Childhood Dilemma

Joseph: ‘I want a girlfriend who is daring enough to do this.’

Jenna couldn’t bring herself to be photographed naked despite being with him for so long. He would ask her at every opportunity without fail, to lower this to remove that. Sure, she can do it if it isn’t that risky. To think that he booked a chalet and planned everything nicely, only to remind everyone else that the night is for the two to enjoy.

Jenna: ‘Please? I don’t want to.’

Just then, another of her friend, Wanni, came out of the bathroom and heard that phrase. This girl was good looking, pretty to a point Jenna would sometimes be afraid she would steal Joseph away, but they did not get too close for her discomfort. Joseph and Wanni came from open backgrounds, families in global businesses, so they could chat quite easily too.

Joseph: ‘Jenna doesn’t dare to bare her body for the camera.’

Wanni: ‘Jenna? It’s common, and easy too. I won’t think so much if I need to do this for my boyfriend.’

Then, the glimmer of hopelessness came about and Joseph became more interested in Wanni. Though the night was for the couple to enjoy, Wanni was invited to stay and turns out that she became the one to be baring her skin for his camera. Getting into various obscene position, Joseph who was just 15 doesn’t care about the implications. Any boys at his age would be eager to get their girlfriends’ nude photos to boost their ego.

Shortly after that night, things went down hill and Jenna became single. She didn’t hate herself that Joseph didn’t want her. She knew it was the right thing to do, to be free from this kind of jerk. But sometimes, she wished to have that courage to get naked, but definitely not for any random guy who simply wants her to be. On MSN, this guy whom she always confided in, spoke to her, clearing her mind and making her feel right. It wasn’t everyday such a person would appear, but he was the next thing closest to a boyfriend.

Jenna (MSN): Do you take photos?
Sam (MSN): No I don’t. I suck at it.
Jenna (MSN): If I ask you to help me take, can you?
Sam (MSN): I don’t think it will be a problem. What are you taking it for?
Jenna (MSN): Just to get some experience in front of a camera.

Sam didn’t think too much about the meet up,  but nonetheless wondered what different kind of experience could one gain from a camera. He made his way to Pasir Ris, where she lived and met up with her. A sweet 13 years old, wearing a dress, with breasts proportioned to her body. Standing around 155cm, she looked all normal just like any other.

Sam: ‘Where are we going?’

Jenna: ‘Just here.’

She reached her hand behind the aluminium sheets of a construction site and opened the latch. The location weren’t far from the bus interchange, but there wasn’t any higher buildings that could see what they were doing inside too. Other than dusty, it was pretty tidy inside, with a table and plastic chair.

Sam: ‘So.. ‘

Jenna: ‘Here. Take this camera and just take photos of me.’

Sam: ‘Sounds easy, but why here?’

He turned on the camera, placed his own SD card as instructed and familiarised himself with the buttons. He was a photographer, but sold his camera when his family’s financial ran into problems. As he finished setting the ideal configurations for the weather, he looked up and saw Jenna’s dress on the floor, standing there in just her tube bra and boyshorts.

Sam: ‘Umm.. what are you doing? Can you put your clothes back on?’

Jenna: ‘No. This is what I want you to take.’

His berms was getting tighter by the hard on he was expecting. Her brown nipples were clearly visible through the white tube and not to mention about the obvious cameltoe. Looking at other parts of her body doesn’t help at all, since every part of her seems like the curves of a Lamborghini, every one carefully carved for a purpose.

Jenna: ‘You’re so hard. Can you start?’

Sam stammered a yes and started looking for angles, pressing the shutter first before even thinking. Not that he is excited or horny, but the very thought of being caught doing this in public worries him. After about 50 or so pictures, he was mostly done and by then, she had her bra and panties off, strewn above her dress.

Jenna: ‘I see?’

She hopped over before Sam could even suggest her to dress up. Jenna was all smiles as she scrolled through the photos, and finally after a few minutes, she went back and got dressed. Leaning against the table, Sam was trying hard not to watch her dress, which in case you girls don’t know, can turn a guy on to his maximum ‘size’.

Jenna: ‘I’m done!’

Just like before they stepped into this private-public spot, she looked all happy and ready to go. She was standing in front of him when she suddenly propped herself on her toes and kissed Sam. That magical kiss sealed around his lips, and slowly pulled his tongue out, initiating some sensual tongue caressing. His hands went around her waist, and all over her back, to realise that her tube bra was gone, with her bottom.

Jenna’s hands weren’t just resting, it had reached his hard on, and pulling his shorts down was so easy with that dick pushing outwards. Soon, his warm dick was in her hands, stroking up and down, using his foreskin like a wrap. There was no urge to shoot with that tempo, but it was getting too big for comfort. He knew he had to release.

Sam: ‘Jenna, I think we have to stop here. I need to shoot, then we can go k?’

Jenna: ‘Huh? I want to help.’

He smiled and placed her hands back on it, but her lips parted his and went downwards, squatting in front of his blushing penis. Sam took her head and pushed gently towards himself, which she gladly opened her mouth to receive her treat. Her mouth weren’t trained at all, but the innocent tickling and attempted deepthroat was commendable. There was still no way he could cum with that beginner blowjob.

Sam: ‘Jenna, it’s okay. You can use your hands. Come up?’

She shook her head and changed to a handjob for Sam. The fast and furious strokes felt exactly like his own hands, and it was just moments when he thought she could never make him cum. Trying to calm his mind and dick, his hands were holding on tightly to the edge of the table he was leaning against. Her mouth was still there, teasing his pee hole with her tongue, sucking on it once in a while like the ice lollipop, to get whatever was melting inside.

Sam: ‘Jenna!’

She quickly sucked on him lightly like a baby, and got what she worked hard for. The juicy warm cum that streamed out of him, wasn’t all that bad tasting at all. Sweet, with a dash of salt, and consistent thickness resembling yoghurt. After she was certain there wasn’t anymore inside the shaft, she got up and Sam was frantically thinking of what to do.

Sam: ‘Jenna, you can spit it out if.. ‘

Jenna opened her mouth that instance and showed him that there was nothing revolting about it. Was it over already? She held his hands and pulled him away from the table, before resting her arms on the table.. in a position known as doggie-style. Lifting her dress up to her waist, it was an open invitation. But Sam wasn’t there to take anyone’s virginity, nor to risk getting into trouble with the law.

Jenna: ‘Do you need a reason to do this? My sister said I can tell this to you. If you don’t have sex with me, I am going to tell the police you took naked pictures of me.’

Which was worse? To have obscene pictures of a minor? Or to have sex with her? 

He inched his penis towards her pussy and as it got within Jenna’s reach, her hand extended between her opened legs and started stroking to get awake. Requiring just minutes, it was done and she used her fingers to spread open her pussy lips. Pushing his thoughts away, he guided himself in, and forced her tight pussy loose. As it entered, it felt like his dick going through the softest sponge in the world, wet, smooth, sensational. He finally got the last inch of it inside and began his work.

The tightness was indeed overwhelming, but it was all in his control as he learnt how to distract himself without softening. His hips thrusting in and out, forcing whatever excess moisture out of her like a spray, dripping onto the raw cement floor.

Fuck, too tight.

Sam underestimated her and there isn’t much to do to prevent the final straws from coming. This is one risk he would never take. Pulling it out of Jenna, her pussy ran into an orgasm just at the same time, juice drooling out of her in a fine line to the ground.

Jenna: ‘Come.’

She turned over and got into the squatting position once again, sucking him faster and deeper, while fingering herself with her free hand. Minutes passed and the second serving of yoghurt was served, just as thick and creamy as the first shot. She licked up everything, including her fingers, reminding how good he was. After Sam was done dressing up, the two kissed for another few moments before having to go their own ways.

Jenna: ‘You’re good. I’m so sore down there now.

Sam: ‘So are you. I am getting hard down there again.’

She pulled the memory card out of the camera and handed it back to him. Walking him to his bus queue, she gave Sam another peck and watched him board the bus. The photos are his to keep, as well as her bra and panties, which he wasn’t even sure how it got into his bag in the first place.

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