Last Day of School

Joey could clearly remember what happened on the 28th of October, for it was the last time she met her literature teacher, Mr. Jayson Chan. School ended for the year and both their minds were already onto each other before they even met. The teacher offered Joey a ride to his place, which she slept through, missing the location of his house.

Jayson: ‘Joey? We’re here.’

He tapped on her shoulders and they both went up to his double storey private bungalow, ladies first as he called it, Joey entered and he followed through, hugging her from behind and locked the door at the same time. Her hands were all over her boobs and squeezing with lust.

It wasn’t just a normal school day for her, emotions got the better of her in the earlier part of the day and she suggested going for a shower to rinse and get rid of her sweaty smell. Inside the bathroom, it was just like any couples. Her teacher soaped her up and fingered her at the same time, confusing the lubrication of the soap and her juice into one. After the long minutes of teasing and cleaning, his fingers were still in her, driving up the sounds of her moans and slurping sounds.

Joey: ‘Umm.. We’re done already.’

She could feel his hard dick between her butt as his finger tips toyed with her clit. After that, his digits went into her again and the whole orgasm ride started, making her pussy drool all over his fingers. Finally, after the unbearable treat, her attempts to escape failed and she held onto the bathtub edge for balance. Being a naughty student, Mr. Chan only had one punishment in mind, to spank her, non-stop. The pain and pleasure was mixing so badly her body was asking for more. Giving way to the wet ceramics, her hands slipped and she fell onto the floor.

Jayson: ‘Come.’

Joey reached out for his hand and allowed him to carry her to his room. Although she was still dripping wet, Jayson just wiped himself and clearly had other ways of drying Joey. He leaned onto her body and bit her ear, and whispered something sexy.

Jayson (whispered): ‘Baby, you’re too wet. Let me dry you up.’

His fingers then surprised her by piston-ing in and out of her, getting her ready before painting her. His tongue was well trained, the constant clit and pussy attack was making her cum over and over.

Jayson: ‘Why is it that when I am trying to dry you, you ended up getting so wet?’

What did Joey did? His tongue went back to work while Joey lay on the bed, feeling her juice trickling down her slit and between her butt, before dripping on the sheets. A big orgasm came and went with her grasping for life and a happy teacher quenching his thirst by lapping it all up, and then giving her a taste of it through a kiss.

Jayson: ‘Where is the homework you owe me since last month?’

Joey: ‘Umm.. I didn’t do.’

Jayson: ‘Aha! Naughty naughty girl you are! Well. as a punishment, you are going to have my dick inside for not doing my homework. I am not going to be gentle on you baby!’

I guess here is where role play could either make one feel silly or funny. After he plunged his dick in, he went berserk and on a rampage, building an intense within her with that speed and friction. It was never that rough, she felt like a bitch. A dog which deserved all it, yet enjoying it. Throughout the whole ordeal, they did not change position until after a while, he carried her on his lap and placed her on a chair, where he continued pounding in missionary till she cummed.

Unknown to her for a few seconds, he cummed into her as well, that explaining the warmth and extra wetness out if her. Jayson continued by placing her on the bed and kissed. Hinting to her at another round.

Jayson: ‘I want to try your ass again.’

He must have missed that gulp of fear and only heard the ‘yes’ which she gave. That answer was in fact her giving in to temptations of the first attempt weeks ago. Getting on her fours, it felt so weird yet full, differently ecstatic. Even the climaxes was awesome, undeterred by tiredness, the two energizer bunnies went on fucking anally and handled whatever came. First was the pain from the penetration, but being the great teacher everyone adored, he calmed her down and kept pushing in and out, loosening her ass muscles and resumed going as fast as normal sex.

Within minutes, he creamed into her asshole at the same time and the two just collapsed, with him on top of her, dick still spurting cum. That was the most wonderful feeling she had, the sense of togetherness, yet with someone whom she knew she could never be with. After all, he was her teacher, engaged to a very pretty fiancée.

Another long bath and she was on her way home, which she fell asleep again.

Jayson (whispered): ‘Joey.. we’re here. Just to let you know, I want to do something like that again, but more, next time.’

Will this end? Will you be the one who put an end to this?

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