blew his load into her mouth without warning. And there was only one thing Celeste was used to doing, to take every last drop in her mouth and swallowed without the smallest cringe on her face. Deciding that it was time to end the party, I sped up my pounding, broadcasting the slurping sounds and the unmistakable noise of ball-to-pussy slapping. Her clean up of Kelvin’s dick was about done when I pulled it out of her for some fireworks into her throat. A speedy combination of sucking and intense tongue action got my load out in no time. Celeste had no problem taking the second serving of cum like a little slut, swallowing all of it in one gulp.

The trio changed up and sent the lady to her block. Throughout the journey to her place, I was so caught up with her after-glow, that I unknowingly got horny again, wishing I could fuck her right there and then, since we might well never meet again. Still, when the time comes to go, we have to go.

Celeste: ‘Thank you for everything.’
Me: ‘ We should be the one thanking you.’
Kelvin: ‘Yeah.’
Celeste: ‘Bye then.’

We bade our farewell and made our way home. It was an awkward moment in Kelvin’s car for two guys who fucked the same pussy in just minutes’ difference, and cumming into the same hole. Thankfully, our communication resumed after I got off his car at my place.

I wonder what Celeste did with the video. Surely she wouldn’t turn herself on with that clip and masturbate like how guys would be expected to, right?

PS: Thanks to Adventure Girl and Celeste for the wonderful night.

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