Fixing His Erection

After a dinner with his wife, Winn (initial W for Wife) and sister-in-law, Yin, Max was alone with his in law while his wife did the dishes. Sitting in front of the TV, she whispered softly to him, about a problem she had caught wind of.

Yin (whispering): ‘Eh.. I heard you got problem getting hard ah?’
Max (whispering): ‘Who told you that? Winn ah?’
Yin (whispering): ‘Yeah. She just said you have a problem down there. Didn’t say much after.’

He was confused about what she just asked as he did not find any problems with it. No matter how he tried to change the topic, she was pestering him to tell her the truth but there was nothing he was going to say. Yin was the older sister of his wife, about 32 years old while he and Winn was at the same age of 30. She had yet to marry but no one in the family was making noises.

Max and Winn had been living in bliss ever since their marriage and he had never heard of her complaining about his erections. Now, a third party had questioned him out of the blue and he did not know what was happening.

Yin wore a normal one piece tank top dress that hid most of her thighs, truly nothing attractive about her outfit. But her figure, was something that men would take a quick peek at, often spotting the visible panty and bra lines showing underneath. Winn was much sexier in her dressing and would wear lesser when the married couple went out on dates. They had made plans only to have children two years later and she was put on the pill.

Winn: ‘I am done. I’ll go take a shower first.’
Yin: ‘Okay.’

Seeing that her sister was gone, the curiosity got the better of her and she started poking deeper at his ‘problem’.

Yin: ‘You want to show it to me? I have fixed quite a few friends who had the same problem. Nothing shameful about it, and we are family.’
Max: ‘No thanks. I will talk to her.’
Yin: ‘Don’t don’t.. she doesn’t know I asked you.’
Max: ‘Okay.’

He took off into the bedroom where his wife was showering and Yin felt a little guilty for asking too much. After a minute, his wife exited the bathroom naked and slipped on the silky night gown, where her nipples poked at.

Winn: ‘What did you two talk about? So secretive.’
Max: ‘Nothing.’
Winn: ‘Say.. don’t keep anything from me.’
Max: ‘Did you tell her I have problems with my dick?’

Yin had heard their conversations and went straight to their room, denying that she did so. The wife went to sit next to him and let off a long breath before speaking.

Winn: ‘Yes, I told her that you have a problem. Cause you are hard all the time. I am afraid you will find someone else when I am at work. I’d rather you fuck my sister than cheat on me.’
Max: ‘What the hell are you talking about? I have never thought about other women.’
Winn: ‘I know. But Yin has been thinking about you. I know that.’

She glared at her sister who was darting her eyes everywhere in embarrassment. The frequent visits at unusual timing, wearing so seductively (for a dinner at a family’s house), over-friendly attitude and constant questions at their sex life. It all made sense suddenly.

Winn pushed her husband down onto the bed and sat on top of his abs, preventing him from moving.

Winn: ‘Mei, go check if he has a problem.’

She silently went behind Winn and tugged the shorts down, exposing his underwear that had a hard on. She did not stop just there though, lowering that piece of cloth down his legs. The urge to just touch him was too great to resist.

Winn: ‘What are you doing? Why don’t you give him a thorough check?’

Max couldn’t believe how lucky – or unlucky, he was. His wife actually allowed her sister to lay hands on him? The astonished look disappeared once his dick came in contact with her fingers, and the gradual strokes sent him weak. Winn moved her pussy towards his mouth and sat lightly, allowing his tongue to lap her pussy like a dog.

The threesome got out of hand quickly when he caught a few glimpse of Yin stripped her panties out of her dress, and went to lie adjacent to his hips. His tongue got faster once his dick felt a warm and wet mouth going over it and he gave up thinking about the consequences. The sucking on Winn’s clit got stronger as Yin went faster.

Winn: ‘Don’t just suck him. He had a lot from me already.’

The quiet lady went over his abs and hugged her sister, apologising for all she had done. They went emotional all of a sudden and heartwarming conversations went on while her pussy engulfed his dick in a tight, black hole.

Yin: ‘I will love him the same way you did.’
Winn: ‘No.. I don’t need you to love him. Just keep him satisfied when I am not around.’

What did Max just hear? Was he in a dream? It must be. Yin’s hands went under his wife’s dress and caressed her breasts, moving her hips to ride him at the same time. With the three of them groaning and moaning, no one had second thoughts about the orgy that was happening.

Winn: ‘My turn now.’

The sister got up to let her sit over his dick and a gasp was heard from Max. He had gotten much bigger than usual from the two-on-one partnership. Winn grinded him like no tomorrow, letting his dick push all of her buttons. Yin did not just watch them go at it, she went over his mouth and had a taste of his tongue, flicking non-stop at the moaning ladies. The sisters played with each other’s breasts and came at the same time, wetting his lips and balls together.

Winn: ‘Are you on birth control?’
Yin: ‘No. I don’t have anyone to do with anyway. But I can’t have kids. That’s why no one rushed me to get married.’
Winn: ‘Dear, cum in her today k? Don’t say no.’

The three of them took a short break and his sister-in-law got on her fours, with Winn under her, still playing with her boobs. Max flipped her dress up and shoved his cock mercilessly at her, pumping with all his speed and vigour. For starters, there was no way Yin was used to it and came continuously after the first orgasm in this position.

Max (groaning): ‘I am shooting!’

Yin bit her teeth together to show her sister how she squeezed and made Max screamed out loud. His dick was going through the toughest challenge ever to cum into that tight hole. About five thrusts later, the interconnected couple froze and shivered, savouring the ‘warming’ moment where his cum heated the neglected pussy up.

She fell onto her sister and let the dick slipped out on its own. Max laid beside them and they took one side each, cuddling him like a bolster.

Winn (whispering): ‘Don’t find other girls k?’
Max (whispering): ‘I won’t.’
Winn: ‘Don’t just ignore Yin also. I know you won’t find her even if I allowed you to. But my dear is a understanding husband right? She has her needs too.’
Max: ‘We will find each other if any of us needs it k? Love you.’
Yin (whispering): ‘Thank you both.’
Max: ‘Okay.. Let’s sleep. Tomorrow is Saturday. We will spend the day together as a family k?’

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