Dressed Fun

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It was almost 2am when Mavis decided to call me, giving a perfect finish to the story I just wrote. We met at the coffee shop near her place and there she was, standing and looking aimlessly waiting for my arrival. The cosy stone seats under her void deck had people sleeping on them and we proceeded to a brightly lit stairwell just two floors above another block. She had a cardigan over her floral flare dress and couldn’t looked anymore seductive, especially with that petite frame of hers good for cuddling. I knew it would not take long before something happened.

The 156cm tall girl had just returned home an hour ago and needed some food. So I was invited to join her while she slurped hungrily away on the cup noodles. Her casual sitting position had totally given her glamorous state away and I just stared at the smooth silk panties while she feasted. After the noodles were done, the cup of hot soup went down her throat and I began making my move.

My hand went under her dress and stroked along her protruding cameltoe, as muffled moans came to tell me to wait till she was done. She just couldn’t finish her food in that state and placed it down, at the same time leaning comfortably into the corner of the step she sat. Her hands rested on her raised knees, and had her eyes closed enjoying my gentle touches. Knowing how much she loved to be licked, I went down a step and opened her legs wider, while she pulled her panties to a side for me. My tongue went to work immediately and the opening ceremony of a hard suck at her clit almost caused her to slap my head.

I did not keep her in torment by quickly lapping at her clit, bringing the tip of my tongue up and down that moist slit. The amount of juices leaking was increasing by the minute and she simply tasted good enough for me to slurp it all down. I kept working up and down her pussy as her body arched to my teasing, to a point she couldn’t take it anymore. Going directly down on her wasn’t exactly giving her all the attention, not when I had missed an area that she wouldn’t mind me touching.

Her shoulder straps were lowered to her black bra and the cups went down slightly towards her waist. As much as I wanted to just suckle on her tits, I knew there has to be more than that. I trailed my five fingertips together, gathering them at the areola, stopping before I touched that sensitive tip. I did that for both her breasts, tickling her at the same time causing a little more desire to burn fiercer. Finally, I gave in to the yearning look on her face and planted my lips over one side, sucking lightly before my mouth opened to let my tongue flicked across.

The occasional bumps my teeth gave had turned her on even more by mixing a little hardiness with her soft peaks, moaning growing louder as I continued. The physical response she gave off definitely kept me up and going. I couldn’t get enough of the uncontrollable reaction she had to my mouth. It was just instinctive to keep going until her body went into a shiver that she whispered an orgasm almost came. If only I had kept going..

After both her boobs were covered in my saliva, I adjusted her bra and dress straps back in position, changing to sit behind her with her thighs spread. Both my hands went to her groin and peeled those pink, wet, lips apart, exposing it to the cool air. Mavis leaned on my body with her head on my shoulder, and waited for the next move. How could I keep this girl waiting anymore right?

Very lightly, I touched her clit and pulled my hand away, doing it a few times until she grabbed my wrist to keep it still. It was just so thrilling to push her limits that bit further, to know she loved that I just did. Rubbing her clit slowly, I was fighting hard not to speed up, cause that would be exactly what she wanted. Something in me needed to hear how much she wanted it. I just kept brushing my nails along her clit, for a good couple of minutes.

Mavis (whispering): ‘Stop teasing me anymore.. I want to climax.. ‘
Me (whispering): ‘It took you so long huh.’

I pressed harder onto her clit and circled them faster, not stopping or slowing down at all. Her legs opened and clamped involuntarily at my speed and the muscles in her body was tensing steadily. Before I got tired, she abruptly sat up and held my hand still, as a small wave of pleasure shook her up. While it looked more like she had peed, a similar amount of liquid had exited her pussy to wet my fingers. And halfway into her innocent-looking orgasm, I overpowered her grip on my hand and poked my way an inch into her, thrusting just at her opening that made her weak.

Mavis (whispering): ‘Oh god.. you’re driving me crazy!’

She used the handrails to pull herself just high enough above my lap, and I hastily positioned my dick out of my shorts at her. Sitting back down on my thighs, I held her waist to help her sit down slowly, so no pain would spoil the fun. It didn’t took us long before we realised it was difficult to be fucking in that position, so she stood up again with me inside, and used the railings to support our standing doggie. I had to half-squat while I began pumping my dick into her, and the moans she made was getting more desperate too.

I pulled her hips at me and rammed the breath out of her, watching one of her hands dive between her legs to massage her clit. The next orgasm came much faster and the vacuum in her resulted in an unwanted pause, for my dick was just too overwhelmed by sensitivity to keep moving. As soon as her contractions disappeared, I continued shoving my cock into her, dripping juices onto the concrete floor.

Still a long way from cumming, her legs were giving way and we had to stop before she fell. Mavis took her seat and I stood with my feet apart, on the same steps she was on. Her hand came to hold my dick at her mouth and the scenic view of a disappearing act came on. Her jerking hand and thrusting mouth totally blew my senses off balance and I grabbed onto the handrail tightly for support.

A determination to get me to cum was shining so brightly in her eyes, as she watched how I lost myself to her. It was pure ego to see someone falling prey to her set of skills that she just kept going without giving a chance for me to calm down. It was too late when I felt my balls gathering energy, hinting at the last lap we were at for the night.

Her mouth went deeper down on me and her hands went around my waist, using that bit of recoil to give me a taste of her deep throat. In just two minutes after she went at full speed, I exclaimed unwillingly at the urge to cum and she stopped her lips just under the ‘hood’, letting her hand take over the shotgun barrel. A few more strokes along my raw shaft and the warm spoonful of proteins left the station. It had fired so hard onto her tongue that coincidentally made its way to my pee hole, swirling and sucking my life away.

Before my knees went weak as well, she had made another long trip down my shaft to clean me up and only then I collapsed ungentlemanly onto my bum by her side. Her hand came to my shrinking meat and massaged it, while showing me the cum that her mouth was playing with. She picked up the cold soup above her and drank it down, licking her lips when she was done with it.

Me: ‘You are really good at it.’
Mavis: ‘I know. And you’re good too, in a way you remembered that emotions and the mind games appealed more to girls than just sex.’
Me: ‘What did I do? I thought you said that for my stories.’
Mavis: ‘When you were sucking and licking? It made me felt like a pampered princess.’

She left my dick to hide into my shorts and packed the cup noodles into one neat disposal package. We rested for a few minutes and then made our way home, this time more energetic than before her supper.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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