Cute Kitty

While waiting for my clothes to be done, the usual brown black cat came and meowed at me, luring me over with its cuteness. Naturally, I went to pet it and sat at the entrance of the 24 hours laundry shop, accompanying my companion for the thirty minutes plus of waiting. Just as I was about to pour some water out for it, a girl who seemed too young came and squatted in front of me, stroking the cat excitedly as it lapped the water up from the cap.

Girl: ‘Is she yours?’
Me: ‘Nope. I usually pet it when I wash my clothes. And it will just lay lazily like now.’
Girl: ‘It’s so cute!’
Me: ‘I know right. The weakness we have to its meowing.’

The girl laughed as I spurted the word ‘meowing’, and continued running her hand through the cat’s fur. Given that tiny black FBT shorts she wore, the yellow coloured panties were showing itself between her legs, with the rest of her thighs exposed sexily up to her hips. My vision was alternating between the cat and her, enjoying the midnight treat my eyes were getting.

In under a minute, her shifting body actually let slipped her crotch and adjusted the shorts to a side, revealing the smooth cameltoe plastered by her panties. My dick reacted accordingly, erecting a huge hard on against my underwear-less shorts, all the time with me sitting with my knees up. Her glancing eyes soon saw my awkwardness and came to my side, almost leaning on me to reach the cat.

The position she took up beside be almost caused me to jizz in my pants, cause the low cut tank top she wore was leading my eyes down her cleavage, adding to the fragrance coming from her.

Me: ‘What’s your name?’
Girl: ‘I’m Daphne, you can just call me Daph.’
Me: ‘Alright. I’m K, live around here. You like cats huh?’
Daphne: ‘Yeah! A lot! This cat never fails to stop me. It’s so friendly.’
Me: ‘Just like you?’
Daphne: ‘A little?’

We pet the little kitty for a while more before it took off through the fences of the community centre next to us. Having her time exhausted for the de-stressing pet-loving, she got up and I was ready to head back to my clothes, disappointed at the lack of ‘happening’ with this cute looking neighbour.

Daphne: ‘How long more before your clothes are done?’
Me: ‘Oh. It’s just done. I’ll need to fold them before heading home.’
Daphne: ‘Let me help you?’

She joined me in folding the hot clothes that came out of the dryer and we were done in less than five minutes. Holding one of my two plastic bags, she went in the direction of the community centre and I stopped her, since it was not headed for my home.

Daphne: ‘Forgot to ask.. do you want to find the cat and accompany it?’
Me: ‘But the CC is closed.’
Daphne: ‘I just live behind it. And I know a way in.’

Oh really? And why would she want to go to such a dark place with a stranger? Those thoughts were pointless as I had already followed behind her, watching that small, tight ass swaying left and right as she walked. It was pure lust and hope that led me to do as she suggested, quite a despo huh?

We climbed over a small gate that I too, knew of but gave her the benefit of doubt, scaling it easier than she did. We meowed for a while aimlessly, avoiding the public areas and was disappointed at the no-show of the kitty. By the time she decided to stop, I was in no mood for any action and wanted to head home.

Daphne (whispering): ‘I think its here!’

Walking around the corner, we found ourselves in a secluded part of the centre, where no lights could reach. Trained to see in the dark (thanks to National Service), I saw her standing very still, hands roaming everywhere for something to hold. Being a gentleman, I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me, where she turned 180 degrees and dived into my arms.

Daphne (whispering): ‘You are in no hurry right?’
Me (whispering): ‘No. But you don’t know me.’
Daphne (whispering): ‘I know. But I am turned on by such a fit guy petting a little cat with so much gentleness. You can be gentle to me too right?’
Me (whispering): ‘Let’s find out then.’

Like two sex-starved kids, we undid our own shorts and placed it on a wooden table, before jumping into each other’s arms and kissed. The situation was so intense that she stripped her top as I explored her body, surprising me with that braless state. Feeling up her boobs, a pair of hardened nipples welcomed my warm hands and I pinched on them relentlessly, causing her to moan while her hands searched for my long rod.

Daphne (whispering): ‘Someone is hard.’
Me (whispering): ‘And someone is wet.’

My fingers ran along her slit as she jerked me, competing to see who would give in first. Her widening legs gave me the advantage as I rubbed furiously on her clit, until she hugged me moaning ‘you win, you win’. A soft, shiver went through her body and she patted on the table our clothes were on.

Daphne (whispering): ‘Sit here.’

A little hop placed my butt on the cold, stiff wood and she used the attached plank (as seats) to climb on top of me, lowering herself in a squatting position. Right as she made the last bounce to fully insert my dick into her, a meow came and she smiled at the unexpected audience.

Me (whispering): ‘Think she can see us?’
Daphne (whispering): ‘I think she will only hear you pleasing my little pussy.’

The tireless grinding began and I was thrown aback onto my arms to support my body. Her hips were rolling up and down so fast that my tip was screaming with oversensitivity. As a guy, I lost all control and sat right up, hugging her while I got off the table. Whatever she tried to do, it was too much for me to bear and I had to give up.

I bent her over the table and spread her legs with my feet. Thereafter, a vengeful thrust sank my dick deep into her and her arms reached for the edge of the table to hang onto. Pounding fiercely, a sudden urge came to just please this pussy with my might drove me faster and harder, at the same time she moaned that I was getting bigger inside of her.

Slamming our hips together non-stop, the girl was mumbling to herself as her mind was overpowered. Delighted at my conquer, I angled my waist upwards and slowed down to reach her sensitive spots. Under ten strokes, her pussy was squeezing me tight already and the trembling soon intensified to a convulsion.

I know that she was alright, and probably could take more of me. So I pushed her body down onto the table and continued ramming that gasping cunt of hers, pumping it so hard that her body never stopped jerking.

Daphne (whispering): ‘I can’t.. take it.. any.. ‘
Me (whispering): ‘Just hang in there. I’m cumming.’

I gave her the last few powerful thrusts I could afford and backed away from her, jumping onto the table and kneeled in front of her. The drained girl took her time to place her knees on the table in doggie, and I sat down so she could reach.

Her mouth made my pink rod disappear in the darkness and her head went up and down, slurping saliva and sucking me hard. It had took us almost five minutes before I felt the cumming sensation. A soft whisper of ‘shooting’ came out of me and she let her head fall on my groin, letting my dick slip into her throat.

That last pump erupted my volcano and the white hot lava flooded down her throat, where the series of contraction in her mouth started to channel the lava into her gastric. Seeing that she had no strength left to move, I flipped to the side and let my dick glide out of her mouth after I was done.

Resting on her back, Daphne panted heavily and her pink tongue licked her lips. Watching that satisfied girl was one thing, and ending the night for her was another. I went between her opened legs and perched her feet on my shoulders, going down on her with my unused tongue. Flicking her clit up and down, her body responded with extra juices and her heaving breaths was filled with moans.

Finally, a last burst of energy moved my tongue so fast that her thighs suddenly clamped down on my head, immobilising me while a stream of clear liquid exited. Although I had said that it was pitch dark, the lights in the distance managed to reflect off her leaking pussy and the river flowed for some time.

Picking herself up, I gave her the space to get dressed and we snuck out of the community centre the way we entered, not forgetting to give the quiet watching cat a pat on its head.

Daphne: ‘It was intense. I haven’t felt like that before.’
Me: ‘Your first time with a stranger? I had fun myself too.’
Daphne: ‘Not with a stranger, with a guy. I.. actually.. you took my virginity tonight.’
Me: ‘Serious.. I didn’t mean to. I should have asked.’
Daphne: ‘Hey look, it’s not your fault. I kinda initiated it too. And I have no regrets.’

I gave a sigh of relieve and she leaned in for a peck on my cheeks. She handed me her phone and I punched my number in with a smile on my face that just would not go away.

Daphne: ‘Call me when you are around here again k?’
Me (laughing): ‘It will be every night then.’
Daphne: ‘If you have the energy!’

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