Forgotten Panties

‘I forgot my panties!’

Joanne whispered loudly to her friends. They didn’t seem to give much of a hoot though. Her friends were more of those ‘lian’ kind. Probably been braless and panty-less for a long time before her. And that was how wild her friends were. Let’s leave those girls for some other time.

That day, she had a few lessons before PE and it was common for school girls to be wearing FBTs beneath their skirt, probably disliking the ‘official’ school shorts. Joanne usually did her sports in shorts, without underwear since her FBTs already had a lining inside. As usual, she clinched a silver for NAPFA and went to shower before the crowd gathers.

Only when she flipped around her clothes then she realized she forgot to bring her panties. And now, no one can help her out. Clipping her skirt on, she straightened her uniform, combed her hair and exited the toilet, with her bag across her thighs, covering the insecurity beneath the light blue skirt.

Classes resumed after recess and walking up the stairs was the worse experience for her. Joanne’s skirt was far from legal length and anyone who bent low enough could tell what colour she wore, or if she wore any to begin with. Because it’s still a place for learning, no one would camp just to catch a glimpse of the flashing.

Then right there a Malay guy, Azmi, caught sight of her bare pussy at the lower end of the stairs. He admired her pussy lips splitting slightly with every step she took, finally turning around at the top. No one could have seen a vagina in that light, perfectly smooth, beautifully blessed on a sweet young body.

He kept his boner to himself while thinking of getting a little fun out of this lucky sight. Azmi wasn’t in Joanne’s class, but Chinese girls always seem impossible to get for Malays. Yet minahs seem to fall for Chinese so easily. Frustrated by that and empowered by the little extortion, he waited for school to end before approaching Joanne. Since they were in the same class before, it wasn’t hard to call out to her.

Azmi: ‘Joanne!’

She turned towards him and walked as gestured to. What could he possible want with her?

Joanne: ‘Yes?’

Azmi: ‘I know that you didn’t wear panties today. And I’m going to tell the whole school, unless.. Hmm..’

Joanne: ‘Unless?’

This silly girl could have walked away and gone home. Since it was only a moment of forgetfulness, no one would believe Azmi. But the wrong clock ticked and she was actually afraid the school would know. Not like anyone could verify that she WAS panty-less that day.

Azmi: ‘Follow me.’

She tagged behind him into the D&T workshops which were at the end of the schools, unvisited unless having classes. He dropped his pants and his circumcised penis sprang free.

Joanne was really stunned. It was the first time she saw a live dick so hard, totally different from the sagging one in her biology textbook. But what does he want with her? Just exposing himself? She knew clearly it was blackmail, but he had something on her.

Azmi: ‘Give me a blowjob and I’ll keep quiet about today,’

Joanne was lost, she doesn’t know how to. And his dick looks so perfect, without foreskin sticking out of anywhere. Kinda yummy, but it’s still wrong doing it to someone out of fear.

Joanne: ‘I don’t know how to. Can I just use my hands?’

Azmi: ‘I’ll teach you how to use your mouth. Sit on the chair.’

She did so and he lifted her skirt, revealing the shaven pubic in the eyes of this hot blooded menace. Azmi got even more turned on and impatient.

Azmi: ‘Joanne, open your mouth wide. And don’t let your teeth touch it.’

He pushed her head towards his dick and she quickly opened her mouth to take it in. Her pout lips looked specially great around his girth and he started pushing her mouth in and out, sucking lightly and slurping all the excess saliva. Her blowjob was so perfect that Azmi almost cummed just two minutes into it. Knowing she was that skillful, this could only be the only chance he get to abuse her like that.

Azmi guided Joanne to a wall, and ordered her to squat down before placing her head against the wall. He then pushed his dick into her mouth and started to pump in and out, totally ignore the discomfort she was in.

Knowing a guy would feel good after ejaculation, she pressed her lips tightly like before, bearing all the gags and choking. As plotted, Azmi couldn’t last even through the thrd minute and erupted the small load of soapy fluid into Joanne’s mouth. She didn’t swallow nor vomit, but held the cum in her mouth till he left.

Feeling a little light headed, from the slight suffocation, she felt a glimpse of pleasure from receiving a mouthful of cum and getting de-oxygenated. Quickly picking herself up again, she left the place quietly, hoping no one would catch what she did.

Mr. Sia was shagged out masturbating behind one of the workshops, watching the networked surveillance cameras that caught her in the act. No porn could be better than one with people you knew in it, yet thinking no one was watching.

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