Drugs and Sex

After our standard love-making session, Kelly and I fell asleep on her bed. That intense night came from the ‘little’ sip of alcohol which I didn’t handled well, driving my hormones up the wall. I only had one shot, but due to the drink, it well lasted as long as an average Vigra. As my eyes closed wearily, those random thoughts about the breathtaking experience earlier accompanied me into slumber.

It didn’t feel long before a raging headache came and as we all know, aspirin and water would do the job. The moment I stepped out of Kelly’s room, the sight of her younger sister caught my eye.

Kim: ‘Wow. Are you okay?’

Me: ‘Not really. You’re Kim right?’

Kim: ‘Yeah. I think you should just sit down here. Umm. Panadol?’

Me: ‘Yeah. Thanks.’

The alcohol stench was still on me, probably transferred from Kelly’s body to mine. Kim didn’t take long to return and I popped the standard white pill into my mouth. Gulping down water to flush my system clean.

Me: ‘Thanks again Kim.’

As I headed back into the room, I thought I saw her popping the same pill into her mouth before swallowing. Anyway, I crashed back into the bed and my head was beginning to cloud once again. After a long moment, I realised I couldn’t fall into deep sleep, but felt somewhat light and very positive. Exactly like I knew I was doing something right! Wait. What did I feel again?

Light from the door gap flooded my vision as it creaked open. There was another problem bigger than this. Blood was rushing downwards too, and I knew I had to calm down. A dark figure then stopped right at my head, beside the bed.

Kim: ‘Shhh..

She slid her hand under the blankets and began stroking my stunned penis. After a while, she decided to find out for herself if I were at my biggest, using her mouth of course. Her head disappeared beneath the sheets and the warmness was soothing. It felt like it had been ignored for a long time, and this is its first rising. The speed she went at was moderate, not too fast to trigger any misfire, nor too slow beyond my comfort.

After that, she climbed onto the bed and lay over my body, whispering the sexiest *Mmm.. * into my ears. Her body then climbed over mine, and without much effort, I could feel her relaxed muscles coating juices over my little tensed one. The moment of truth came when she started riding me. It wasn’t wild nor rigid, just sliding her hips up and down across my groin, feeling the tip of my member hitting her G-spot and savouring the brush of my bloodshot shaft against her walls within.

On my side, I wasn’t even sure if I were alive, or in heaven. The feeling was out of this world, as though I was constantly cumming. On and on for as long as she went. Kelly was dead drunk and asleep, not even any movements throughout the whole time. After what seems forever, she got tired and pasted her sticky bod on mine.

Me: ‘My turn now.’

She took over my spot on the bed and supported herself on fours, taking the cue as full control was mine, I twirled my dick head around her anal door before ramming it into her pussy, not intending to give her a break. I bet Kim must have felt what I felt, but had even more intense on-going orgasms.

The *piak piak piak* sound went on and on, sometimes with her culling like an innocent slut, well, I don’t even know how that term came together. All along, I was surprised how her drunk sister could sleep through that bouncing on bed. And talking about surprises, my dick lasted longer than my drunken sex. How is that even..?

As the clock chimed four, my little cock says go. I was ready to, but definitely not into this little hot thing.

Kim: ‘Stop stop. I can’t take it anymore.. ‘

Like yeah! Isn’t it time? I pulled it out of her and her tiny frame collapsed face first onto the pillow.

Me: ‘Kim, where do I.. ?’

She caught my dick with her hands before turning her smiling face towards me. Pointing my dick at her sister, I thought it was a good idea too. As Kim jerked me off, I lowered her jaw and spill my load into her, after I was done, Kim took her panties and caught the drippy drippy with it.

Watching Kelly for a response was fun, and could never prepare for that moment she swallowed. As my high was over, I got into bed with Kelly beside me, and Kim on me, snoozing off to the next morning. Drowsily, she mumured what I wished I didn’t know.

Kim (mumuring) : ‘You like the ICE?’

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