Literally Girl Next Door

At three in the morning, soft knocks came to my door and I opened it to see my neighbour Nikki in a short black dress leaning on the gates, reeking of alcohol.

I had watched her grow up since she was in primary school and they were a kind family. I brought her into the house and let her sit down, bringing her a cup of water.

Me: ‘What happened?’
Nikki: ‘Some shit. I just broke up. And stupidly gave him my first time thinking he will be with me forever.’

I knew whatever I say will be meaningless. She just lost something important, apart from her broken heart. We had always been hi-bye friends since we seldom had time nor topics to talk about. And she was almost seven years younger.

Nikki: ‘Kor kor, can I spend the night here?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I’ll be alone for this two weeks. Family is out for holiday. Only I can’t get off from work.’

She tried to get up but stumbled onto me. Not wanting to risk her injuring herself, I lifted her knees and carried her like a baby into my room, where my brother’s empty bed still occupied half the space.

Me (whispering): ‘Do you need anything else? If not I’ll just let you sleep k?’
Nikki: ‘My bra? I can’t breath properly.’

I reached my hand into her back and unhooked them, pulling the padless bra out of her chest. I returned to my own bed and continued reading the Cracked articles on my phone, hoping to make sure she fell asleep before me.

I have always viewed her as a sister, a hot neighbour that will always appear immature no matter how old she was. It was probably due to the years we have seen each other.

Right before I fell into deep sleep, I felt some weight pressing onto my bed, and Nikki snuck next to me, sharing my comfy soft pillow looking at me.

Me: ‘Not tired?’
Nikki (whispering): ‘The alcohol is making me feel horny.’
Me: ‘Silly. It will be fine once you wake up.’
Nikki (whispering): ‘You know? Whenever I want to go out, I will wait for a while to see if you are going out too. So I can see you.’
Me: ‘You always dress so nice. And I’m in shorts and t-shirt.’
Nikki: ‘Kor kor.. I like you.’
Me: ‘Me too. You’re like my little.. ‘
Nikki: ‘No!’

Her finger stopped me from trying to draw the line and slid across my cheeks, while leaning in for a kiss I can’t refuse. Our lips touched and she pulled me closer via my collar, breathing in all that flowery scent and alcohol mix. My arm went around her waist too and we got closer than ever before.

Nikki (whispering): ‘Will you fuck me?’
Me (whispering): ‘What? Don’t say that! You’re a lady.’

I swallowed hard and looked into her mesmerising eyes. I almost sensed a little bit of admiration and submission.

Nikki (whispering): ‘Then can I fuck you?’

A silly grin appeared on her face and an excited nod followed. I went into doggie and she wriggled herself under me. When she pulled those panties off her legs, she kneed me lightly. Well, it was worth it.

Nikki lowered my shorts enough to expose my wiener and she clumsily yanked it to her pussy, as if foreplay never existed.

Nikki: ‘Put it inside me.’

I pushed my hips forward and her opened legs helped to make things smooth. Her unbelievable tightness almost immobilised me but she was showing more pain than my discomfort.

Me: ‘Is it too big?’
Nikki: ‘No. I like it.’

I started pumping her slowly and she was moaning her heart out, digging her nails into my back that turned me into a little monster. ‘Oh fuck yes! I super love your dick!‘, she whispered in between her moans a few times. Was that all she loved about that ex of hers? Did he use sex to get her?

My thoughts got lost when she came and left my dick suffocating as she got super tight. That orgasm had knocked her out flat and she was soon motionless under my weight. Carefully, I pulled out of her and left her to sleep.

I stayed on that bed to prevent her from falling over (it was a narrow single bed) and the moment I woke up, was when I felt cold fingers toying with my dick.

Nikki (whispering): ‘Just close your eyes and sleep.’

I shut my eyes and let her play with whatever she wanted. First, it was her fingers, then, her hair brushed across my tummy and a tongue touched the tip. Lips went around my shaft and continued downwards, till she began to suck me autonomously.

Groans escaped my mouth uncontrolled and she stayed focused, letting her tongue slide up and down my shaft. Pushing all my buttons skilfully, it was mere minutes before I had to unload.

Me (whispering): ‘Nikki. I’m going to shoot.’


Her speed increased and I was half holding her down and lifting her up. Her mouth was too addictive and it was determination that kept her from stopping.

She never slowed down once and continued till my load blew in her mouth, followed by long, slower strokes that she made to suck me dry. When I felt the final squirt, I was full of guilt and picked her up.

Nikki: ‘Nice?’
Me: ‘It didn’t taste weird?’
Nikki: ‘No ah. Cannot swallow meh? My ex always makes me swallow.’
Me: ‘No you silly! You can spit it out.’

She looked at the clock hanging on my wall and got up, wearing her bra and panties back. I slipped my shorts on as well and she made her way to the door. When we opened the door, her door was wide open, and her dad appeared just in time.

Dad: ‘You were over at his place the whole night?’
Nikki: ‘No. I went out with my friends. Then I came home at 3am. So I slept here lo.’

He came out of his house and I opened my gates. He walked up to us and held her daughter under his arm.

Dad: ‘You know, I’d rather my daughter be with you than those guys she told me about. Have you two eaten?’
Me: ‘Not yet.’
Dad: ‘Okay. You.. go get changed then go over and make breakfast for him.’

Nikki disappeared under her dad’s arm and went into her house. He patted me on the shoulders and told me to take care of her daughter, and no matter if I ended up marrying her, he would support me fully.

I waited at the door till Nikki changed into a long t-shirt, hiding whatever shorts or panties (or nothing) she wore underneath. The eighteen year old then whipped up a hearty breakfast and we ate it in my bed.

You guys could have guessed what we did after that right? Some morning exercises that is.

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