French Connection

A little thud woke me up from my nap on the bus home. It was especially a long day at work and the fair legs of the Caucasian girl was a heavenly first thing to see when I opened my eyes. She returned an apologetic gaze at me when I rubbed my eyes but quickly returned to her paper map.

Girl: ‘Hi. I’m sorry to bother you. But does this bus goes here?’

I looked towards her finger and saw the smooth curve of her boobs, unhindered by any impressions of bra cups.

Me: ‘Yes. The bus will stop here and then you have to walk to your hotel.’
Girl: ‘Thank you. I have no idea how to go back there after I hopped on a random bus. I’m Emma.’
Me: ‘And I’m J.’

She heaved a sigh of relief and kept her map, perching her knees up against the backrest of the seat in front. More of her long legs appeared and a pair of shorts peeked from underneath. One that was so short that could be a pair of panties if not for the denim material.

Me: ‘You’re here alone? On vacation?’
Emma: ‘Yes. I wanted to take a break from my country, France.’

It’s no wonder why I found her accent sexy. For a commoner like me, it was a different sensation to hearing such a voice live than in the movies. I couldn’t fall asleep anymore with those legs in my view, and we continued talking until a few stops away from her destination.

Emma: ‘So I alight after this stop?’
Me: ‘I’ll alight with you. I have nothing on for the rest of the day anyway.’
Emma: ‘Really? That’s very sweet of you.’

We walked to her hotel and the countless eyes on my was undeniable. Even though located at one of many tourists’ destination, the sleaziness of Hotel 81 was unescapable. She urged me to register at the front desk before inviting me to her room, sweetly scented by some of her deodorant she used.

Emma: ‘I’ll get a shower first. Then I want to hear more about this country from you.’
Me: ‘Can I take a shower after you? Haha. I’m just kidding. Go go.’
Emma: ‘You want to? You can.’

She stepped into the bathroom and water sounds were heard. After ten minutes, some French words came from her.

Emma: ‘J? Can you help me get my clothes? They are on top of the night stand.’

Under the lamp, I grabbed the only piece of clothing. It was a satin nightie with a deep V-cut, too short even if she was my height. Of course, being an average Asian male, she stood almost a feet taller than me. She came out in that dress after a while and brought her day clothes along.

Emma: ‘I realised the toilet is too small to hang any clothes. Better if you put your shirt outside.’

As I pondered about how to reach the bed from the toilet, she hurried me into the bathroom and waited outside.

Emma: ‘C’mon. There is nothing I haven’t seen. I’ll take your clothes.’

I turned my back on her and stripped down to my underwear, leaving me to myself after she got my jeans. A quick shower refreshed my tired muscles and soon, it was my turn to call out to her.

Emma (shouting): ‘Can I pass you one of my shirts? Your clothes are sweaty.’

An outstretched arm appeared across the door and I took whatever she gave. A female long tank top that barely hid my boxer brief. Since there was only two of us, I did not feel shy and joined her on the cold bed. There, we spoke until about 9pm in front of the TV, and had a couple of beers she bought.

Emma: ‘Could you spend the night here?’
Me: ‘I could. But it’s your holiday. Don’t you need some time alone?’

The long stare told me of her answer and I placed my hand on hers. My eyes shut themselves when her face pulled near, tasting strawberry as our lips met.

Emma (whispering): ‘You are a shy man aren’t you?’

She pulled me down onto the bed and flipped the sheets over our bodies, roaming down to each other’s waist as we kissed. Emma was facing upwards when I slid my hand down her belly, and her legs parted gradually for me. Fingers diving in first, the wetness of her pussy was unmistakable. It was slippery and smooth, almost like those commercial lubricant. A part of me wanted to taste it so badly.

As for her, she easily slipped her fingers into my boxers and we both took it off together. Having a foreign hand touching my erection drew away all the breath I had, and a groan escaped when she felt my balls. My hands went to her boobs automatically to feel my first foreign affair, and god, don’t they feel soft and warm.

Emma: ‘Are you just going to tease them from outside?’

She got up to turn off most lights and kept just one on. Stripping her nightie off, she sank into the pillow next to me, as if ready for more.

Me: ‘Should we be doing this? I don’t have a condom.’
Emma: ‘I do.’

She made me kneel between her legs and assisted in capping me. I fell over into push up position when she gave my dick a tug, and simply guided me to the right hole. Very slowly, I sank my rod into her and the soft pressure led me deep inside.

Emma (groaning): ‘Asian guys aren’t that small as I read huh?’

I clenched my fists and started pounding her slim body, jerking my cock into her as she grabbed the edge of the pillows in moans. Suddenly, the room next door emitted similar noises and our smiles made it comical. I pounded her as hard and fast as I could while she pinched her own nipples, grabbing them hard as her chin tilted upwards.

Her legs wrapped around me after a few minutes and pushed me to her depth, screaming loudly to an orgasm that shook her violently. Her hands fell open after that climax and for a moment, she was out. Like blacked out. I pulled out of her and gave her a massage below, rubbing her clit gently until she jutted awake.

Me: ‘It was my turn to wake you up right? You did that to me on the bus.’
Emma: ‘Haha. You’re a funny guy.’

With renewed strength, she flipped on top of me and slid down on her ankles. Knowing what she was going to next, I covered my dick with both hands to her disbelief.

Emma: ‘Is something wrong?’
Me: ‘No. But you’re here to enjoy. Not work.’
Emma: ‘Have you met a French lady before?’
Me: ‘No?’
Emma: ‘They don’t accept no for an answer.’

She pried my hand open and gobbled up my dick, rocking her chest back and forth over my lap. Those lips slid easily up and down my shaft, suction draining my life force by the stroke. She quickly adapted to my sensitive by listening to my moans and got me trembling in no time. Feeling my hard stick going in and out of her tightly pressed lips, my mind was shooting stars into my vision.

Me: ‘I’m going to shoot soon. Slow down Emma. At least not in your mouth.’
Emma: ‘Then where? I’m not that a nice girl as you think.’

She continued milking me as I pulled her pillow over my face, groaning loudly as her fingers fondled my contracting ball sack. My hips thrust involuntarily into her hungry mouth while she sucked harder and harder, until I was too exhausted to cum anymore.

In the dimness, she dashed into the toilet and water noises came. The next thing I saw was her lying next to me, turning my face towards her. She opened her mouth to show me my cum that I thought she spat out, and swallowed it with a kiss. I could totally feel it.

Emma: ‘You’re a healthy man. I taste sweetness.’

The tall lady buried into my arms like a kitten and let me cuddle her for the night. Falling asleep not long later, it was peaceful until a felt fingernail poking into my pee hole. Always a victim to that move, I woke up in full power and saw her flipping over onto her chest.

Emma: ‘Use that morning wood wisely.’

Just feeling a little horny, burying my cock inside her reminded me of how much fun we had the last night. With the soft morning light glowing the room up, there was no way I was going to miss holding the sexy waistline. Ramming my cock into her, the bed creaked as we humped our voices awake. Her straightened arms wobbled when she came and she only got tighter as we fucked.

Halfway through, she made me sit on the bed and squatted feet together over my groin. Using the springy mattress, she bounced up and down on top using her weaponised pussy to her advantage. Surprisingly, the whole thing lasted for a good fifteen minutes before she triggered my launch buttons, shocking me to change to another destination to ‘target’ at.

Me: ‘Emma. Up now. I am going to cum.’

She fell forward on her knees to my relief but what she did was not expected. Rocking her body back and forth, my dick continued to be fucked until I couldn’t take it anymore. Seeing how I wasn’t allowed to shoot anywhere else, I held her hips and sat her on top, shoving my cock into her deepest ends.

Waves after waves of cum exited my cock into her shivering body that came another time, tightening over my shrivelling rod. Finally after a minute, she crawled away and the last squirt of my cum was sucked into her vacuum black hole.

Emma (panting): ‘You’re really good.’
Me (panting): ‘And you are so wild.’

She picked her watch from the night stand and showed me the time with the lights on, sending me into a frenzy when I realised how close I was to my working hour. She sat on the bed sensually with no clothes on, watching me get dressed at lightning speed. Once I was done, we spent a minute kissing goodbye and I left after she told me her plans later.

Emma: ‘After work, go to the reception and tell them you are J. Tell them my name too. I will leave instructions for them.’

We bade goodbye and I went to work, head full of unbelievable memories that would last a lifetime. Immediately after work, I went back to the hotel and told the front desk what she said. Instead of pointing me elsewhere, they told me she had checked out earlier, and left a package for me.

On the lonely bus ride home, I opened the box and saw a pile of clothes beneath an envelope. It contained the oversized tank top I wore, the nightie she seduced me with, and the set of singlet with shorts I met her in. And inside her shorts, was a pair of thongs lined with crystals at the hems.

Note: J, thank you for the wonderful night. I wanted to say my goodbyes in a special way and I hoped you like the present. My number is below, and email address in case you couldn’t reach me. Let me know when you are coming to France, and I’ll show you around – my house.

Au revoir,


So, I guess my next holiday destination has been decided.

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