Desire to Degrade

Alicia: ‘I’m busy now.. can’t you wait?’

Melvin turned off her monitor and dropped his GoPro cam in front of her laptop, grabbing her arms and using his belly to hold them down against her revolving chair. In a single lifting motion, her front-lace nightie went over her head, leaving her top naked with just her translucent pink panties on.

Alicia (irritable tone): ‘You are recording this? I don’t want it. Take it away.. ‘

He quickly swopped down to her sensitive nipples and pinched them gently, rolling them till she gave in to the pleasure and stopped resisting. Even the camera before her was no longer a bother, since she could not open her eyes as a result of his teasing. After a while of fidgeting at the computer desk, he let go of her arms and they fell lifelessly to her sides, moans still escaping into her brightly lit bedroom.

Once he got her horny and obedient, the rolling chair was dragged back to a distance, and he leaned over her shoulders for her panties. Slipping his hand into the elastic band, he did not need to tell her to strip those undies off. Sitting naked in front of the camera, the other side of the wildebeest was about to appear in full glory.

Seconds after rubbing her to a new high, her hands started to get busy squeezing her own tits, whispering dirty phrases into his ears. When she started to go quiet, the familiar trembles following an orgasm hit her hard and took her breaths away. The next thing he knew, she was shoving his wrist deeper into her pussy.

Melvin stepped to her side and spun the chair towards his groin, which she immediately took hold of and stuck it between her lips. Pecking along the side of his shaft, his foreskin peeled downwards where her palm rested. Moments later, his mind went blank as her mouth devoured his cock in heat, saliva lubricating the updown strokes she was performing for the camera.

Melvin: ‘Babe.. my legs are going weak.’
Alicia: ‘Let’s go to the bed.’

He barely caught his camera when he was dragged to her queen sized bed, plopping it down on the bedside dresser roughly aimed at himself. She placed him down before planting her ass on his chest, obstructing his sight where she pumped her head down his rod. Although his dick was in an awkward angle, her pressed lips with adequate suction made it feel better than sex.

Once the panting sounds were heard, she perched her ass up and held it over his face, long strands of honey thick juices falling like pearls running down a thread. Melvin collected the two drops of dew and patted her ass, signalling for her to move on. Alicia couldn’t wait to advance and shifted herself next to his hips, pointing towards the drawer of defence equipment at the same time.

Melvin retrieved the condom and let her put it on, lunging himself up to let her take his space on the bed.

Alicia: ‘What position you want?’
Melvin: ‘Anything. It’s your day today.’

She fell on her fours and wriggled her ass like an excited puppy, hyping up her boy even more. He clenched tightly onto her love handles and took a second, before ramming his cock into her tiny hole. Almost losing balance, Alicia used her head against the headboard to maintain her stance. The incoming powerful thrusts caught her off guard and screams soon replaced her shy moans, digging deep into her pussy for the trigger point.

Little did he know, his 6 inch length was perfectly stroking her G-spot that was brought to a new level of sensitivity. When a sudden jerk sent him flying back from her pussy, Melvin knew it was the first orgasm that she was receiving. Sitting on his bum concerned, her face buried into the pillow and the contractions at her vagina was gasping on its own. Right after it shut itself, clear liquid started oozing out of her love hole in honey-thick consistency, dribbling down her slit to her thighs.

Alicia (panting): ‘You can put back in now.’

Melvin returned to his doggie style and hammered her hard, to get himself up again and to make up for the loss of time. Feeling a firmer grip on his shaft, a fleshy tickle was happening under his rod, moving upwards to his soft pink tip. With dwindling stamina, he settled for a steady tempo, pushing his cock in and out in long strokes.

No matter how slow he went or shallow he drilled, the increasing urge to cum could not be negated. His girl was moaning lesser and lesser to his speed.

Alicia: ‘Cumming soon huh?’
Melvin: ‘You can tell?’
Alicia: ‘Come. Let try something different.’

They got out of bed and a huge makeover was done with the pillows. Two of them stacked at the hip area of the bed, Melvin had no idea what position was that. Alicia placed her back on the pillow fort and dangled her head over, while ushering for Melvin to kneel at her mouth.

Melvin: ‘Mouth fuck?’
Alicia: ‘Yeah. But I want you to do it at your speed. Until you shoot.’
Melvin: ‘Can I.. not? I’ll hit you with my balls.’
Alicia: ‘Mmmhmm?’

He hesitantly inched towards her mouth and let her unroll the condom. Sliding it into her lush pink lips, he kept his movements shallow to prevent any choking. Once she sealed her lips around his tightly wrapped foreskin, her tongue poked into his pee hole to stimulate him further.

Gradually losing his mind to her seductive mouth, he plunged deeper and deeper, sensing the narrower ‘pipe’ in her upper throat. In a way, it had pinched his dick head, delivering a sensual sensation throughout his rod. There was no way he could get enough of that. In no time, he was stuffing her face full with his cock, jamming it as deep as he could reach.

Melvin (groaning): ‘FUCK! Babe! I’m gonna cum.. I’m gonna cum!’

He pulled out all of a sudden to her dismay and she grabbed his cock towards her mouth, missing the first two shots that sprayed over her chin and lips. While the rest was emptied into her mouth, she hugged his waist and pulled him in a few more times, thrusting all his worth down her tummy.

Melvin (panting): ‘Ok ok.. no more.. no more le.’

She let go of him and quickly flipped onto her chest, licking her lips for all his cum she missed. Crawling a few steps towards the curious boy checking his dick out, she sucked the droplet forming on his pee hole and licked him clean.

Alicia: ‘Everything out?’
Melvin: ‘Yes? I feel so empty inside.. ‘
Alicia: ‘Let me check.’

She pulled the foreskin covering his shrinking penis and kissed it, hand pushing him backwards onto his elbows as she placed more of him inside her mouth.

Toying with it using her tongue, the exhausted, resting boy was hard once more. Unable to get anymore energy to pound her again, he watched quietly at her getting into doggie style, kneeling on her ankles to match his opened legs space.

She entertained herself by rocking back and forth over his raw dick, feeling every bit of his skin stroke her insides till she came. Melvin was recovering as she pleased herself, using him like a sex toy that was only good for its cock.

Soon, she was slamming her hips down onto his groin, swallowing his cock repeatedly into that soft, fleshy vagina that leaked non-stop.

Melvin: ‘hey hey hey.. ‘

A quick hop away sent her to safety and she sat legs wide open in front of him, pumping that thick slab of meat while exchanging passionate kisses. About three minutes later, his legs began to wobble and an embrace sent him into a series of moans.

The second load of hot cum oozed out pathetically down his shaft and was caught by her ring-shaped finger grip, barely amounting to the first shot he gave earlier.

Alicia: ‘Good boy. Really nothing left.’

She hungrily lapped up all his cum on her hand and wiped her mouth with the blanket. Falling into bed tired and satisfied, she let him play with her pussy while drifting to sleep naked.

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