Domestic Pleasure

Nina: ‘Sir, wake up. You are going to be late.’

Recalling that I had told my maid I had no work that morning, I pulled my blanket tighter hoping she would remember what I told her last night. The 25 year old maid has been with us since three years ago and she had formed an especially close bond with me, while my parents were strict with their demands regarding her chores.

Seeing that I wasn’t budging, she pulled my blanket away forcefully to expose my boxers-clad self, bearing a hard on just like every morning when I wake.

*Knock knock*

Nina finally left my room after someone knocked on our door and she went to open it.

Nina (whispering): ‘My sir is still home. Why you come so early?’

Hearing that sentence, I jumped out of my bed and went to my bedroom door, peeping from the corner at a Bangladeshi guy holding a plastic bag of styrofoam boxes, presumingly food for my maid and him.

Me: ‘Nina? Is he your boyfriend?’
Nina (whispering): ‘Go away!’

He dashed out of my sight as I bravely walked into the living room, scaring the bejesus out of her while she turned around.

Nina: ‘Not my boyfriend sir. Just a friend.’
Me: ‘Are you sure?’
Nina: ‘Yes la. Can don’t tell mam about this? She will kick me out if she knows.’

My quietness frightened her a little as I made my way into the kitchen to my cup of Milo, though I was totally cool about her having a boyfriend in this foreign land. Coming from the Phillipines, her friendly and outgoing nature made me open up to her within hours of her arrival under our employment, let alone those workers with raging hormones.

Quietly walking up to me, she waited till I placed my cup into the sink before wrapping her arms around my waist for the first time. Grabbing my erection tightly, she was stroking me through my boxers to win my heart, in an attempt to silence me about her outside relationship. Well, I was only a year older than her.

Nina: ‘Sir, promise me you won’t tell mam?’
Me: ‘So who is he?’
Nina (whispering): ‘My boyfriend.’
Me: ‘And you are cheating on him so soon?’

She lowered my boxers and pumped my raw dick gently, hardness my morning wood with her delicate hand.

Nina: ‘I just needed to vent. I have been here for so long, and never had a man to please me.’
Me: ‘I actually fine with you having a boyfriend here. Just don’t let mam catch you.’
Nina: ‘Really? Don’t lie to me. If I have you, then I don’t need him right?’

I patted the back of her hand assuring her of my approval and she turned me around, to lean against the tiled kitchen counter. Watching her squat down obediently, she brought her nose to my rod and took a whiff, closing her eyes like it was some kind of yummy sausage.

Nina: ‘I’d rather have this.’

Her lips parted and her tongue appeared, licking the dry area wet then devouring it between her teeth. She worked diligently up and down my shaft, lubricating it at the same time pushing me over the edge. Groans filled the kitchen shortly after and I reached my hand into her loose collar, massaging those braless tits that were small enough to fill my palm.

Me: ‘Shall we go into my room? You need to make the bed later right?’
Nina: ‘Don’t be dirty. Let me shower you first.’

We went into the toilet four steps away and she rinsed my naked body with care, soaping me thoroughly and paid extra attention to my groin. Once I was nicely washed, she threw a towel around my waist and then, we went into my room.

There was no hurry when she placed me comfortably on my pillow, resuming her blowjob that made me weak in my knees.

Me: ‘I told you yesterday I am not working right?’
Nina (panting): ‘Sorry sir. I will remember next time.’

After five minutes of tireless sucking, it was her turn to lie in my bed and she got naked faster than expected. Her nipples went into my mouth along with moans, letting me taste those delicious tits on her fair complexion I had never seen under her conservative attires.

When my fingers reached her pussy, she was already wet, providing ample lube for me to poke into. Shaved she was, probably for the man earlier. Too bad for him, I was making her moan loudly as she blindly stroked my dick, pumping furiously to get my ready.

Nina: ‘Will you be fucking me?’
Me: ‘Or what? Let him fuck my helper?’

She smiled widely upon hearing that and I shifted myself to lie beside her, reaching for the condom in the drawer next to my bed. She couldn’t wait ten seconds for me to get it and leaned over my groin again, slurping hungrily as I tore the wrapper open. After another minute of mind-blowing oral, the rubber went on and she laid shyly on my, or our, warm bed.

Starting with missionary, I slammed my dick into her without a care and she dug her nails into my back, receiving the huge impact that split her tight vaginal walls apart. Rapid hip thrusts were then launched at her and never for a moment did she stop asking me to fuck her harder.

That firm thighs of hers provided cushioning for my hard pounding, and changing to doggie style, I experienced her toned ass that repelled me with every forward thrusts.

Nina (moaning): ‘Sir! You are making me cum again!’

She clenched her fists around my pillow as juices poured in a single stream onto my bedsheets, pussy contracting around my solid hard on. Within another few minutes of humping, I was nearing my own orgasm and had to pull out of her, for a break or however she wanted it to end.

Nina: ‘Sir.. shooting soon?’
Me: ‘Yeah. How should we finish it?’
Nina: ‘Wait a while.’

She crawled over the bed (with me inside her) and to her pile of clothes on the floor, picking up a pair of panties she was wearing earlier. Requesting me to lie on my back, she rode me reverse-cowgirl while soaking up her juices with that underwear, being extra careful not to make me cum before it was completely wet.

Once it had changed colours due to the moisture, she climbed off me and laid in my arms, taking off the condom and wrapping the warm, damp panties around my cock. Fully aware of what she was planning, I let her jerk me off and she let me massage her clit till we were totally high.

Me: ‘I’m cumming!’

She tightened her grip and moved even faster, watching my orgasmic face falling into her mercy with a scheming grin. Thick, warm cum puffed up the panties in her hand and she slowed down at a soothing pace, until I sank into bed exhausting and panting.

Nina: ‘Let me clean you up. Don’t move.’

She sat up cross-legged and folded her panties with my cum inwards, before stepping out of the bed and taking my soiled cock into her mouth. Licking more than she sucked, my rod was glimmering in her saliva when done. She left the room shortly after and returned with a sarong around her chest.

Nina: ‘Sir, I will go do my work now.’

I was left to my own and it didn’t take too long before moaning noises came from the living room. Just as I thought she was done with her boyfriend, was it really over? Walking out in nudity, she had her soaked underwear at her nose and was in the heat of masturbating. All the while a dark figure watching at the windows.

Me: ‘Still not satisfied?’
Nina: ‘A bit more sir.’

I went over to the door and opened the gates, speaking loudly into the corridor.

Me: ‘You can come in. But go away once you’re done.’

I took the single armchair next to Nina and the skinny, dark-skinned guy came in, even giving me an unneeded handshake. The duo was quick to get started and the clueless idiot even had to ‘borrow’ a condom from me. Watching the sex-starved guy pound her so mercilessly, I was sure he did a better job than me. The ass slapping, the names calling, even the boobs grabbing seemed so painfully pleasant.

That night, after my parents went to bed, she came into my room to hug me while I was still on the computer, wearing a thin shirt and nothing else. The handjob she gave was my last straw of the day, getting me to fall asleep with a deserving fap. As for my morning call (after my parents went to work), it happened an hour before I needed to wake up, and the bed creaking activity worked wonderfully well to sober me up for the rest of the day.

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