In Passing

Shyan: ‘I need to go to the toilet first. Wait for me k?’

The ‘lian-ish’ 21 year old girl went into the ladies while I waited outside, mentally drained after an intense study session with her. The government subsidised course was designed for novice, but the short duration of it forced the teachers to speed things to a point comprehension was difficult for the clueless.

So, just two hours before our final test, we finished our revision and was about to head for dinner before the brain-wreaking hour and a half.

Shyan (Whatsapp): ‘Shit. Can you come in for a while? I fell and can’t get up.’

Upon seeing her text, I stuck the ‘Cleaning in Progress’ sign in front of the ladies and dashed right in, aiming for the last cubicle that was shut. I knocked hard and she unlocked for me to enter. When I saw her sprawled on the spacious tiled floor, I had no idea how someone her age could slip and not pick herself up.

I squatted down in front of her and she hugged my neck, slowly finding her balance as I pulled myself up. Once we were on our feet, she did not let go and started kissing my cheek, moving down to my neck that I immediately gave in to. There was no way to resist this ah lian in tight tank top and tiny shorts. My hands ran under her top and massaged my way up her small waist, to the glorious C cups under her bra.

For a ‘wild’ girl like her, the sweet fragrance from her body melted my mind and strangly, hardened my cock further that had long been eyeing her as a ‘sex object’. My pants came off quickly and her shorts did not stay on for long too, having difficulty only in yanking it down her legs. The sexy thigh gap was parted when I slid my hand down her belly, diving into the shamelessly small panties that did nothing more to hide the dragon tattoo across her pelvic area.

Once I had my fingers running up and down her clit, she was in heavy breathings with sensual moans. My cock was soon a toy in her palm, jerked up and down in the most careless manner. Well, that kind of sloppy, half-fuck handjob really did turn me on and my pre-cum was oozing non-stop. I just stood in front of Shyan who was leaning on one of the walls, but had one feet raised on top of the toilet seat. That was how I was able to finger her and still keep her stroking my cock.

Shyan (whispering): ‘I want to feel your cock inside me J.. ‘

I stomped on the seat cover with one feet as well and she got the message. Turning herself towards the wall, her ass stuck out begging for me and I easily found the slippery, wet hole with my cock. Helping myself to her pussy, I needed no cue to start thrusting into her sweet cave. The aching tightness did make me cringe for a while, but it disappeared as I went faster. Each stroke into her would force some of her juices out, as if I just broke through the water dam.

The poor girl just clutched onto my hands that were on her waist, powerful, rhythmic force driving her clothed chest up and down the wall. My hip was slamming her ass continuously and she was in charge of making desperate lewd noises her ‘ah lian’ status demanded of her. There was nothing comparable to be fucking a hot, skinny girl with a badass ink on skin, clearly a good-girl-gone-bad.

Her legs began to weaken when I engaged at my top speed, a few times slipping out of my grip but I managed to keep her balanced by pinning her closer to the wall.

Me (whispering): ‘You okay?’
Shyan (whispering): ‘You crazy ah? So much energy.. Take it out. I help you shoot?’

My dick exited the exhausted and sweaty girl, letting her sit comfortably on the bowl. She simply held my cock and used some saliva as lubricant, before jerking me off without any fancy skill. Besides that, she also used her tongue and lips to tease the my pee hole, which was quite a serene combo to my mind.

As time past, her mouth was slowly overtaking her hand and I was feeling more of her tongue, swooshing around my dick head and still feel her fingers toying with my balls. There was a sense of impending doom approaching, especially when she wrapped her arms around my hips. Ultimately, I was left groaning under her mercy when she took me deep throat, gagging and shoving her face bravely in my groin.

It took me less than three minutes before I came really hard into her mouth, so much that my vision went black but could still feel the breath-taking orgasm my cock was twitching about to.

When I returned my gaze to Shyan, her eyes were teary but the smile appeased my worried heart. Long strands of cum connected her mouth to my cock, and she slurped them up hungrily like noodles. The next thing I knew, she was talking to me as if swallowing was the easy way out. I still did not know how much she went through to be able to do these for guys.

Shyan: ‘Let’s go have dinner. I’m super tired now. You la!’
Me: ‘I make it up by treating you lo.’

We had our meals and took our tests, which she completed with more confidence unlike the previous one. After that, we took a bus to her place, for a little ‘celebration’ in the comfort of her house. ;)

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