Foreign Connection

Girl: ‘Excuse me, are you guys hiring?’
Me: ‘Yeah! Are you interested?’
Girl: ‘I am. But do you guys need any educational qualifications?’
Me: ‘Not really. Do you have an ID or passport?’

She fished her wallet out from her tote bag and handed her blue IC to me. Emma, 1991, U.S.A. Frankly speaking, I had no idea why she chose to apply for work here, so I had to ask.

Girl: ‘To be honest, I was adopted by a family whose agenda was for me to work as a sex slave. There were five of us around my age. When they were training us to perform and do those dirty acts, I managed to escape. Since they cannot report me knowing what they have done. I need a job, so I can get a place to stay.’
Me: ‘Have you gone to the police?’
Emma: ‘No. I’m actually grateful to have a citizenship here. It’s just sad that no one suspected how wide-spread this is because of the nice image Singapore portrayed.’

I made a call to boss without the specifics, and she was allowed to start immediately. As it was a non-working day for housekeeping, she finished her work quickly from the experiences she got at home, practically done every chore herself.

Just as I finished carrying the cartons of soft drinks into the storage, she creeped up behind me and hugged me.

Emma (whispering): ‘Thank you.’
Me: ‘Hey. It’s cool. Boss agreed. So I guess you’re in.’
Emma: ‘No really. I’m very grateful. Can I repay you for the favour?’
Me: ‘Of course, how about taking the morning shifts so I can come in later?’

Her fingers wriggled into my jeans and I immediately took her hand out. That wasn’t how I pictured ‘favour’ to be, and she’s probably just working here till she found a better place. I couldn’t bring myself to make any physical promises.

The 1.6m girl pushed me up the racks once I turned around, forcing herself on my neck, breathing and pecking while her hands ran up my shirt. I pushed her back with ease and she fell on her butt, where I then quickly carried her up and returned to the bar.

Emma: ‘Why wouldn’t you want it? I thought guys would not turn down any sexed-up girls.’
Me: ‘Look. This is where I work, and you’re my colleague. No matter what background you come from, I got you the job you needed to turn your life around. I’m not going to ruin it here.’

Standing a few feet away, she raised her tank top over her head and a pink strapless bra hid her assets. A quickly motion with her hands behind her back dropped the bra and her shorts were tugged down her skinny legs before I could pick her shirt up.

Emma (whispering): ‘You’ve given me a chance. And.. I made a promise to myself. That I’ll belong to anyone who helped me start a new life. I’m just grateful it’s you.’

Helpless, I let her undo my belt and jeans, shirt coming off easily as I did not resist. This girl had been hurt enough, and perhaps through the next part, I could show her the way out.

After I was naked, I stopped her before she got down on her knees.

Emma: ‘Want me to do something else?’
Me: ‘Help me open the sofa bed.’

As if it was normal, we opened the sofa up and laid on the mattress, with her hands roaming all over my body.

Emma: ‘Shall I suck first?’
Me: ‘Nope.’

I turned on my sides and kissed her, frenching with just the tip of my tongue while she tried to make it wilder. Holding myself back, I did not let it turn into a tongue fight, kissing passionately while my fingers dived between her legs.

Emma (whispering): ‘This is awesome. I’ve never kissed like that.’

As I sunk my finger into her pussy, her hips twitched and her lips parted from mine. Turning all the attention to her pussy, she took my other hand and sucked on the fingers.

Emma (moaning): ‘Touch me like that.. I love it.’

Her hands too, had reached my dick and began pumping it to its full size. After a while, I stopped the petting and rotated myself around. So I was lying on her thigh and she was lying on mine. Playfully working my tongue on her clit, she took my dick in her mouth and sucked on it gently. It was as though she was sucking a tube of toufu. So delicate, yet confidently.

That sexy scent of body wash at her crotch was unforgettable. She looked so clean without a single bit of hair and the smoothness.. her pubs were permanently removed. Once I heard the choking sounds, her head was pushed out of the way and I returned to the proper position on the bed.

Emma: ‘Can I go first this time?’

I gave a short chin-up shake of my head and she climbed on top, looking all pretty with her blonde, brownish hair combed behind her ears.

Emma: ‘Do you happen to have.. a condom?’

I pointed to my bag by the side and she dragged it to me, where that silver wrapped protection was taken out from my wallet. She held the rubber loop outside her pussy and sat over my dick, stretching the condom as she slowly slid over me.

Emma: ‘Nice and tight. You fit comfortably inside me.. ‘

Once I made sure the condom was in place, the excited new staff began riding me, rocking her hips with her hands on her thighs, enjoying herself. In between one of her orgasms, she laid on my chest and told me her ambition.

Emma (whispering): ‘I’m going to be your little girl.’

After a while, I got her off me and made her lie missionary, legs lifted to her waist and pushed onto the bed. Piercing my dick slowly into her, every inch of her vagina can be felt squeezing me bit by bit. Unable to comprehend my delay, her feet was trying to hurry me up.

As soon I was inside, she was wishing for me to stop. Pounding loudly with echoes around the cafe, her legs couldn’t be spread any wider. I was so deep into her her eyes constantly rolled white, screaming untold pleasures into the air.

Emma: ‘I’m cumming again.. oh noooo.. ‘

A powerful jet of cum squirted onto my abs, pouring freely onto the floor. Her pussy went into shock and closed itself to a point I couldn’t pull out. Since I was stuck, I continued ramming her feeble body, till she felt my rod harden.

Emma: ‘You’re gonna cum with me!’

I pulled out suddenly and she held my arms desperately, pleading for me to put it back in.

Me: ‘Am I going to cum with you?’
Emma: ‘Sorry master. You can cum anytime and anywhere you want. I’ve long been addicted to sex since they began training me. Those long days of non-stop orgasms.. ‘
Me: ‘Where would you like me to cum?’
Emma: ‘Umm.. frankly, I’ve never seen cum before. They would make us imagine that water is cum, and filled us up with it, swallow it through a thick pipe, but I’ve never come in contact with any.’
Me: ‘On your hands then. Make this worth it.’

She went quiet and sat between my legs, rubbing her juices over her palms and began with the handjob. As I groaned in pleasure, she was exploring the different parts of my dick. Where to touch, where it got the most response, and how to get me to cum.

Five minutes past, and without any complains of tiredness, I was about to end too. Telling her about the progress, she pumped her fist faster, but holding on with a light grip. On and on she went, paying close attention to the balls that were in her fingers, and my body’s reaction.

Finally, she saw my belly tucking in and one of her hand cupped over the tip while the other continued jerking. The eruption surprised her as the warmth filled the grooves between her fingers, oozing for as long as she kept stroking.

Me: ‘It’s getting too sensitive Emma, let me go.’

She gradually slowed down and opened her hand, where the load of sticky cum got her curiosity. Giving it a lick, she smiled as I got more confused. Astonished, she slurped up my cum like half-boiled eggs, licking her palm as if it was that good.

Me: ‘It’s not salty or bitter?’
Emma: ‘It’s a little salty. I’ve had worse. They always told me it tasted like vinegar or raw eggs. I kinda like yours.’

She washed her hands thoroughly and came back to help me with my clothes. For the rest of the evening, we went shopping and dinner. After which she came over to my rented apartment, where we started spending the rest of our work stint having intense, passionate sex with each other.

Oh yes, she never got used to wearing panties no matter if she wore skirts or shorts. Which made everything easier whenever we saw a corner discreet enough for outdoor sex.

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