Money’s Sake

Me: ‘Posh, you needed money right?’

Posh: ‘Ya. Now increased to $600 le.’

Me: ‘Why keep going up sia? Anyway, you want to try pleasuring guys? Cause always got market, and I think is the fastest way to earn your $600.’

Posh: ‘But one time how much?’

Me: ‘For your standards should be around $150 to $200. Around three or four times?’

Posh: ‘Har? Can just do once and get $600?’

Me: ‘Do a gangbang?’

Posh: ‘What’s that?’

She was just another teenager who chalked up a bit of debt from buying makeups and gadgets. How do I know she needed money? Cause the $600 was from me! I’m not interested in sex to repay to loan. I really needed the money too. Since guys are interested, might as well.

Posh lived in a three room flat with her parents and brother, who was in the army, as an officer. Her mum was always home, so she couldn’t organize it at her place. Nor she wanted to go to someone’s house in case things got out of hands.

The group of three guys met at a void deck a few blocks away from hers and as planned, go to a abandoned staircase. The level of units were vacant for unknown reasons, but vacant anyway. Posh removed her black spaghetti strap dress and laid it nicely where she sat.

The three guys were quick to unbuckle and remove their shorts. All Posh wanted was for this to be over soon. She’s never done a threesome, and only had sex with her ex – once. She opened her legs for one to lick and her mouth sucked one, only leaving her hands free for the third. They switched positions a few times before they got tired of standing.

Guy: ‘Come. Get onto your knees.’

She flipped around and knelt at the landing of the stairs, while one positioned below to penetrate, one for blowjob and one.. At the back, not sure what he’s up to. The duo started their pussy ramming and mouth fuck. Posh was getting high from the mild choking and pleasure she’s receiving from her pussy.

The third guy’s dick touch her butt hole, wet, as if lubricated, which he did. Her mouth was still being fucked and her asshole was forced opened, receiving the anal job. With the lub and relaxation from the slow and gentle pussy fuck, it didn’t take too long for him to push it into her ass.

Condom, no condom, she wasn’t even aware. The trio was working like clockwork, pushing, ramming, pounding. Even though the guy taking her virgin asshole was the last, he cummed first and was also the hardest, giving her the biggest load into her sore ass. Her pussy was number two to be topped up, juicing the man dry of cum. He had been controlling his best to delay, but her tightness was just too intense for him.

Finally, she focused on her lips and tongue, bring the guy in front to the heavens, forcing his juice out within minutes of the pussy-man’s refill. Posh took all three shots like a slut and gave them a few minutes of extra sucking to repay them, just enough for them to release a second time. Though all her holes were sore and filled with cum, the thought of money motivates her.

The satisfied men paid and left, while Posh got dressed without her panties and bra for convenience’s sake, heading home for dinner with her family. How do I know she really did honor the meeting with those guys and not get the money elsewhere? She placed her phone on video recording during the whole session.

A 17 years old girl, gangbanged for money. Chargeable right? Hehe. Funnily though, she gave me a grin as though I just did her a favour.

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