Eve and Nicholas met for the first time, ever since they knew each other online, they had been constantly texting. Just texting. Well, they did plan to meet a few times, and Eve even played him out. There was once she was at Habourfront, and so was Nicholas, she walked him around and gave him details about her dress code, but had no intention to even let him see her. So that was it.

This time, they’ve planned to go for a flea market at Singapore’s Art Museum, or many of us would know as SAM. Meeting at Dhoby Ghaut, the two of them held hands and walked there. They are not in a relationship, nor even that close as friends (since it’s their first meeting), they are meeting as no-strings-attached. Nothing of those meet-for-sex kind, in fact, the opposite. Their texts contains traces of playfulness and respect, with a slight tinge of sexuality for Nicholas’ interest in erotica.

It was a flea for artists, to sell their wares, also for blogshop owners to ‘clear their wardrobe’. The area covering the market wasn’t huge, but nothing too disappointing either. Eve finally decided on a Japanese robe style dress(?), finished with floral designs in a brown satin cloth which made her so excited she couldn’t wait to be in it. The weather was definitely a killer, sweltering not just the formally dressed. Nicholas’ attire was quite a match to Eve’s white tank top and hot pants, in shorts and a singlet, showing off his muscular army build. The whole time, Nicholas had been feasting his eyes on this fair-skinned innocent little girl, catching glimpse of her black bra, occasionally visible in the right light. I guess it’s the nature in guys to creatively imagine girls without clothes, or in their lingeries.

Nicholas accompanied her to the ladies on the second floor, one which was far from the crowd, so she doesn’t have to hold her urgency for too long. After a fifteen minute wait, she appeared in the very top she bought, with the strapped black heels she wore earlier.

Eve: ‘This robe isn’t long nor short. It wouldn’t look too obscene without my pants right?’

Nicholas could hide his glee but not the rising hardness. Which guy would complain about a girl wearing too suggestively? Especially when she is your friend to be proud off.

Nicholas: ‘I think it looks great on you. Very fitting.’

Here’s the thin line, Eve wasn’t his girlfriend, whom if she was, he wouldn’t allow her to walk around in that, tempting guys to visually rape her. So, thankfully(?) she isn’t. So this pair of hunky guy and sexy babe prowls around the building, visiting exhibits which no one goes to, because of the flea and a few other events around the basement.

Nicholas led Eve hand in hand into a bend which leads to a dead end after another turn. The walkway was quite dark as it faces away from the sun, hidden by the nearby trees. Finally, the turn which Nicholas was waiting for came about and he held her hands tighter.

Nicholas: ‘I told you I would get naughty in private places right?’

Eve: ‘Huh?’

Eve wasn’t surprised but not expecting it right there either, rather, she felt worried about the location. Nicholas left her against the wall he pinned her on and scouted around looking for cameras or unlocked doors, in case anyone appears suddenly. The next move Nicholas did isn’t recommended to anyone as it was a huge risk including a police record. Nicholas slammed his lips on hers and sucked lightly, keeping her close to his face.

The whiff of Eve’s perfume only fueled his horniness and urged his tongue between her light pink delicious looking lips. His hands started to roam at her 23 inches waist and slowly pulling the draw strings of her robe.

Now, please note that Eve was only a fifteen year old, innocent and only knew the dictionary style sex, nothing more, nothing wild. Though she did read some kinky stories recommended by Nic, she didn’t understood most of it, since ‘pleasure’ was nothing more than a word of addiction.

Under the rope was the bra, now strapless, and a pair of peach-coloured thongs. Her body was so perfect there wasn’t any fats ‘squeezed’ out of her bra nor thongs, or it should be put in another way, the bra and thongs, conformed to her figure. It was the first time Nicholas came across a body so firm.

It was the most awkward moment for braless Eve as she lifted her calves backwards for him to strip her final piece of undies off.

Nicholas: ‘You’re so hot.’

Eve: ‘Why am I naked in public?’

Nicholas: ‘No you’re not. You look best this way.’

His warm hands held her body close and with one, he cupped her breast, gently giving it a squeeze. His fingers then rested on the base, evenly spread open as he tickled her hill, ending with five fingers on her nipples.

With two fingers, he pressed onto her pink point and twisted them around. His eyes were fixated on her lips and eyes, monitoring for pleasure, if not horniness. The other hand, around her waist, glided down her baby smooth slit before her hand stopped it.

Eve: ‘It’s too fast.’

His fingers on her nipple pinched harder and the other hand joined in the fun too, making her tiptoe and breath deeply. It was clear what she felt.

Eve: ‘What are you doing to me? I feel so numb in the head.’

She felt her slit getting wetter, and it was calling out for something. Her face turned red and her hands were grabbing his arms tightly.

Eve: ‘I think I’m getting wet down there.’

Nicholas’ bulge almost exploded as her whisper entered his ears. His fingers swiftly made way between the legs and all Eve could do was to make sure he wasn’t too rough, or break anything. There was no more energy in her to resist what’s about to come. The tip of Nicholas’ middle finger pushed forward, meeting the tiny clit, oiled by her virgin spill of love syrup. His constant rubbing drove Eve close to fainting, but the waves of liquid down her legs kept Nicholas going.

Suddenly footsteps were heard behind Eve’s heavy breathing and Nicholas paused. Listening quietly for the distant mumbling to go away.

While Nicholas was at the edge of the square pillar, pressing onto Eve’s tiny body, listening hard, her hands were on his shorts, near the elastic release. The pair of naughty hands slid inside and felt around for the bulge under the boxers. It didn’t take long for the throbbing to guide them under his boxers and around his hot shaft.

Eve (whisper): ‘You can get wet too?’

): ‘Pre-cum.’

Eve’s hand started stroking his three quarter foot long tool, up and down, all the way from his pee hole to the sack, using the pre-cum as lubricant. Now, it’s Nicholas’ turn to have problems holding his moans in. Once in a while, gossips about guys Eve had with her friends would touch on such topics, that explains her knowledge of masturbation methods for guys.

It merely took Nicholas ten minutes to reach climax and the vigorous tapping of Eve’s hand did not stop her. He knelt on the floor from the weakened knees and Eve took his dick out of his shorts, giving him a graceful five seconds to catch his breath.

She resumed her forceful massage and finished him off with her last ounce of energy as she felt the pumps working in his shaft. Luckily for Nicholas, her hands were worn out to tease his limp, sensitive meat slab.

They sat there for a while, and he covered Eve’s body up, tying the string back without her bra and thongs.

Eve: ‘What about my bra and panties?’

Nicholas: ‘We’ll walk to the MRT like this. If you don’t like it, we can stop at city hall and let you wear them back.’

Eve: ‘Deal.’

She didn’t wear them back, but the stream running down her legs were hard to conceal from those admirers, which anyone could guess what ran through their minds as they watch this girl get wet from public stares.

Slutty? I prefer kinky.

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