First Working Night

Walking out of her house, Hazel adjusted her black spaghetti strap dress to make sure her panty-less butt was not exposed. It was her first night to work in a pub and the manager had requested her to come in whatever revealing clothes she could, so customers would be willing to tip her on top of her hourly basic pay. For a Malay girl who usually wore traditional clothes which covered most of her facial features, there was little worry about bumping into someone she knew. It was the first time she had gone underwearless, for the sake of earning a bit more that night.

The train ride was as uncomfortable as it could get with the evening crowd and she even felt a guy pressing his private parts on her ass, seemingly ‘normal’ with the sardine packed situation. For starter, she had remained silent about it and even let her body moved to the swerving of the train to grind the guy a little. Although it was merely for fun and getting used to being felt up, it was nothing compared to what she was about to go through.

Moments after she signed in to the lowly lit pub, Hazel was led into a room where two Chinese guys were drinking to the loud karaoke playing from the TV. The girls took one side each, sitting opposite each other while the guys remained side-by-side to smoke and clang their beer cups together.

Guy (shouting): ‘What’s your name?’
Hazel (whispering into ear): ‘Hazel. You?’
Guy (shouting): ‘Jacky. You look new here.’
Hazel (whispering into ear): ‘I am. Treat me well k?’

He gave her a thumbs up and poured her a glass of Bacardi mixed with Coke. Hazel had never taken alcohol in view of her religion but knew it was unavoidable in this line. She sipped a little and was pulled into Jacky’s arms, singing to the lyrics on the screen.

After a few glasses, she was getting tipsy and got more daring with him, sitting on his lap while she sang into the microphone. Jacky’s hands weren’t behaving as well, roaming up and down her thighs while his friend got busy with the other girl. He knew what was about to happen and sent a text to the manager, who quickly switched the room to a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode and flipped the button to change the transparent glass door to an opaque setting.

With Hazel drunk and high on the L shaped couch, Jacky reached his hand under her skirt and took advantage of the situation, rubbing on her pussy that was warm with moisture. The other girl took things differently and was seen bent over his groin, sucking Jacky’s friend off while he rested his head lazily.

Under the blasting music and privacy of the room, the guys were free to do anything and the girls knew extra cash were going into their pockets – or bra. Seeing how the other girl was pleasing her client, Hazel whispered into Jacky’s ear and he undid his belt, lowering his pants just enough to expose his dick to her.

With only the experience of sucking one guy off, she jumped at the chance and engulfed his dick into her mouth. At first, the half-hard size confused her, but the knowledge of alcohol’s effect on a human body soon made her understood why. Holding a mouthful of the coke in her mouth, she went down on him again and he groaned excitedly, chugging on his beer while her lips stroked up and down his shaft.

Jacky (shouting): ‘You are good!’

Hearing that compliment, she gave him a few deep throat moves and pulled her mouth away to rinse the taste with the Bacardi mix. From the corner of her eyes, she watched how her partner bent over on the sofa and just stayed still, while the other guy did the rest of the work pulling her skirt up.

Hazel (whispering into ear): ‘I have never done it with other guys before, only my boyfriend.’
Jacky (shouting): ‘Don’t worry. It will only feel better with me.’

She climbed on the sofa and got into doggie, feeling the guy flipped her dress up and tugging the straps off her shoulders. After that, his penis tip stroked along her slit a few times to get the natural lubricant all over the necessary parts, and the first inch found its way into her. The stretching of her pussy was a little painful, but it disappeared as he let the rest of the length in, thrusting in controlled pace. In under a minute, his hips were banging against her butt and the adrenaline was pumping through her body to tune her hormones to the max.

Never did she expect to feel so good from another dick and the energetic guy rammed her senseless, enough to take away the guilt and doubts of her line of work. Halfway, he stopped and took a minute to roll a condom over his dick, bringing Hazel to the fact that she should have asked him to cap on before doing her. But what done was done, Jacky remembered it and went back to work after rolling it on, thrusting vigorously into his bonk of the night.

Once Hazel felt sore from the fierce fucking, she pleaded for him to stop and made him sit down. Her feet went beside his waist opened and she sat over his dick, which she had guided it inside her willingly. Making small hops over that erection, she squeezed her pussy tightly together and felt the huge rod brushing across all of her sensitive spots. Her friend was fast to follow her and the men fed on the twin bouncing breasts hungrily.

The girls were so high from fucking their customers that they held hands to maintain the same tempo, moaning and screaming from the orgasms their huge dicks were giving. Jacky was totally blown away by her enthusiasm that he felt satisfied even before cumming.

Jacky (shouting): ‘I am shooting!’
Hazel: ‘Wait wait.. a while more.. ‘

She landed hard on his lap and then hugged his face in her boobs, shaking uncontrollably as an orgasm drained the last bit of energy from her. Jacky was so close to cumming into her tight pussy but she did not trigger it yet, lasting enough for a little surprise from her.

She got up slowly and kneeled between his feet, ripping the condom away to caress it.

Hazel: ‘Where do you think I will let you cum?’
Jacky: ‘On your breasts?’

She tugged the dick downwards and sent it into her mouth, holding it within and twirled on the tip with her tongue. Her puffing and collapsing cheeks created a blowjob effect and as she took his balls in her hand, she was timing for the final moment. The three minutes of weird oral cost him blue balls, and just as he was getting desperate, she sank her lips right down to his base and initiated the few shallow strokes of deep throat.

Jacky screamed out ‘fuck fuck!’ and his hips jerked forward for the first load to flood her mouth. Hazel kept his dick in with a light suck and felt the pressure in her mouth being relieved by the erupting cock. After the last drop was vacuumed dry, the following tease of her tongue on his pee hole drove him crazy enough to pull her away.

Keeping her in his arms, she stroked his shrinking rod until it had went back behind his foreskin.

Guy: ‘Jacky, had a lot of fun huh? Lucky bastard.’

As he said that to him, the girl appointed to Jacky’s friend was still sucking him off, clearing his chamber in mere seconds after the sentence. The men bumped their fists together and the girls helped their customers got dressed.

Jacky: ‘I will usually ask to bring the girls home. But for you, you’ve really satisfied me unlike the others. I admit I am too tired for anymore sex tonight.’

The men took out their wallets and Hazel received a few more pieces of blue notes from Jacky. Her friend went home with the other guy and Jacky left the room alone. Her manager came in after the customers paid their bills and congratulated her on her first night.

Manager: ‘So how much did you earn?’

Remembering that she had not checked, she counted the wad of notes and raised four fingers. For a beginner, four hundred dollars was a lot, and the manager let her rest in one of the staff’s room until the first bus started service.

Manager: ‘Will I see you again tonight?’
Hazel: ‘Yeah. But I’ll come later. I want to sleep more so I can handle work later.’
Manager: ‘Good good. Have a good rest at home.’

She went home on bus and let the other few male passengers looked up her dress as she slept on the journey, bra and dress straps all falling off her shoulders to add to the visual feast of the men aboard.

For Hazel, she had taken her first step to lead a separate lifestyle apart from her religious family, and stocked up money in huge amounts every night of her job. As for how long can someone last in this line, I would safely say that no matter the girl’s age, there would always be a market of men for them.

Now, can you guys spot which of your female friends have double lifestyle that you will never imagine them to have?

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