I thought

At about 7am, I woke up to a familiar voice – moaning. It came from across my room, which belongs to my little sister, Christel. Well, sexy moans, what else could be it? She was supposed to be in school or on the way there by then. Intending to sexpose her, I gently twisted the knob and inched the door ajar.

In the middle of her queen size bed, her hands were under the blanket, legs obviously apart and wide by how the blankets ‘stand’ on their own.

Me: ‘Christel! Shouldn’t you be in school?’

The shock quickly placed her in a seemingly ‘innocent’ sleeping position. She legs slid down and closed themselves, rubbing her weary eyes which were closed while getting herself off earlier.

Christel: ‘Shouldn’t you be in camp? I am not feeling well. I thought there’s no one home.’

Me: ‘I took leave today. Where are you not feeling well?’

I walked over to her side and touched her forehead. I actually wondered if the warmth was from a fever or from the intense masturbation. Of course, by then, she learnt the lesson to lock her door and be softer with her moans. As I got up to leave, a naughty thought ran through my mind.

In a swift motion, I pulled her sheets off and she wasn’t fast enough to hold it back. I was in time to see her legs apart and a pink coloured toy between.

Christel: ‘Kor!’

Me: ‘Is that a vibrator? You’re just 14, and you’re using a toy!’

Christel: ‘I’m still a virgin, of course I use toys lah. If not you help me ah?’

Me: ‘You dare to ask me for help meh?’

Christel: ‘Humph! Don’t think I don’t know about you and Jie..’

Guessing it’s no longer a secret, I told her about what really happened. As she listened to me while lying down, I stroked her hair and stayed close to her feverish body.

Me: ‘Christel, are your hands moving under the blankets?’

Christel: ‘Eh kor, you like to call me by my name de. No brother calls their sister by name lo.’

Christel: ‘And yeah. Your story telling skill is good, it’s making me wet.’

My hands went below and took over hers at the toy, sliding it up and down across her pussy lips. Twisting left and right as well, giving her a ‘foreign’ sensation. The feeling when it’s not your familiar hands playing at your intimates.

Christel: ‘Kor, thank you..’

As I pressed it harder onto her clit, she wrapped her hand around my waist and reached into my boxers. Pulling my foreskin back before giving it a pat down from bottom up.

Christel: ‘You are so big. Around the toy’s size.’

A cheeky tongue out expression made my day better and I continued with juicing and her hand continued stroking. After what seems feel like a long time, my little brother grew bigger, its was of asking for more. Knowing that asking might not get me anywhere, I decided to dare my little sister instead.

Me: ‘You dare to put it inside you?’

Christel: ‘You know, I’m waiting for you to ask that question.’

I climbed over her in missionary and gently sucked on her nipples as she placed the dripping toy away. I then pushed my hips forward and entered her warm love hole slowly as not to hurt her too much. Thrusting in and out at a constant rhythm. Seems like her hymen was already broken.

Christel: ‘Oh my god! Kor, it feels way better than the toy. You’re so warm!’

Her legs spread wider for deeper penetration and I delivered. Our perspiration were making us more wet than sticky. She then turned herself over and got into doggie, receiving my full force slamming onto her butt.

Her tightness wouldn’t make me last thirty, but the new control methods I picked up proved effective and gave me a good thirty minutes before l decided to cum while she was there convulsing from the multiple orgasms and still asking me not to slow down nor stop.

Where did my little soldiers go? Well, definitely not into her pussy, but her mouth. As she tire out at the last few orgasms, she fell onto the bed and gave me her first blowjob, sucking me hard till every drop were out and down her throat.

My poor sister continued her rest, while I used her laptop to write this story before I lose inspiration. I hope she get well soon. I think she’s addicted to love making, like her elder sister.

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