Clinical Trial

The thin fabric of Fiona’s long casual dress could not hide the patch of dampness from her panty-less pussy, nor did she have a bag or jacket with her. She was dressed in the most decent clothes for the day of endless meetings, but going panty-less was nothing new to her. She’d rather do that than having guys fantasizing about the outlines of her thongs under her bottoms – if she wore one.

Thoughts of embracing Tommy in her arms soon escalated to fucking him on her bed, with his huge member slurping the juice out of her, sending waves of orgasms across her well-maintained body. She would then suck his cock like a trained slut to help release his warm, deliciously thick cum and please him further by swallowing it all.

The train home was a torturous thirty minutes, but could get worse if she didn’t had a seat. With just three stops away from her destination, she opened her eyes from a mid-done fantasy. A few guys were eyeing her angelic face, which she had gotten used to a long time ago. Peering into her phone, there was no text to read, even less possibility of Tommy’s SMSes appearing. He was the company’s Head of Departments for sales, which she was in. Unlike the usual cohesion staff throughout the hierarchy had among themselves, Tommy was a reserved young man in his late twenties. He only spoke when there are announcements, but that was nothing interesting.

The other time he spoke was to bring up the low morale of the company, which was affected by the volatile U.S. markets. Everyone was attracted to his eyes, to a point that the boss was even suspecting if anyone heard what he said. Clear, precise, well articulated verbal prowess. Bright, intelligent eyes filled with pure charisma. No one doubted him when was promoted before anyone of the older staff did. All the girls were onto him, trying to get him into bed, canceling the dating part totally. He had no Ph.D nor Masters, just a load of motivation and wisdom.

Her mind snapped out of the sandcastle and quickly hopped out of the cabin before she missed her stop. She spent the evening watching Korean drama series after a few rounds of self-pleasure on the bed, fantasizing about Tommy and what’s in his pants.

*buzz buzz*

Expecting an emergency server problem, Fiona picked her laptop backpack and slipped on a spaghetti top, pulling a black office skirt up her slender legs. She was out of her house and waiting for the lift when she took the company issued BlackBerry (used only for emergency purposes) and cringed her bespectacled eyes on it.

Tommy (SMS): Are you free now?

She tapped her manicured fingers on the keyboard like a lightning typist, at the same time fumbling into her bag for the house keys.

Fiona (SMS): Yes I am. What can I do for you?

Tommy replied faster than she typed that short SMS.

Tommy (SMS): There is a problem at Building 35. I will need help. Can you come with me?

Her reply took a whole minute despite containing only three letters. She had changed to a proper skirt and clicked ‘send’.

Fiona (SMS): Yes.

Tommy’s land rover pulled up at the carpark and she hopped in. Only to see him dressed in a singlet and boxers.

Tommy: ‘Have you ever been inside Building 35?’

Trying to use her observation skills, she threw the worse made up attempt.

Fiona: ‘Is it packed and dusty? That’s why you are in shorts and singlet?’

Tommy shook his head with a smile and sped across the expressway to the end of the island. The fifteen minutes ride was an eye-opener for her. She watched as he beat his palm on his leather-clad steering wheel, head bobbing to the series of club music blasting within the monster vehicle, oblivious to the few other cars speeding as fast as he was. His mesmerizing voice was hitting all the high and the low keys perfectly. She had never heard him sing! And she loved singing as well, being part of a small choir made her pushed herself hard.

The two of them sang love songs, crazy bass heavy remixes throughout the drive till Tommy pulled up at the gates of the ghostly looking building.

He winded down his window and spoke to the armed Cisco guards. They gave a casual salute and he was moving the vehicle again in less than a minute, towards a huge door that had an opening for a fitting cut below made for cars.

Tommy said in a serious and clear tone.

Tommy: ‘This place had never seen any other person apart from me. This is where our seemingly unlimited findings come from. We don’t really sell paracetamol.’

He stopped the vehicle just beyond the entrance and radioed the guards. The lights came on, lighting the hangar sized building. There were mechanical boxes, doing their own work. Primarily screens showing tons of calculation.

Tommy: ‘Come. I’ll need to restarted the system, and I can’t do it alone. So stand here. Take this walkie talkie.┬áPress this button when I say so.’

He disappeared behind a few metal cases and counted over the radio set.

Tommy: ‘Click on the ‘Ro’ of zero. Five.. Four.. Three.. Two.. One.. ZeRO.’

The building went dark for a moment and bright again. Tommy then brought her into a room with bed and basic amenities. He sat her down and offered a drink. Chatting about his personal life and family, and the work that was going on around here.

Just five minutes after she finished the last gulp, she went high and dizzy. Only hearing Tommy giving her instructions and she followed without resistance. Even telling herself not to move was futile. Finally, the real test began and she felt it all, but had no control over herself.

Tommy: ‘Take off your clothes.’

She did without a second thought. Pulling her spaghetti top off, revealing the part translucent lacy black bra underneath. The skirt glided down her legs after unzipping the sides, and she had to watch Tommy’s expressionless face as she tugged the white panty down her legs, exposing the thread-like stickiness of her wet genitals on the cotton.

Tommy: ‘Kneel.’

Fiona got on her knees and eyes were staring straight, watching his boxers fall silently onto the carpet. Tommy’s next command couldn’t be more humiliating. He would know what was going on in her mind. Which wasn’t unexpected anyway.

Tommy: ‘Blow me. To the best of your knowledge.’

Her lips parted, reaching for his pee hole, and her tongue came forth to coat every bit of his pubic skin with saliva, every lick sending a minute sense of pleasure down her spine, to the valley between her pussy. Tommy closed his eyes as she proceeded to blow him like how she practised on her dildo watching Japanese Adult Videos. His penis was warm, and had a aftershave scent to it, filled with energy and vigour, unlike the toy. Her glossy lips would slide along his shaft, taking it as deep as she could, and pulling her head away before the sweet aroma of her saliva pulled her back in.

The blowjob lasted as long as she could remember, and she didn’t tire a single bit. Nor break a sweat. Deciding he’ve had enough, Tommy ask her to stand up, and turned around, facing the bed behind her.

Tommy: ‘Bend over and find my cock with your pussy.’

He stood at a near distance from her slit, but the awkward motion of her ass grinding all over his hips was making her embarrassed. Finally, Tommy decided to cut the chase by pointing it towards her cunt. She did not move a single muscle after it was in. Her hands were on the bed, supporting her upper body.

He started moving his hips forward and backwards, sinking his dick into her wet pink slit. With each thrust, he would go deeper, slamming hard against her tender butt, and bouncing back for more. The depth he went was what she needed. It was a nightmare turned into a dream. Tommy IS fucking her, like what she wanted. Although seemingly in the wrong condition, she was taking all of it. She only got wetter with filthy thoughts through her mind, yearning for more of it.

They swapped to missionary shortly after but the cowgirl position took most out of him than her. Panting and trembling with the oversensitive dick inside this girl, he was enjoying the ride. With no condom around, he decided to cum inside her. The clock stroke midnight and he filled her sweet tight pussy with cum, topping her up beyond the bar. Which some sperms flowed against the direction of his thrusts onto his balls.

Still, Tommy wasn’t done.

Tommy: ‘Clean me up with your tongue. Then suck me off again.’

She dismounted and gave him another round of brain-numbing mouthwork after cleanup, juicing him in record breaking time of fifteen minutes, swallowing his warm, deliciously thick cum down her throat, that was so close to the fantasy she had earlier that day.

They took another few minutes to recover before she was offered another cup of water and asked to drink it. She dressed Tommy before herself and went back into the car while Tommy scribbled on some paperwork. Unknowingly, she fell asleep and woke up the next morning in her own apartment as though nothing happened.

She had no idea she had been drugged, sexually abused(?) and memory wiped clean. The new drug was working, having completed the first clinical test on a human subject. Everything went on as usual, with her fantasies of fucking her Head of Department still unfulfilled.

Drug ‘Reward-21 (R-21)’ tested. 100% compliance. Zero memory impression. Commence mental remodel.

Tommy’s report was carefully shortened and phrased to avoid any suspicion. And so the medicine could be further developed. Only a handful of people had a need-to-know, including his boss, the chemist, biologist and psychiatrist. No one knew of this drug as it had been classified to a level so high, no existing detection technology is equipped for it.

This seemingly unreal entry was just one of the few attempts to start spreading the message. Now you know.

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