Kingsmen and Women

Me: ‘You’re wearing your new shorts today!’
Kiki: ‘It’s not skorts la. I’m wearing a mini skirt.’

The flap over the usual skorts were sewn to the other side, creating a wrapping effect over my girl’s snowy fair legs. The light purple bralet complimented her skirt and kept her beautiful skin exposed, for everyone (humph) to feast their eyes on. In turn, I had to do a forfeit for a dare I lost to her a long time ago, forbidding me to wear any underwear underneath my black army shorts.

Just imagine me in shorts and slippers, while a gorgeous babe in a belly exposed attire cuddle tightly around my arms. Who wouldn’t think I’m worthless? Well, I supposed that would make her look better too. Though I was more for the kinky activities we could do in these clothes.

So off we set for AMK Hub to catch a movie, turning heads along the short walk to the mall. The countless stares she got actually made me a proud boyfriend, though a little jeaous.

Once we collected our tickets, we bought the popcorn and drinks and went straight into the theatre, still empty with plenty of time before the show starts. As there were only two columns of seats, we took the corner ones since this was the second time we watched Kingsmen, using the complimentary passes from her credit card reward program.

Kiki: ‘I sit inside. If there is no one then we change.’

Half of the popcorn was gone when the lights dimmed, after trailers the both of us could recite to. I placed the popcorn box on the empty seat next to me and raised the armrest, so she could cuddle closer in the chilly hall. As usual, she would tuck her hand under my shirt and onto my stomach, always warmer than her thin body.

Just ten minutes into the show, the lack of visible audience led her hand into my shorts, where my raw dick was semi-erect with the constant contact on my shorts. She skilfully rubbed her thumb under my shaft and helped enlarged it, till I was fidgeting in my seat.

Kiki: ‘Don’t move so much. Let me see it?’

Her head leaned over dangerously over my groin and stretched the waistband downwards, placing my hand on it to hold it open for her. Still stroking my erection, her head descended lower and lower, slowly engulfing my cock head in soothing warm wetness. The sigh that came out of my mouth scared her a little but she dived down immediately, plunging me into another world of pleasure.

The cardigan I carried for her came to use as a cover over my lap, while my shorts were lowered to my bum. That way, I could free both my hands, and made good use of them inside her bra top. Fondling those fluffy B cups caused a few silent gasps, but her diligent blowjob did not stop at all.

After two minutes of intense tongue play, she pulled away from the oral foreplay with stringy saliva dangling over my dick, slightly breathless from bending down too long. Her silhouette in front of the screen was a sight to behold, long flowing hair tucked over one side of her neck, and lips wet from the lubricative saliva.

Once she returned to her seat, I moved into her corner and leaned on her shoulder, running her all time favourite, warm hand across her inner thigh between her legs. The clever girl opened her legs slightly and let me in under her skirt, which I stopped upon reaching her privates.

Me (whispering): ‘You didn’t wear any panties?!’
Kiki (whispering): ‘Yupp! You like it?’
Me (whispering): ‘You will zao geng one eh! You so rough when you walk.’
Kiki (whispering): ‘They also can’t touch me. I’m yours.’

I swiped my fingertips across her clit and worked on her clit, rubbing it gently in a swirling motion. The only response she could give was to stroke my cheeks with her hand, trembling as I focused on attacking her clit. Soon, she was grabbing my wrist and guiding me deeper, two fingers piercing into her pussy with her legs wide open. We had totally ignored everyone around us and got stuck in this erotic moment, fingering her pussy with movements big enough for anyone to spot us.

She did not bother to contain her moans and made soft purring noises, right into my ear in front of her mouth.

Kiki (whispering): ‘Let’s try fucking here.’
Me (whispering): ‘Here? How?’

She gave me a head-nod towards my other side and I looked where she referred to, another corner in the hall where two person ‘shared’ a seat.

Kiki: ‘We aren’t the only ones.’

She grabbed her cardigan and we changed seats, slanting our bodies towards the aisle with the other couple slowing down. Tucking both her knees into her chest, I straightened my legs and engaged in a spooning position. Blindly, I guided my dick inside her after two tries and a gasp signalled the completion of the docking process.

We remained silent as my hips started twerking, jutting back and forth into her unbelievably tight pussy. It was the first time we had so much privacy in the cinema, and even our other petting sessions weren’t this daring. Gradually, her body rolled over on her knees into doggie, and I had no choice but to get on one of my feet, keeping my other knee bent on the seat.

I bent as low as I could as I resumed thrusting, unable to escape the slurping noises from our genitals. The other couple got more adventurous and the girl (I assumed), bent over the row in front and let her guy banged her harder. Kiki was looking at them the whole time and only got tighter as I pounded, driving me to my wit’s end sooner than usual.

Suddenly, she leaned away from me and collapsed on the seat, body convulsing violently as orgasms shot through her senses. I pried opened her legs and dipped my fingers into her pussy, shoving with all my strength against her sealing cunt. Her shivers turned into flopping motions like a fish on dry land, ‘worming’ sideways on all three seats.

Kiki: ‘Fuck! This is crazy!’
Me: ‘Then me?’

As if she had enough of me, she stomped to my seat and kneeled hard on the carpet. Her mouth went straight over my shaft and deep throated me, throwing my lost hands over her head to guide her. Recalling how she loved to be dominated beyond her own consciousness, I slammed her head in my groin and gagged her mercilessly.

Her natural instinct to push against my thighs turned her head into a basketball, which I bounced harder and harder. Not a single area of my cock was untouched in our unexpected SM play, saliva dribbling all over my lap and her face.

Me: ‘Oh yeah baby. I’m gonna cum!’

I pushed her head down one last time and she gave up fighting, letting me lift her mouth away just as the first wave came, squirting hot loads of semen into her lips. She managed to get a little suction going on as I came, drawing every last bit once my throbbing dick died down.

Very quickly, she got up and took a sip of Coke, swallowing everything for the first time. The next thing to do was to get dressed, and we did that before falling lazily onto the seat. With her hand back in my shorts and massaging it, her bralet was stretched with my hand inside to give her nipples a little pleasing.

We watched the best part of the movie in embraced, and took our much needed rest before going back to her place. When we exited the cinema, we bumped into the other couple on the way out. They were dressed similar to us and none of us could bring ourselves to express our openness.

Once we got home, our minds were still on the couple. Kiki had a momentary crush on the punk-looking dude and I had my eyes on her translucent white dressed girlfriend. We took our consolation in each other on the bed and fucked our brains out, with fantasies and lust intertwining between our passionate love for each other.

A day well spent, I must say.

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