Roxy couldn’t help it anymore, the thoughts of fucking her own younger brother had been ringing loudly in her mind the past few days, especially after she caught a glimpse of his hard on through his boxers. That night, she was in the dining, sitting alone pondering about the day of work when she saw her 15 year old brother, James, walking to the fridge and taking a sip off his mug. In the silhouette, his bulge was so protruding that whatever he did turned her on so much that she got wet on the spot. Not spotting his own sister in the corner, he took his dick out and left it bouncing in the air as he finished his drink and went back to his room. The scent of his.. manhood got into her head and it was the best energy shot she got that night. Age had already threw itself out of the window, the six years difference only created the time abundance for her sexual knowledge to gain ahead of his.

This night, was one which she could not get any sleep thanks to her brother’s exposure, and she sat at the table once again, trying to distract herself with school work and projects. Right then, the door creaked opened again, with James walking to the fridge with yet another hard on. DAMN! Roxy was so sure her thoughts were so loud he could hear, but he just help walking, opening that fridge and taking his mug out for a sip. Finally giving in to her body’s command, she tip toed behind the door and waited for that ‘moment’. Putting his hand into the boxers again, he left his dick hopping for the second time and Roxy came up behind him with her arms around his waist, reaching right for his throbbing cock.

Stumbling a few steps backwards, James was trying to push her away until she managed to subdue him with the continuous stroking on his shaft till he knelt on the floor in a doggy style, except that it was his sister behind him.

James (whispered loudyly): ‘Jie! What the heck are you doing?!’

Roxy: Shhh…

He sat on the floor and let her did what she wanted, after which she changed her position on her knees before him as he sat with his legs open. She bent forward and gave him a blowjob, the first blowjob of his life. Her tongue glided beneath his shaft as her hand held her testicles firmly, pushing her head as deep as she could, the involuntary contractions of her throat was making him squeal and twitch uncontrollably. Increasing her pace with the gradual comfort of the size, he could feel the sudden tension in his balls, scrabbling the yummy semen ready.

James: ‘Jie! I’m cumming!’

Roxy carried on and the increased the speed she swallowed his dick, engaging a little choke as his little head exploded and splashed the juicy cum into her mouth, filling her up fast and she had no choice but to swallow every drop of it. Once he was emptied and exhausted, she gave him a weak smile while wiping her lips with the back of her hands, like a tiger had finished its lunch. Or was it just the appetizer? Quickly she bent forward again and resumed the sucking on his sensitive head, sending him into a frenzy on the cold tiled floor. Within minutes, he recovered enough of his energy to handle her skilful blowjob while kneeling on the floor with his hands on her head.

Soon, the full size returned and she guided him to lie on the floor. Climbing atop of him, she straddled herself over him and it went right in that ever smoothly, citing a perfect fit between the two siblings. With care, Roxy began to ride back and forth, while James kneaded her 32C pair of breasts with love, sucking on them while doing sit ups. Soon, their hips were moving in synchronisation, with James ramming into her while she pressed her hips onto him. By then, Roxy had already lost her mind, riding her own little brother like a jockey going for the first place. It wasn’t that long before she had to collapse from the endless rounds of orgasms.

Energy running out like doing 2.4km runs, each of her orgasms took longer to arrive as tiredness caught up with her. With that strong determination to cum at least one more time, her pussy tightened and remained that way while she rose and descended on his dick, which felt like prying through thick meat in every thrust he made. The lengthen duration of his ejaculation had gotten too long for comfort too, and the both of them had the same thing in mind – to cum together.

Slowly increasing their pace, the slapping and squishing sounds got louder, yet safe from their deep-asleep parents. Finally, with a tight clenched on Roxy’s fist, James drove his hard cock into her like a machine gun going crazy, till the warm load of sperms poured freely into her womb, ever soothing though little. She fell onto his body like a little baby as her PC muscles took a few minutes to regain control and pick herself up. Looking at the spent little brother of James, she helped him up and had a shower with him before going back to bed, ready to tuck in for the night.

Since then, she knew she would have access to unlimited sex whenever she wanted, with a brother she loved so much that will never hurt her in any way. Once you crossed the line, you will never want to turn back. Right?

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