Gaining Losses

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After the loud zipper noise went out in the distance, a sharp snap from an electronic lighter filled the room up in a pungent stench of second hand smoke. The dark silhouette resembling a man, had put his pants back on, came to sit on the bed next to Nat, whose head was still spinning in disorientation.


He stuck the filter-end of the cigarette between her lips and she instinctively took a deep breath of it, releasing the ‘heaviness’ in her head.

(Nat asking weakly) ‘Where.. am I?’

‘You’re at my place. We came here straight from the club’

‘Ohh.. Mmm!’

Beyond the dizziness, there was nothing to worry about, since this would just be another one-night-stand, that she had accidentally got too drunk to feel any ‘high’ from whatever sexual act that might have happened – which isn’t a bad thing considering ‘plausible deniability’ would certainly be easier than ‘lying’.

(Nat replying tiredly) ‘Let me just sleep for a while more. I’ll go after that.’

‘No hurry. Take your time.’

Being a side-sleeper, Nat habitually turned to her side and fell asleep almost immediately, but not for long once she heard his shout.

(He shouted) ‘WHO’S NEXT!’

Impatient slams and cries were heard from outside the door and a skinny man barged into the room, almost hitting the departing guy in the face.

(Man to skinny) ‘I don’t know if she got STDs ah. You better use play safe.’

‘Aiya. YOLO!’

‘Fucking hopeless.’

The bigger man slammed the door as he left, leaving Nat alone with the skinny who looked too happy to be fucking a girl with no effort put in. Too limp to put up a useful fight, she slithered to the corner where the bed touched the wall, watching helplessly as he stepped out of his holey shorts.

Holding onto a random part of the blanket she tucked herself under, a hard pull stripped her of any covers over her naked body, giving him full view of the slim waist she worked so hard for, shaved cunt she maintained daily, and septum piercing she proudly displayed to attract attention, all three which her boyfriend would be so turned on by.

Everything sexual, was used against her that night, when he grabbed her by her leg and dragged her to the centre of the bed. In a swift push, he flipped her onto her belly and jumped onto her ass, where he hastily stuffed her cock between those fine bums to get his cock into position.

Pinned under the hand on her upper back, she felt the thick head pierce into her dry labia, briefly tugging the exterior labia into her vagina as he thrusted right in. A wet, slimy tongue then ran along her back, as he grunted to each jerk of his hips that began in small, tiny strokes.

The soft, useless cries of her went completely unheard to the increasing depth of his penetration, soon reaching full thrust with however little wetness her body produced.

(He whispered loudly) ‘You like that little bitch? I know you have a boyfriend. I know him.’

Shit! What if he told him what happened? She would be fucked twice over emotionally, without anymore blissful sex with the man she loved.

‘And why would you do this to his girl? Don’t you have any shame?!’

‘Oops! Nope!’

He stuck one hand under her thigh and spread her legs apart, going a little too far to hurt her though in an ache-y way. The deep strokes only got faster as her mind went blank, overwhelmed by the pleasure that rigid cock was pumping into her.

Raw and covered in thick grooves, she was disgusted by how wet she was getting. From getting fucked behind, to having one leg raised in the air, her moans only got louder as he managed to hit her G-spot repeatedly, in harder, fiercer stabs.

‘Oh! Are you cumming? I can feel you getting tighterrrr.. ‘

That tease didn’t help her embarrassment at all, causing her to sober up and relaxing herself. Still, there was only so much she could do to stop making him feel good, ironically extending the unconsensual sex for him.

What a mind fuck! She chose the ‘fast game’ option and consciously shut her vaginal muscles on him, driving him crazy enough to unleash a ten minute of explosive dick feast that pushed his limits to the end.

At the final moments, he yanked his then-raging piece of meat out and sat her upright by tugging her hair, giving her no more than two seconds to catch her breath before receiving his cock in her mouth.

‘Suck or mouth fuck?’

Nat wrapped a hand around his shaft and took him in like.. like her boyfriend’s, savouring and sucking on it till he began shivering uncontrollably. Without so much a word or sign, cum flooded into her mouth and he kept her close with one hand behind her head, holding her there for as long as he took to empty it all.

‘Ohhh yeahhh! Spit it out in your hand and swallow them.’

The self-hating girl did as he asked and drank his cum in a gulp, gagging on that bitter waste that just slid down her throat. Skinny left the room shortly after and a familiar head popped through the small gap between the door and the wall, asking a question that seemed pointless as hell.

‘Are you ok?’


‘Okay. WHO’S NEXT!’

A muscled, ribbed man then brisk into the room with his cock already out, looking nowhere close to the average Asian size.

‘It’s 8 inches mam.’

(Nat whispering to herself) ‘Shit.. ‘

Unlike Skinny, he was filled with confidence when he asked her to step off the bed, and turn her ass towards him. Grabbing her waist firmly in his big hands, he nudged her feet to spread them from their initial (together) position.

‘I’m sorry but I HAVE to spread your feet. If not it will hurt a lot.’

Somehow, he sounded convincing enough for her to place her trust in him, though he was no better than skinny, raping her at no expense. His dick found its way to her vaginal opening without guidance and the trip ‘inward’ was just mindblowing, partly due to how wet she still was.

Nat could sense the inner wall stretching thin, exposing all those bumps and sensitive areas EVEN her boyfriend couldn’t accomplish. As soon as he started ramming his cock into her, her vision went black, and then white, and then black again, all the while screaming words so slutty she couldn’t believe came from her.

(She moaned hysterically) ‘OH FUCK YES! OH GOD OH GOD! NNRGHHH! I’M COMING! I’M COMING!’

In under a minute they fucked, she had her first orgasm that sent fluids dripping onto the floor under his testicles. Each entry would open her baby-delivery orifice to its limit, make a long, meaningful brush on those sensitive flesh, then retracting outwards in a void she didn’t have to beg for to be filled again.

By then, her ‘attached’ status had gone out of the window, as the thick, long cock pounded the morals out of her. ‘Big cock’, as she knew him by, remained sturdy no matter how erratic her twitching were, holding her so securely by the bed, still ramming his member as deep as the start.

(In his panting voice) ‘How is it mam? Good?’

(As she panted) ‘Fuck yeah.. ‘

‘I should cum now. Will inside be fine?’

(She continued panting) ‘Any.. gasp anywhere you like sir.’

He picked up his speed and let go of all his control, using those combined power of his muscles pile-driver into that poor, sore pussy. From where Nat was, she was glad that he couldn’t see her face, all covered in tears, drool, and overly flushed. Her ass, pussy, inner thighs, had a ringing ache in it, but it didn’t stop her from urging him to go faster.

Whoever she was turning into, that big cock was the cause of it, and there may no way to break this addiction.

(He grunted audibly) ‘MAM! I’M CUMMING!’

‘Okay. Inside me?’


The bloat she felt did shock her for a bit, but it didn’t stay that way before she felt incredibly horny, so much that she began rubbing her clit while still in standing doggie. He kept cumming as her pussy milked him, until that grown man collapsed onto the bed next to her.

Staring blankly into each others’ eyes, they did not say anything for the whole period before the (first) man entered.

‘Nat, you alright?’


‘Good. You should take a shower before you go. There’s towels in the bathroom.’

Big Cock helped her into the corridor where she saw skinny fucking another girl, seemingly underage, high, and wild (with tattoos), on the couch. A second girl, was just stumbling out of another room with leather cuffs and anklets on her.

‘Come. I’ll wash you up,’

Nat followed Big Cock into the toilet and went for another round, making full use of her ‘disadvantaged’ situation, and lust. Yes, lust.

At 5am, she was put on a Uber car home where her boyfriend was asleep in bed. After she changed into her sleepwear, her boyfriend didn’t stay asleep too long once she had her mouth over his cock, satisfying him with mental images of Big Cock’s cock, and even Skinny’s, fucking her from behind.

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