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Husband: ‘Dear, ended work so late today? I’ve cooked for our first anniversary dinner.’
Adoncia: ‘I can’t eat with you. I am heading out to meet Xen after a quick shower.’
Husband: ‘On our anniversary?’
Adoncia: ‘Yeah. He knows about it. That’s why he wanted to see me.’

She went into the bathroom after stripping down to her lingerie. Her husband was at a loss of what to do when the guy chose this very day to date her. Entering the bedroom after the shower started, he tucked a GPS video and audio bug into her Chanel bag, also given to her by Xen.

The couple had been married for a year now, but the incidental friendship of Xen and Adoncia went on to a fling-like relationship that promised her close to 8k a month. While he had a luxury of being a stay-home husband (despite not having a kid), the jealousy that filled him during each meet up was a constant battle. If he had her end the relationship, it would be hell of a work to get that money even with their incomes combined. That was when he decided to just take it down his battered ego and watch his wife go out with another man.

Adoncia came out of the toilet with him seated on the bed, and slipped on a one piece red dress. It was a bareback designed that did not even allow her to put on a normal bra. After she wore that piece, her hands went into the sides to secure the silicon bra and her make up was promptly applied.

Adoncia: ‘Dear, don’t wait for me k? I will celebrate with you tomorrow.’

She left the house in a hurry and he peered out of the window, watching her get into a posh sedan. There was nothing else to do then except to finish the candlelight dinner, and watch what happened on his laptop.

In the car, Xen’s hand had went under her dress while on the wheels and she was looking out of the windows for any nosey eyes. Her panty-less pussy was getting wetter as they neared a five star hotel in the city. She knew what her job scope was, and it was fairly easy to her too.

Xen: ‘Take off your bra before you exit.’

She could only listen to him and removed the stick-on, leaving it under the dashboard. On their way to the reception, his hand kept roaming her firm ass, and the people around them could only ogle at them till they entered the lift.

That was when he unzipped his pants to whip his hard cock out, and Adoncia got on her knees to give him a warm up. For the few months they had been fucking, she was used to his daring approach no matter where they were, at lifts, car, casual restaurants, either he would be busy with her pussy, or with his dick sucked.

Adoncia: ‘What are we doing today? The usual?’
Xen: ‘Of course not. It’s your one year anniversary with your husband.’

In the hotel room, he took out a video camera and placed it on the study where her bag was on, still feeding the spying bug information about their doings. Her husband watched in disgust and started jerking himself off as the adulterous pair tore the clothes on each others’ body. Just before his underwear was removed, the door bell rang and the staff entered to the blanket clad lady, one breast exposed unknowingly. The trolley of big plates were left and he hurried off after a generous tip.

Xen opened the lids and a feast was before her, lobsters, oysters, shellfishes, caviar, foie gras, they all looked so tempting to her. She did not wait for his invitation and began eating, starting with the truffle topped scallops. Sips of wine were going down her throat while he sat behind her, fondling her breasts and twisting those pink nipples. He had made her sit cross legged and had his fingers rubbing her, juicing his personal oyster while she ate.

Most of the dishes had a bite out of it when Adoncia finally could not resist his teasing. She took a glass of white wine and asked him to stand beside the trolley. Pouring a little over his rod, she took a small portion of caviar before going down on him, swallowing as she moved her lips up and down his shaft. With every pause, he would drip some wine on his dick and she would slurp it up, going deeper as the night began.

Xen: ‘Let’s get started. But you can keep eating.’
Adoncia: ‘Huh? How?’
Xen: ‘Come, get into doggie over here.’

He patted on the edge of the bed and she bent herself towards the food. He then moved the plates closer to her and shifted the one that could be eaten without any cutleries. She did not know what was expected of her but he went behind her all the same, without saying anything. A few groans from him and it was her turn to let off a loud moan. His huge dick had slipped easily in all the way and was motionless.

Xen: ‘You can start eating now.’
Adoncia: ‘Like this? I can eat later you know?’
Xen: ‘I want to see you eat like this.’

Feeling like a bitch, she gave in to his request and ate up, taking small bites as her body jerked to his pounding. Her pussy was especially wet that night and he was bigger than usual too. As her consciousness was drifting away, she stopped acting like a dog and let him fuck her senseless. Her body had been yearning for him, that piece of meat that could touch every inch of her pussy.

Soon, she was tugged backwards on his lying body and she took over in a reversed cowgirl. Riding him like a slut, her hair was flung back and forth as she sat harder onto his groin.

Xen: ‘Like it Adoncia?’
Adoncia: ‘Yeah. Love it!’
Xen: ‘Turn and face me.’

Sitting on his thighs, she turned around to him and laid on his chest, hearing that heat beating so excitedly for her. He did a rollover and pinned her below, holding himself up in a push up position. Admiring her sexy, teenage-like body, his hips was thrusting into her once again. Instead of love, their relationship was purely built on lust and she enjoyed his company – and rewards.

Her expression of agony from his forceful strokes had pleased him well, for a man who enjoyed fucking another man’s meat. He moved his body backwards and raised her legs to the sides, leaving her to kick in midair as he rammed her deeper. The volume in the room spiked as she was cumming non-stop to his dick, and the tightness over his dick was causing him to lose control.

Xen: ‘Your job is almost done for the night. On the pill?’
Adoncia: ‘Yupp. Just for you.’

Yes, that’s right. Her husband had not known she was on the pill until now. Imagine that side of a married lady hidden from her own man, how painful would that be? Creaking sounds began to come from the bed as their bodies slammed harder together, till Xen collapsed on top of her and Adoncia’s fingers dug into his back.

The waves of cum shooting from his dick was so satisfying and filling, that the excess started oozing out before he was even done.

Adoncia (whispering): ‘You’re so deep inside.’

Xen: ‘And you’re super tight tonight.’

Doesn’t it rhyme? As per agreed previously, he only needed to cum once every meet up and she would not need to do anymore work. It was the second time they met after he had drove her home and the ‘road head’ (receiving/ giving a blowjob while driving), had helped him lasted longer this time.

Xen: ‘Enjoy your dinner. Leave some for your husband. Ask him to spend the night with you here.’

She silently watched him got dressed and gave him a peck at the door. Her husband was summoned that instant the door closed and he appeared to half empty plates.

Adoncia: ‘Xen bought this for us. And the room too. We will have till tomorrow noon.’

Her husband had yet to unload, and just for that night, she let him did her raw. He did not notice that the ‘extra wet’ sensation came from Xen and went all out at his wife for the rest of the night. The feeling of betrayal, jealousy, vengeance, hatred and what not came through his actions that totally drove Adoncia crazy and begging for mercy.

Part of her wanted to break up with Xen, but he was the one who did not want her to let him go. Being with both men gave her a sense of belonging that was on the opposite ends, but she did not mind since he didn’t. After the fourth, and final load of cum overflowed from her pussy, she fainted from the alcohol and overdose of sex. For the husband? He went another round at his lifeless wife and fell asleep till it was check out time.

He got to keep the DVD from the video camera and they went out of the hotel hand-in-hand, to the bewildered staff whom had brought the food to her room earlier. Needless to say, the HD videos Xen took while fucking his wife had became his jerk-off film to watch whenever they went out together, leaving evidence of what they did to further stamp on his male pride.

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