Four-teen Circumstances

(Female voice) ‘Umm. Hi! Jaden?’

‘Yeah.. Sin Yee?’


As happy as he was to see an actual girl showing up instead of some catfish, Jaden was particularly concerned about how ‘young’ she looked. Dressed in a puffy, white, spaghetti-strap dress that couldn’t ecentuate her small-ish breasts, Sin Yee was, underaged at the very least.

(Jaden asked) ‘Are you eighteen yet?’

‘Mmm.. Seventeen! Is that OK?’

Although he didn’t quite believed her answer, he didn’t spend too much time worrying about that once she slipped her arms under his, leading him into the mall where they were going to catch a movie. After getting a box of popcorn to share, they entered the theatre and sat near the wall, wasting no time to make themselves comfortable as the show began.

Watching closely as she perched her feet onto the seat to escape the cold ground, he was treated to the rare sight of a ‘live’ upskirt event, even if she was too young for comfort. As the movie progressed, they became more flirtatious, from feeding each other popcorns to fingers, and holding hands to guiding hands (into their respective underwear).

By the time he was writhing in his seat, hips twitching uncontrollably to her spiteful handjob, she was in a similarly dazed state, panting to his every thrust and flick (of his fingers) in her pussy. Before the movie was over, they left the hall and went straight to the highest floors, for the baby rooms and toilets among the offices that were vacant over the weekend.

Upon entering a baby (or family) room, Xin Yee recklessly took her dress off and reveal the training bra underneath, triggering a previously-unknown, unstoppable, force in Jaden. He stripped his bottoms off at the same speed and they immediately locked their lips in fiery passion, trading saliva as their hands uselessly toyed with each others’ privates.

Once she was dripping wet, and him throbbinghard, he led her to the toilet bowl and sat her down, standing between her legs with those pussy lips spread too far for any last-minute regret. Resuming their french kiss, he aligned their genitals with a far-bend of his knees, and tucked his dick-head into her pussy, being extra careful to execute those short, shallow thrusts in accordance with whichever moans, groans, or gasps she breathed into his mouth.

After a few minutes of ‘careful’ penetration, he was finally deep enough inside her, to make some long, proper strokes that really took her breaths away. One thrust at a time, she gradually let go of her body as he ravished her like the princess she was, hips rocking back and forth to his soft, graceful pounding.

As tight as she was, he had grown ignorant about her age, a fact that would be more dangerous if he ever seek the truth in. In time, he flipped the thin, little girl over onto her belly and fucked her in standing-doggystyle over the bowl, until an unannounced orgasm almost crumble her into a pile. It was apparant that that beautiful, terrifying sensation had an effect on her when she started rubbing her clit for the first time during sex, to trigger yet another climax that she immensely enjoyed.

A while later, she asked to ‘try’ the cowgirl-stance and not only did she impressed him by how quickly she ‘mastered the waves’, she was also leaking quite a bit of juices over his groin and balls. Half-riding and half-rubbing herself, the hyperactive girl came a few more times before his timer was up. At his timely warning, she nonchalantly dismounted him and swiftly surprised him (again), with a blowjob so sloppy that he couldn’t tell was just too good or simply a mess for a first-timer.

Nonetheless, after ten or so minutes, he guided her to use only her hands to jerk him off, and respectfully kept her updated as his moment arrived.

(Jaden moaned) ‘Cumming.. I’m cumming soon. Kee.. eep.. ssshit shit.. I’ M CUMMING!’

Just as his hips buckled for a powerful orgasm, Sin Yee slipped her lips over his cock and contained the explosive, gooey, organic debris, to the extremely-grateful look that Jaden unconsciously had on his face. After swallowing his cum without demand, she licked him clean and even provided a massage to calm his senses.

(Sin Yee asked) ‘Will we do this again?’

(Jaden asked tiredly) ‘Do you want to?’

‘Yes please.’

Just like that, the couple went for a quick meal before they headed back up, for one of the baby rooms that none of them had entered before. Spacious, padded, and shrouded in sensual, warm lighting, the pair went at it again and drove each other wild at their ‘first’ position they did on the bed – 69. None of them would submit to the other person and when the both of them did so simultaneously, it was only after they both came at the same time.

Luckily, as young teenagers, they had ample stamina to last till the mall’s closing time. While he was emptied beyond exhaustion, she was filled to the brim with joy, lust, and a mild addiction she didn’t notice exist yet.

Before they parted ways, she had one more message for Jaden.

(She whispered) ‘If you don’t keep fucking this fourteen-year-old, guess who’s going to jail?’

With a wink, she skipped away in the direction of her home and Jaden just stood in his spot dumbfounded, unsure of what to do with his current-girlfriend.

After two days of consecutive fuck-date, she brought him to a women’s clinic and put herself on long-term contraceptive, as an early birthday-present for that resilient, careless boy.

Besides the ambiguity of her age, Sin Yee was, a gorgeous lady in the making, and knowing how sexually-wild and dedicated she can get to ‘retain-and-conquer’ a loved one, there wasn’t enough reason to stay with his then-girlfriend.

Undoubtedly, the younger of the girls would make his life ‘hell’, though mostly described with the words, ‘pleasurable’, ‘insatiable’, ‘absurd, ‘exhausting’, ‘unbearable’, ‘crazy’, ‘merciless’, ‘help’, ‘me’ and ‘please’.

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