Married Fling

Yvonne: ‘How’s work today?’
Me: ‘Quite good. But tiring as usual.’
Yvonne: ‘Haha. My work is boring as fuck. Shall we go to our usual spot?’
Me: ‘Uh huh.’

The 32 year old wife kept rubbing my thigh as she drove on the empty roads, turning into a landed estate with countless smaller roads in it. We stopped under a tree at a dead end and she loosened the straps on her laced romper, climbing excitedly into the backseat in the dark. I followed after her and took my pants (and underwear) off, shirt disappearing from my chest with her help.

Yvonne: ‘How do I look?’
Me: ‘Damn sexy.. ‘

The career woman pinned me against the door and made out with me, slithering her tongue into my lips to lure me out. My hands cupped over her braless, bouncy C cups and massaged them well, till her nipples were hard, and voices were heard. Maintaining her tigress position, my dick received a massage from one of her hands, directing blood into the boner that she loved.

Her head slid down over it and sucked it noisily, making me writhe and squirm in pleasure. The more I struggled, the faster she went. I almost couldn’t tell the different between her pussy and her mouth when she went deep throat, abusing that little pink stick until I pushed her away.

Yvonne: ‘Why? Cannot take it liao ah? Haha. So cute. Put this on.’
Me: ‘But I haven’t even helped you out.’
Yvonne: ‘I want that to be the first thing to touch me. I’m super wet and sensitive down there now.’
Me: ‘Really?’
Yvonne: ‘Hurry uuupp!’

I rolled the Durex Stamina condom over my cock and felt her massage the tip, turning it a little numb as she rolled my dick in her fingers. She kept stroking in a direction to restrict the bloodflow, to make it as big as it could be.

Yvonne: ‘Fuck me now. Come.’

She laid on the seat and I climbed on top of her, piercing my cock into where a kid had already came out of. Her pussy still maintained its tightness and I need not hold back my groans as the car suspended. Her skinny arms held the headrests on both sides firmly, resisting my rampage to get me moving faster.

Her boobs were not saggy at all, forming the perfect moulds to knead. Her husband must have kept them firm with his hands. I held her waist harder as I slammed my cock deeper, driving her insane with deafening screams.

Yvonne (screaming): ‘I’m gonna cummmmmm.. ‘

She pulled herself up and hugged me with her trembling hands, jerking her hips to complete the journey. As my dick head rubbed against the curve edges of her vagina, I grew bigger inside her (or she unintentionally squeezed me harder). Her fuck word never ended as an orgasm hit her, throwing her back onto the seats quietly.

Yvonne (panting): ‘Still hard?’
Me: ‘Yeah it is.’

We moved in sync to swap to doggy style, and my dick was ramming into her once again. Although the both of us were inside the car, we could tell it was bouncing from my forceful thrusts. I pounded her in an upward angle, one which she never failed to orgasm with. The second climax happened shortly after and her chest never rose from the seat again.

Yvonne (panting): ‘This condom really works. Take it off and fuck me raw.’

I ripped the rubber off and fulfilled her wish, drilling as hard as I could through the swollen labia. The nakedness of our genitals really stimulated every part of my dick and it was my turn to make girlish groans.

Me: ‘Cumming! I’m cumming!’

She bumped me away and slid under my legs, lying on a cushion from the back of her car so she could suck me off. Jerking my hips at her face, she withstood the gags and triggered my end game. She held my cock at her opened mouth and jerked me till I came, ejaculating her dessert right onto her tongue.

The few kisses she gave my cock also sucked out everything from my piipe, getting me so close to screaming if she did it ten seconds longer. It was clearly a one way trip for my cum after entering her mouth. I fell weak on my butt, and our satisfied faces made our satisfaction clear.

Yvonne: ‘Home?’
Me: ‘Yupp!’

We returned to the front seats and she went braless on the trip home. So, she didn’t wear any underwear for the whole day huh? Explaining her horniness and fast entry into foreplay. Before I left her car, she gave a hickie on my dick, making me return the favour under her boobs. A text from her came before I even reached home, setting the date for our next meet.

Yvonne (Whatsapp): ‘Friday. 10am till late. Your birthday celebration.’

Gosh. I can only pray for the best.

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