Cream on the Crop

(Cheryl whispered) ‘let’s try this new spot.’

(I whispered) ‘are you sure it’s safe?’

‘Of course! At least that’s what Qiu Ling said. Hehe.’

Why wasn’t I surprised that her friend had experience in such fields already? Cheryl was after all, the leader type with grades good enough to top the whole level for years, with some ‘help’ from me.

*Sigh* ‘Have you tried everything before asking me this time?’

(Cheryl in her cutesy voice) ‘Mr. Lin, you know I can’t pass for nuts. So nope. I didn’t try anything, and came to you first thing.’

In that dark corridor between two blocks, she began undoing my pants after she unbuttoned her blouse, for me to gaze into her deep Cs. Since three months ago when we had the semestral exam, I had never come this close to her, letting her lick and suck my cock as if it was her cure – or was it?

The diligent school girl made sure to drag her tongue all the way from the bottom, to the tip where she would then envelope the whole ‘head’ into her lips, before gliding downwards over that tongue that continued to caress the underside of my shaft. To me, that was the one skill she got me addicted to, besides the mundane handjob she would do if she got tired.

‘Mr. Lin.. Did I do it right?’

(I groaned) ‘Oh yes.. It’s perfect.’

My thoughts drifted to the complex chemical bonds I knew as her worst sub-topic, wishing I could make it easier for her. Anyway, I didn’t have to do that anymore since she was securing an ‘upper aggregate’ score then.

(I whispered) ‘Cheryl.. Next?’

‘As you say Mr. Lin.’

The way she so respectfully addressed me felt empowering, like having the most able person succumbing to some power that did not deserve as much. I leaned motionless against the wall and watched her remove her panties from under those grey skirts, recently redesigned to match the style of college students.

She stuffed those thongs into my briefcase and jutted her ass on my groin, twisting around for a bit before she wrestled my hard on between her thigh gap. Taking this time to tease me, she bumped her ass on me repeatedly to stroke my cock with her labia, until I gave in and held onto her toned waist.

‘Finally huh Mr. Lin?’

‘Stop teasing me already.. ‘

‘Fine. Here it comes!’

She pushed my tip upwards and it popped right into her pussy, extending beyond the foreskin and reaching as deep as long I was, till she spasmed uncontrollably.

(Cheryl exclaiming) ‘Mr. Lin! Did you take anything today?’

‘No? How would I know this would happen?’

(She panted quickly) ‘You’re.. You’re really thick today! Ungh!’

‘Do you want me to lead tonight?’

‘Oh yes please.. Thank you.. ‘

She threw both her arms back for me to grab onto and the high-speed, rapid-thrusts began to take her breaths away, shocking her into excruciating deep groans she tried hiding behind her closed lips. I couldn’t believe how tight she felt, but it could be like what she said, about me being bigger that particular day.

I let go of whatever little guilt I had left and knocked her bum faster and faster, causing orgasms that weakened her own legs further and further apart.

(I whispered harshly) ‘CHERYL!’

(Her hoarse loud voice) ‘NOW?!’

I retracted my hips from her and let her down carefully onto the ground, when her legs could no longer support her. That feeble pile of wit then reached for my twitching erection and jerked it at an erratic tempo, until I aimed it downwards at her face.

She did the rest of the work without my help and collected all my cum in her mouth, doing that one-last-suck trick to empty me thoroughly of any conscious for engaging in this taboo act of bribery.

That night passed like many other, and the day to hold up my end of the promise arrived. Not wanting to get ahead of myself, I marked her paper page by page, awaiting the spate of unanswered or wrong questions – except that the need to cheat for her, never came.

Just imagine how puzzled was I when she scored 95% on a paper I did not go easy on setting it.

(WhatsApp from Cheryl) ‘Thank you Mr. Lin. See you tonight. Bio lab 3.’

Now I am lost.

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