Mini Bus ‘Ride’

Driving around aimlessly for some cheap fuck, Kei was smoking while on the wheels, eyes scanning at the rows of girls who were waiting for their customers. Along the way, he picked up a pack of contraband cigarettes from a roadside stall, before parking his mini bus outside one of the private estate in the area. Still puffing away on his cigarette, his chair was lowered to rest his back after a long day of work.

In less than a minute, a knock came from his window and he unwind it, giving the blonde haired girl a chance to get business.

Girl: ‘先生,您要吗? ‘
Translate: Sir, do you want it?

Kei: ‘多少?’
Translate: How much?

Girl: ‘价钱我们等下再谈。’
Translate: We can discuss about the price later.

He was aware that it could be a rip off attempt with a few of her friends waiting by, but there was clearly no one around his vehicle and as long as he did not start anything, they couldn’t do anything to him too. Unlocking his passenger door, he let her in and watched her short skirt lift up high enough to give him a peek of her leopard panties.

They sat at their seats while she introduced herself as Kinder, like ‘Kinder Surprise’. She had just arrived in Singapore from China and did not have much money, so she stayed with the other sex workers but did not join any OKTs (a term used for pimps). Kei had felt safer from her story and did not mind engaging in her service, since he was looking as well. After a while of talking, they moved to the back of the bus and he let down the curtains, while adjusting the seats to make a bed out of them.

Sitting in the middle, Kinder took off her skirt easily and helped him get his pants off. She then made herself comfortable between his legs and took his dick in her hands, stroking it carefully not to hurt him. Kei could tell she wasn’t that experienced, and that innocent sensation was turning him even more. Perhaps it was just a show she put up, but the objective was clearly met. As she worriedly lowered her head over his groin, Kei’s hand had went to push her down, gently but eager.

Kinder did not waste anymore time and took his rod in, licking in an upward motion along his shaft. A few strokes later, her lips sealed in her saliva and the untrained mouth went slurping up and down. Kei had never felt such youth in him despite the few times he had gone for prostitutes, it was Kinder that brought his soft side out and never could he felt any younger. A few moments of sucking later, he took her hand and placed it on her panties, urging her to masturbate in preparation for sex.

Kei wasn’t exactly slim and fit as he wished he was, but the discipline to not masturbate had trapped his sperms long enough. He was going to make sure that this money would be well spent. Once Kinder showed a little signs of tiredness, he took over control and placed his feet together, patting on his lap for her to sit on.

She climbed on top of him and held onto his shoulders for balance, while he pointed his dick upright for her. The same doubtful look appeared on her face again as she felt her pussy being spread by him.

Kinder: ‘您知道吗?我的第一次也是这样发生的。’
Translate: You know, this is how I lost first time too.

His dick finally completed penetrating her pussy and a sudden wake up call came to his mind. Condoms! He awkwardly reached into his dashboard with her on top and she understood immediately. Placing the rubber ring around his tip, she sat over it again, and rolled it as his dick entered. What a way to put a condom on.

As soon as the protection was in place, she laid on his chest and pulled her spaghetti top down, letting him suck on her nipples while she rode him. The sturdy bus did not bounce like other four-wheeled vehicles, and he was enjoying his paid sex. The girl was eager to please and she bounced on him wildly, reminiscing the old times with this stranger she had approached. His dick grew bigger in her and she moaned louder in pleasure.

The first orgasm made her hug him tightly as her pussy tightened, with Kei making small thrusts upwards into her. After she recovered, Kei got her to bend over the seats and went behind her, jamming his cock in. He held her slim waist lightly and began thrusting his hips, just his hips. The rest of his body was motionless and the workout went smoothly without any loud slapping sounds. Kinder was very much smothered by the familiar experience and was jerking her body backwards as he rammed, sinking him deeper.

The monstrous side began taking over and he packed her hair into a ponytail, holding her body higher by her shoulders. Her boobs were in his hands when he could reach it, and the rolling of her nipples just made her hornier. The scene outside the bus was tranquil, but the action was steaming up the interior slightly. After a long, pleasurable session of doggie, Kei soon felt the money-shot coming and slowed himself down.

Kinder: ‘要射了?’
Translate: Shooting?

Kei: ‘嗯。’
Translate: Yea.

She stopped his thrusting with her hand and turned herself around, sitting on the same area where she gave him his blowjob. The condom was unrolled carefully and this time, she sat on the floor, with her legs crossed. Kinder began fingering herself while sucking him off, placing his hands voluntarily behind her head. Kei took no chance and thrust his dick at her face, shoving it deep down her throat. The girl fingered herself faster as the frequency of her choking increased, until Kei whispered that he was cumming.

She pushed him back down on the chair and took over the oral sex, slurping much slower but in longer strokes. In just five laps, his hands went to her head again and held her down, with a mild shiver going through his body. His load filled up her mouth nicely and she got her butt on the seat just as he was done. Her fingers were still moving at her pussy, and Kei went next to her, turning her face to look at his load.

She showed him her reward with a smile and swallowed everything, taking his hand and putting it at her pussy at the same time.

Kinder: ‘可以帮帮我吗?’
Translate: Can you help me out?

His fingers went right in all the way and a yelp came from her. Sitting opposite her, he rammed his fingers so deep that a painful squeeze came down on his hand after just three minutes. The girl held his hand in place until the stream of juices stopped leaking, and panted heavily after she was done.

They took a long time cleaning up in their exhausted state and he took his wallet out, opening the wads of S$50 in her face. Three of it came out and he placed it in her hands. But an expression of hope and willingness came to confuse him.

Kei: ‘太少?’
Translate: Too little?

Kinder: ‘不不。很多了。但是•• 您会再找我吗?’
Translate: No no. It’s a lot. But will you find me again?

Kei: ‘会的。’
Translate: Yes I will.

Kinder: ‘我可以跟你过一晚吗?’
Translate: Can I spend the night with you?

Kei: ‘对不起,我可能付不起。’
Translate: Sorry, but I don’t think I can afford it.

Kinder: ‘我今晚想跟你,不必付钱。’
Translate: I want to spend the night with you, no payments.

The two of them spoke for a long time in the bus until he got too tired. Filled with pity for her, he drove her home and let her spend the night, filled with grateful sex that he couldn’t get enough of. While many of us know that prostitutes were sly foxes whose goal is money, she did not disappoint him by doing his chores the next day. Since he had a slightly higher income from his mediocre job, he kept her around for at least two months. And was convinced that she purely wanted a better life through other means than to work in the sex industry.

Since then, she had never left his sight, working in his mini bus business, ferrying people and living out his sex dreams anywhere and anytime he wanted. For someone his age, her appearance had fulfilled his hope of getting a wife, who could meet his every needs. Just imagine having raw, hot sex at every break time your own mini bus, banging your girl wildly in the privacy, no matter at high noon or late nights.

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