Double Happiness

When we first saw each other, our minds told us to do the same thing – not look too long at the new friend. Bernice had introduced us to each other in the noisy karaoke room, the largest one available to celebrate her own birthday. Our eyes only spent a second together before we turned to Bernice, whom was quick to turn away to entertain the other guests.

Me: ‘What are you drinking? Chivas?’
Adeline: ‘Umm.. green tea? I am not really a good drinker.’

In the dancing and singing crowd, we were the only two seated on the bar stools, in front of a wall, in the opposite mood the rest of the room was in. Like me, she only knew two other person at the party and I could tell she was as awkward as I was.

Bernice returned to the table after a while and shoved a rock glass of gold liquid, a blend of Chivas and green tea.

Bernice (shouting): ‘Come on guys! Woohoo! Cheers!’

Her glass knocked loudly against our cups and she was gone the next moment, while Adeline gulped down the whole drink. We quietly sat in the corner until she slipped off the stool, half drunk from the single dose of alcohol.

Adeline: ‘Shit.. I’m drunk so early.’
Me: ‘You’re not suppose to drink it all. She barely took a sip.’
Adeline: ‘Arghh.. ‘

I helped her back on her seat but she jumped off a second later, walking briskly to the door. Not wanting to let her go on her own, I followed. From the door onwards, my arms were around her back and abdomen, holding her till we reached the tattered washroom. A quick point to the toilet bowl and I dashed into the cubicle, just in time to let her Merlion into the stained porcelain shit hole.

Well, I couldn’t blame her when she barfed even more upon seeing the state of the toilet, slumping onto her thighs as her stomach flushed the toxins through her mouth.

Adeline (panting): ‘I’m so sorry to have let you seen this side of me. I really shouldn’t have.. ‘

She closed the door as I patted her back down, partly glad she was recovering. Her hand pulled her dress lower to hide the unintended panty exposure in her sitting position, but I was more concerned about her.

Adeline: ‘Help me up on the toilet.’

I carried her by her waist and let her lie on the tank, face flushed too from my own drink. At the worse possible timing, the sudden standing posture alerted my bladder and it kept me from standing upright.

Me: ‘I need to pee. See you back in the room?’
Adeline: ‘Just do it here la. I need your help to get back to the room.’

I flung her up on her feet and kicked the cover open, fly unzipping like an airplane canopy, and my cock ejected with a fire hose level of ‘water’ power. The long awaited relief sent a shiver down my body and the presence of Adeline did not bother me at all.

Adeline (whispering): ‘J.. ‘
Me: ‘Yeah?’
Adeline: ‘I help you flick.’

Her arms went around my hips too fast for my slow responding brain and my cock was in her grasp next. As she gave it a few nods, it started growing and would not fit through the zipper when she tried to put it back. So, my belt was undone and underwear was tugged lower. Right before she pulled my underwear over my erection, I had to ask.

Me: ‘Do you need to pee too?’

I stopped her movements by the wrists and opened her arms, doing an about-turn to put her in front of the toilet.

Adeline (whispering): ‘I think I need to.’

A glide of my hands up her dress stripped her panties to her knees and she held onto me while she half-squatted to pee. For the first time, the sound of piss was similar to a flowing river, gushing with droplets creating a beautiful splashing noise.

Me: ‘Since you helped me to ‘flick’, I’ll wipe for you.’

An angry jerk of my arm ripped the low-quality, coarse toilet paper from the holder and I folded it twice before bringing it between her legs. One, two swipes from back to front later, I discarded the soiled sheet into the toilet. My fingers did not stop there though. Standing face to face, I continued to run my middle finger between her pussy, causing her to be wetter the more I ‘cleaned’.

Adeline (whispering): ‘Hey.. ‘
Me: ‘Yeah?’
Adeline (whispering): ‘Nothing.’

She held my hard dick and pumped it gently, air-dropping saliva as she jerked me off. One of her legs went on the cover and I began going deeper, sliding along her slit closer and closer till I could put my finger inside.

Adeline: ‘Oh yes.. deeper J.. ‘

I was soon fingering her with my fingers thrusting in their full length inside her pussy, juices coating them thicker with each stroke. The shy-est girl grabbed me by my collar and whispered in the sexiest tone ever, for me to proceed.

Adeline (whispering): ‘Fuck me.’

She turned her back towards me and we moved to the door (of the cubicle) to keep our distance from the toilet. Holding my own cock, I carefully guided it into her pussy and the both of us were in total silence for the discreet entry.

Bernice (shouting): ‘Adeline! Are you inside?!’
Adeline (shouting): ‘Yeah! Why?’
Bernice: ‘You okay? Did you see J? I couldn’t find him.’

Adeline: ‘He’s in here with me.. ‘
Bernice: ‘Oh.. ‘

Just as we were about to.. Well, too much had happened over alcohol and Bernice’s intrusion was perhaps the best thing we could expect.

Bernice (shouting): ‘Have fun guys! I’ll see you back in the room once you’re done.’

Adeline slammed her ass back at me after hearing that and I was shocked, while inside her. Releasing my decent form, I slapped my hands on her waist hard and began thrusting, pounding her in the white spaghetti dress that was hanging around her hips.

Moans fireworked into the air as my dick drilled into her deepest spot, before sliding almost out. The repeated forceful entries really got her screaming loud and there was nothing that could stop us then. It was all just slapping, moaning and heavy breathing sounds.

Her first orgasm released more lubricant for me to go faster, which I took full advantage of and fucked her brains out in asthmatic gasps. ‘Oh fuck! I’m cumming again!’, she whispered loudly as I buried my cock deep in a single thrust. The incoming closure of her pussy sealed around my shaft perfectly, immobilising me for a few seconds before I could move.

After about three orgasms, she got into a frantic state and stepped away from me, giving me a partial shocked face about what I just did to her.

Adeline: ‘You.. you are really crazy!’
Me: ‘I’m sorry. I just couldn’t hold back.’

Her mood changed impossibly fast when she jumped into my arms, pecking me all over the neck as I process what just happened.

Adeline (whispering): ‘If only I can bring you home to fuck every night.. Let’s finish this.’

She squatted down after getting off and plunged my dick into her mouth, sucking it like a lollipop microphone. The twisting of her hand drove me crazy along with her soft tongue caressing the underside, putting me in a high I never felt in a long time.

It only took her two to three minutes before I warned her, and she went berserk with deep throat. I was hanging onto the hanger behind the door for my dear life when my balls shrunk rock hard. The next thing I knew, my mind went blank as the first load jetted out of my cock, consecutive shots draining me as violently as the first shot.

Her tongue teased my cock head as I came and she finally stopped after nothing came out of my twitching rod. She stayed below as she squeezed the last bits out, licking them up and returned to my eye level. A gulp later, she was grinning from ear to ear. The smile on her glowing face looked really satisfied with what she did to me.

We wore out clothes back and went back to the room, where everyone was screaming and dancing their lungs out. This time, in the same corner, I leaned towards Adeline who took the seat. What was different though, was that her dress was higher than normal, and my hands behind my back playing with her juicy cunt.

Bernice: ‘You two horny bunnies!’

With Bernice in front of me, Adeline ran her hand over my groin to show her my semi-erection. The adventurous birthday girl grabbed the barely obvious bulge and whispered to Adeline over my shoulders.

Bernice: ‘Can I have him after the party?’
Adeline: ‘The birthday girl always gets what she wants.’

The high five they exchanged made me felt like a commodity and the party lasted till 1am, and the three of us took the same cab home. Could you guys guess which three I am referring to? We did head home though, to one of ours.

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