Lesbians were always thought to be less scrutinized than gays, but thinking that you understand them, you would never understand. Unless you met the special someone who would make you go against all odds to in love. Elle and Jayden (names changed for protection) knew each other through a really sweet way. Elle was in an all girls school and she was often bullied by other girls because of her small size and thin outlook. So she was crying in the toilet when Jayden, her senior, came in and handed her a packet of tissue, which sort of sparked the romantic relations they enjoy now. So what if they get stares? Doesn’t straight couples get stares when PDAing?

Be jealous about what you’re about to read, because it’s something guys, nor straight couples could achieve easily. And this is live, like on the scene ‘live’, from a friend. Probably guys who have a thing for guys would find this relevant too.

Being with a girl wasn’t all that impossible to Elle, after all, everyone knows some guys are jerks. Sweet when they found a reason to be, and totally evil when they are 1. horny or 2. contented. Who would know you better than someone who share the same experience as a same gender? Periods, PMSes, puberty, same physical structure, ‘if-you-know-how, she-would-know-how-too’, kind of relation, a really really close one.

For a start, Elle would go over to her place to cuddle in Jayden’s arms and pretty much do many things together, baking, whipping up dishes for each other, playful massages, and ultimately, the always-needed girl to girl talk. Only someone on the same side would be qualified to say that she or he understands. Because Jayden would really understand.

Missing her girlfriend who is in Aussie now couldn’t feel much worse. The timing too couldn’t be any better, Elle was wet thinking about her. The two of them were very used to getting each other off, from the moment one stepped into the other person’s house, through the showers, meals, dressing up, to taking the transport, trying out clothes in changing rooms, being in the same cubicle together. Elle being on the ‘girl’s’ side, she tends to receive more, which would often make seats all damp when she sit on them.

Elle was very feminine, she loves dresses as it brings out her 36 kilo figure mounted on a 158 tall frame. This petite little girl looked gorgeous in any outfit, and Jayden would be so proud of her that she sometimes gets turned on. On J’s mind, the double dildo sitting in her drawer was dying to get out to play.

One particular day was all Elle could remember clearly to date. She was in a white tank top and highwaist shorts. They had planned to have a Sunday Brunch at Mezza9, possibly the highest grade buffet in Singapore, at Hyatt. J had her car for that day and the two of them hopped onto her yellow Mini Cooper, followed by a kiss so electrifying the car almost started itself. Elle’s warm tongue was stroking J’s lips, sucking on her tongue while she slurped the excess saliva loudly.

J’s hands started running up Elle’s thighs, untucked her tank top and tickled her tummy a little as she loosened her shorts. The two of them couldn’t get any hornier in private. Daringly, J unbuttoned her top and pulled her jeans down to her knees to receive Elle’s eager fingers. With her shorts loosened, J’s finger slipped into her panties and stroked along her slit, which would make Elle high and.. desperate. Both Elle’s hands were busy, on top massaging J’s boobs through her sports bra and below rubbing her pussy the same way she was teased.

Their fingers penetrated each other at the same time and their legs were wide open to allow each others’ fingers to work magic, wetting her car’s seats. The mutual masturbation could be describe as the sexiest foreplay that would turn any guy on. They were almost kneeling on the seats at the highest point, fingers in each other undies, rubbing and fingering the wetness out of them. The series of orgasms simply kept them off their bottoms and kissing could only get this hotter.

Slight fogging is catching onto the windscreen, but they were almost done. Dripping wet fingers, they wiped themselves clean from the box of Beautex and got dressed. Let’s see how many times they can go get it in a day. Girls can get themselves off easily anywhere anytime. A vibrator or even concealed masturbation would suffice to trigger the juices. That’s how the two had ‘sex’. No penetration, just pure pleasure doing what they could, since they had no dicks getting between them.

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