Chocolate Cake

‘Hey Mandy!’, I called out to my poly classmate whom I had not seen but remained in contact with. The blue blouse, green chiffon skirt girl turned to see me in jeans and a backpack, carrying a small cake box with a cute ribbon on the top. ‘What are you doing here?’, I could almost see the disbelieving look when she popped that question.

There was no way I could forget her birthday that so close to mine, and working in a cafe had allowed me to buy a two-person serving of cake at a discounted rate. Yes, call me a cheapo. I opened the box in front of her and wished her happy birthday. Immediately, she clamped the palm sized chocolate tart in her hand and took a huge bite out of it. ‘You came at the right time! I’m so hungry’, there was none of that apologetic tone when she took another bite, licking her lips with her tongue in a gleeful mood.

‘Just as I was wondering what am I doing tonight. Thank you!’ Man, how much did I miss hearing her cheerful voice after so long. We continued walking in her direction to the bus stop, where the cake box was discarded without me tasting any of it. For that night, I did not reject her when she slipped her arm under mine, pulling me close to the familiar scent I remembered studying with her.

Seeing how most of the buses went past without her stopping any, I asked, ‘what bus are you taking?’ Instead of giving me a two or three digit bus, she told me she didn’t know. Almost soft to a whisper, she said, ‘I don’t really feel like going home so early. Let’s go for a walk around my place?’

Well, she doesn’t live far from me. We hopped on a direct bus to Bishan and sat on the upper deck, empty enough for us to sit at the longer chairs at the back. Leaning her head on my shoulder, I could tell how tired she was, be it work or life, to be stuck in the office on a birthday was bad enough.

‘Thank you again J’. She helped herself to wrap my arm around her neck and snuggled into my chest, smearing some of her makeup on my shirt. The grip on my wrist told me that she was awake, and might not even be napping. Slowly, she plastered my palm over her chest and on one of her boobs, definitely an A cup since a long time ago. Half kneading, I had to make sure she was okay with it.

Nonetheless, it has been two years since we met, despite the close times we spent during poly. As my fingers continued scraping the bra cups where I guessed her nipples were, she had an arm over my lap, clawing her nails across my denim jeans. We remained silent in that position till we reached her stop, and alighted as if nothing had happened. There was a sense of closeness though, a feeling that we both felt but not yet let go.

‘J. Here.’ She was a step into the flight of stairs I didn’t recognise as hers. Has she shifted house? I followed behind her and tried in vain to peep up her skirt. It was just too long. On the third level, a flight of stairs away from the lift, she straightened her skirt and sat down. ‘You stay here?’ I asked suspiciously. A confident ‘yes’ planted me on my butt, knowing that she was almost home after a wasted birthday-day.

Once seated next to her, she did the same thing with my arm again, wrapping it around her neck and over her chest. This time, she undid the first two buttons and slipped my hand into it, reaching straight for her nipples that I had made erect. ‘Keep playing with them’, the gentlest voice managed to twitch my cock awake while she brought both her hands to my jeans.

A minute or two later, my cock was out in the open and she had wetted it with some of her saliva. Right. As one of the prettier looking girl in my class, she was also known as the ‘bimbo’, who had a few boyfriends during our three year diploma course. That was as much respect as the rest of the class had for her, but I knew she was just feeling a void when not with someone.

With her handjob distracting me, I couldn’t resist going under her skirt and lowered her panties to her feet. The moisture on her underwear was thick and slimy, but it felt specially smooth to the touch. Upon touching her clit, she clung onto my shirt tighter and let off a sensual moan when I began circling the sweet spot.

For the next five minutes, I was pinch-rolling her nipples and giving her an external massage. She was drooling over my cock as she pumped that thick piece of meat, breathing in the salty scent from the mix of my pre-cum and saliva. Without further ado, my fingers slid easily into her pussy and her skirt became shorter once she opened her legs.

Whispering in my ears, a tickle came when she told me a little secret, ‘Chocolate always turns me on. It’s what my ex always give me before sex’. No wonder. Our pleasure exchange ended a while later and she was up on her feet, her hands holding her skirt on her waist while she stepped over my legs.

‘You can sit down you know? I don’t mind working out.’ It was only rightful to give the birthday girl a treat but she turned it down quickly. ‘I need to exercise after eating your cake, so don’t fight with me’. Indeed, a logical excuse I couldn’t refute. She used my thighs as a slide to lower herself over my cock, making cute expressions as her body relaxed to let me in. ‘When was the last time you did it?’, I asked when I saw how much agony she was in going down on me. In between deep breaths of air, she answered ‘last birthday’.

True or false? Does it matter? We knew each other very well and even more so when it comes to sex. Something told me she was safe to do it raw with. Once seated, she pushed me against the steps and rode me. That’s how she wanted it that night, so be it. Bouncing cherrily, the groans she made came out in a loud whisper while I was the one who moaned helpeless. Her high metabolism kept her body slim no matter how much she ate, and her pelvic bones joined in to make her extra tight.

Halfway through the intensifying sex, she lifted her bum off me and a powerful jet sprayed down my shaft. As soon as it was over, I was back inside her and a more demonic wave of energy caused her to grind me even faster. ‘Fuck man. I never squirt before with my ex.’, she held my shoulders down harder as she hopped, slamming herself down on my lap non-stop.

Being a guy, I couldn’t just enjoy at her expense. I hugged her tightly in my arms before leaning back down again, hands moving down her butt to keep her hovering on top of me. With that bit of distance between our privates, I thrust my hips up and down, repeatedly stabbing her pussy till she collapsed onto my chest. With space still available under her ass, I continued pounding her and that was when she squirted the second time.

Her head was next to mine when her body shook violently, juices leaking like a tap while her hips moved involuntarily with my dick still inside. Now even more breathless, she sat down on my groin and I picked her up, going to the corner of the stairwell where newly installed pipes served as a chair.

Setting her down dangerously on one of the cold steel rods, I stood in front of her to prevent her from falling forward. Both my hands went to her knees to spread them as far as I could and my dick penetrated her vulnerable state easily. This time, fucking in standing missionary, her juices dripped loudly onto the concrete floor.

The wall made no noise (compared to tables or bed) as I plundered her, driving her insane when she had yet another orgasm. ‘Mandy, I’m gonna cum soon’, a warning came about as I felt my end nearing. This girl was so special in the sense that her own fluid was as viscous as NuruGel, and I couldn’t stop myself even if I wanted. Perhaps I had over-indulged in myself.

Mandy climbed off the pipes and stood with her legs closed. She held my dick aimed towards the Y-shape she formed with her thighs and pulled my waist when I was still hesitating. Locked in embrace, we exchanged our first kiss that multiplied into tiny pecks, playfully spreading lips to let our tongues meet and ‘mingle’. My waist did not stop moving and simply thrust into that wet, man-made cave that was tingling my body’s worth of nerves with sensitivity.

‘Mmm!’, was all the sounds I could make when I felt my chamber loading, and she jumped onto me before I was ready. I hugged her tight to prevent her from slipping and my cock just pierced into her pussy, tighter than what I was fucking before. There was no turning back when the final descend on my cock triggered my ejaculation and fired into her uncontrollably. Waves after waves of cum poured into Mandy as I groaned, mind locked in a trance that took all my tiredness away.

As the cum shots slowed down, I moved her to back to the cold pipes and she let herself down when she shivered from the coldness. Going back to our flight of steps, she quickly grabbed her panties to clean me up, and shockingly wore them back once I was dried.

‘Good boy!’, she patted my head while I caught my breaths, totally owned by her amped up mood. As I leaned back on the steps again, she moved between my legs and returned to my dick, stroking and making it hard again. ‘Hey.. not enough ah?’, I asked in a hush-hush voice recovering from the lack of air.

‘Shhh!’, was the last sound she made before she took my cock into her lips, sucking it slowly and paying extra care to every area of it. Shutting my eyes and going into my world, I could picture her tongue caressing my rod all over. The amount of saliva she used had coated me in a warm and soothing manner, one I couldn’t say no to. Once I was all hard, she locked her jaws and went up and down robotically. Every stroke of her tongue caused me to twitch a little and when combined, I was at a loss holding onto the railings in despair.

Mandy did not spare me any mercy when she went deep throat on me, gagging herself while I enjoyed the extra hot treat on my cockhead. After a long five minutes of blowjob, she switched to a hand-blowjob combo and kept going till I whispered her another warning phrase.

Determined to make me cum, I let her execute her final moves and came into her mouth again, sparing no drops of cum as she sucked me dry. Now mentally drained and legs weakened, she licked my lifeless dick clean and helped me wear my clothes back, much like a girlfriend who just raped her guy.

We spent the next half an hour there, chatting and recuperating. It wasn’t before long that she has to go home, and I had to embarked on a scary walk through a park out to the main roads. Believe it or not, two years of separation suddenly shrunk to two half-an-hour – inside each other’s body.

Happy Birthday Mandy.

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