Loyalty or Obedience?

Me (shouting): ‘Cheryl! Who is this guy?!’
Cheryl: ‘Huh?’

Her eyes widened when she saw the video clip clearly taken from a hidden camera, in a budget hotel with their distinct furnishings. She quickly ran to my computer and closed the VLC program, slumping to the floor behind me and cried.

Me: ‘Actually I’m fine with you doing with other guys. Didn’t I ask you if you want to try a threesome before?’
Cheryl (sobbing): ‘What? You are serious about that? I thought you are just joking.’
Me: ‘Really. I’m more concerned about people recognising you now. Let me report this video first. So they can take it down.’
Cheryl (sobbing): ‘Ok. Hurry up. I love you baby!’

Her mood changed instantly and hugged me from my back as I reported the video where I downloaded it from, receiving a notice almost immediately that the clip was removed. She spun my chair around and straddled her legs over my lap, kissing me non-stop with her tears-soaked lips. Something awakened in her right there when she slid down to the floor and pulled my shorts down, enveloping my cock into her warm mouth.

The most mind-blowing blowjob then happened to take my breaths away and I was just groaning with every deep throat, admiring her bouncing head that was so busy sucking me off. Since a long time ago, I had never felt such dedication from her. Her tongue was licking me all over and the suction in her mouth was just drawing my strength away.

After close to ten minutes of tireless oral sex, she stopped and leaned between my legs again, holding my cheeks in front of her face with a grateful look.

Cheryl: ‘Don’t ever leave me k? If not no one will want me anymore.’
Me (whispering): ‘Hey silly.. I should be the one telling you that.’
Cheryl: ‘I’m sorry for cheating on you. You can ask me to do anything and I’ll do it from now on.’
Me: ‘You’ve done all you can for me dear.’

She held my hand tightly as we went into the bedroom, changing our clothes to carry on our initial plan for the day. First to get lunch, then for a shopping spree I promised her once I got my first paycheck. She skipped wearing her panties and bra under the white romper leaving little to imagine with the almost-bareback design of the outfit. Her sideboobs were obviously unshielded and there was no visible panty line (VPL) at her hips.

Cheryl: ‘Ready?’
Me: ‘Yupp. Done.’

We left the house for a meal at AMK Hub, taking a two seater table at Ichiban Sushi. It felt kind of awesome to have jealous eyes staring at her, while knowing that she truly belonged to you. Uncles were taking the seats next to us, and a few younger teenagers got the table diagonally from us where her loose bottoms could give way. Those pointy nipples of her were mine to enjoy as we finished our food, feeding each other mouthfuls like a blissful couple.

Once we paid the bill, she made her way to the toilet at the fourth floor, where the DBS bank was located. Waiting outside for her, a text came into my phone after five minutes.

Cheryl (Whatsapp): ‘Come into the handicap toilet now. Knock twice.’
Guy: ‘Hey J! What are you doing here?’

My erection almost went down immediately when my army buddy called out to me, fearing a delay for the quickie that was about to happen. We spoke for a minute or so before another thought came to my mind, and we made our way towards the above said toilet. After knocking twice, Cheryl’s state of undress caused her to panic when an unfamiliar face appeared. Quickly shoving him into the cubicle, the three of us were stranded in an unquivering silent ambient.

I reached into my bag for a condom and threw it to my buddy, while taking my seat on the toilet and gesturing Cheryl over. I unzipped my pants and took my cock out, only to see Cheryl coming over and bending her back over to suck it. Zach went behind her and removed her romper from under her feet, and squatted down to give her a lick. Thankful for her daily shaving routine, he did not have much to think about when she moaned with my cock in her mouth, slurping hungrily in sync with the mouth at her pussy.

Zach: ‘J, can I really.. ‘
Me: ‘Just do it bro. She’s my girl.’

I helped her to my chest and we made out while he assaulted our common target, making her squeal with his size. I had kept her hand stroking my manhood, while I caressed her boobs non-stop, working on her perky nipples as her body jerked back and forth. Our vicious tongue fight kept going to relieve her guilt, from what happened in the hotel as well as right there. For the next few minutes, it was just violent thrusts that drove her mind crazy, and saliva was dripping all over my mouth in her orgasmic state.

Zach (whispering): ‘Bro! Cumming! Cumming!’
Me (groaning): ‘You can shoot inside her if you want. She’s on the pill.’
Cheryl (whispering): ‘Really?’
Me: ‘You did it raw with that hotel guy right?’
Cheryl (shyly): ‘Yeah.’

She gave off a louder moan when he reentered her raw, going at his fastest speed for the last few strokes. The strong, delayed movements of her body finalised his ejaculation inside her, and the deep breaths she took only told me how much she was enjoying herself.

Me: ‘Bro, once you’re done you can go off first. Talk to you again.’

He finished his business quickly and dumped the condom in a bin, before walking out unhappening into the buzzing mall. Cheryl locked the door again and we went back to our intimacy. This time, we went to the sink and made use of the sturdy wall mounted ledge, in front of a large mirror. She bent over the edge automatically for me and I took my position behind her, ready to sink my dick into her well-lubricated hole.

In a single stroke, I pierced my shaft into her and she planted her palms on the mirror, looking pitifully at me as I worked my hip muscles. In and out my cock went into the gorgeous twenty-four year old, listening to her encouraging moans as I embraced myself. She was especially tight that time and the sprawled, open legs stance really exposed her sensitive G-spot for me.

Climaxing at least twice for me, there was no lack of juices for me to slide around, while my mind was ticking down to my own orgasm.

Me (whispering): ‘Baby girl.. here it comes!’

I paused my movements and watched her slam her ass on me, working it out herself till I couldn’t hold it anymore and hammered the life out of her. My load came seamlessly into her pussy and she climaxed at the same time, squeezing me gently for every bit of my worth. We just collapsed on the sink once we were done and rested for a while, ignoring the knocks that kept coming through the door.

Me: ‘Let’s get going.’

She wore her clothes back and I did the same, walking out into the surprisingly empty entrance of the toilet without any unwanted attention. Holding onto my arm tightly, she requested to go back home instead of shopping impulsively.

Cheryl (whispering): ‘I can feel the warm cum inside me. And I want more of yours.’

That sentence cut out the cheesy, lovey dovey words for a much more straightforward one, sending me rushing for home for more rounds of intense make-up sex to undo the wrong she had done – sex with strangers without informing me that is. Since then, she became a girlfriend with complete obedience, for requests that are reasonable and non-absurd.

What would you want her to do?

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