Office to Bed

This entry involves pee-play. Please proceed with caution.

A smile appeared across Wen’s face when she felt a finger rubbing on her clit, opening her eyes slowly to the glaring sunlight from the windows. She tried to move her arms but found out they were tied together, but there was no immediate shock to her yet. After a deep breath and opening her eyes fully, Melissa’s bikini-clad body almost made her giggle out loud.

Wen: ‘What are you wearing? Untie me first.’
Melissa: ‘Later la. We have something planned for you.’

She was Wen’s supervisor and also best friends in the company, and her clique was well-known to play pranks on fellow colleagues. Wen could not move anywhere with her tied wrists (to the bed frame) and knees opened with a spreader bar, but the level of trust she had in her supervisor made her think that it was just a quick prank they played on her.

Melissa’s fingers did not stop moving as Wen woke up to her senses, partly weakened from her constant rubbing. The room was clean except for the bedding and a lamp that hung from the wall above the bed. After a while of getting her really wet, Melissa left the room and let Wen looked out of the door.

To her horror, three of her male colleagues were tied up and blindfolded, only able to hop around. Two ladies from Melissa’s clique had those electric fly swatter in their hands and were shocking the guys while giving them instructions.

Clara (from afar): ‘Alvin, follow Melissa.’

He jumped in the direction where Melissa turned him towards and into Wen’s room he went. Clara commanded the rest of the guys to stay still and joined the two slaves they had restrained. After getting Alvin to sit on the bed, the commanding ‘officers’ went to each of them and covered their mouths with a handkerchief. The pinching of Wen’s nipple made her gasp a full breath of the pungent, super glue-like scent and it knocked her out weak on the bed.

Alvin put up a little more fight before he collapsed, and they snipped away his underwear, leaving them naked a few feet away from each other. Melissa stayed in the room and took a seat in front of the bed, as if expecting to watch what would happen.

First, it was Alvin who rotated his body upwards to relieve his weirdly, reddish erection. Wen was looking through her eyelids and could feel something awakening in her body. A sudden wave of wetness began lubricating her pussy and her nipples poked into the air painfully, begging to be relieved of an itch. Her clit was especially sensitive to the cold air from the conditioning unit and a chilling vibe was pulsating through her spine.

As Alvin felt around the bed for space to rest, his hand touched Wen’s feet and sent a electrifying wave through her leg.

Wen: ‘Alvin.. here.’

He moved his grip up her calf and stopped just before her pussy. Estimating at his best, he laid next to Wen and could barely speak from the suffocating drug he breathed.

Alvin (breathlessly): ‘Wen?’
Wen (breathlessly): ‘Yeah. It’s me. Can you scratch down there for me?’
Alvin: ‘You’re itching there too?’

He blindly made his way to her feet and carefully began massaging her clit, and his hips found where her toes were.

Alvin: ‘Help me too.’

Using her feet, she clamped his dick between her toes and moved up and down, channeling some form of comfort so he could focus on relieving her agony. As seconds passed, her nipples were hurting more and Alvin was feeling worse from the unbearable itch. It was as if an insect bite that would cause one to scratch till they bleed.

Wen: ‘My nipples. My nipples. Please.’

He felt her spreader bar and moved her feet up into the air, until the bar went behind his back. Using his mouth, he nibbled on her nipples in turns, while his fingers continued to masturbate her clit. Soon, Alvin expressed frustration from his lack of ‘scratching’, bringing his cock dangerously close to Wen’s pussy.

Alvin: ‘Can I put it in? I’m going crazy with the itch.. ‘

He waited for a few seconds and it was silence he heard. Unable to hold himself back, he poked his tip into her pussy and the wet environment took some pain away. Wen was feeling better too, when she realised that it was actually inside her pussy that needed attention. No wonder it didn’t feel right though he was rubbing her clit.

Almost in missionary position, he went all the way into Wen’s pussy and a moment of sigh told them of their relieve. Still, the discomfort returned and he began thrusting, pulling his dick along her vaginal walls that enjoyed the strokes. Her nipples felt better than and he laid flat on her body, jerking just his hips in the chained-and-locked embrace.

Wen: ‘Oh yes. Keep moving. It feels good.’
Alvin: ‘You’re getting tighter too.’

Suddenly, they heard Melissa’s voice and Wen’s mercy pleading.

Wen (moaning desperately): ‘NO PLEASE! No.. AHHH!’

She shocked Wen through her nipples and grabbed Alvin’s head over them. He resumed sucking on them and Wen dare not say another word when she hovered the swatter over his ass.


He almost bit her nipples off when the first slap excited him. His hips went faster and the both of them was moaning to the hastened mind-fuck. Melissa executed strokes on his bum as they enjoyed themselves, transferring some of the electrical shocks into Wen as well through his penis. Somehow, Wen liked it when Alvin was shocked.

Alvin (shouting): ‘I need to pee badly!’
Melissa: ‘Then let it out!’

Wen’s face turned into horror when she felt a strong gush of hot pee flush into her pussy, exiting in a spray-like fashion over her stuffed cunt. Melissa started spreading and flicking his pee over their bodies with her hand, coating them in a disgusting coat of ammonia. Luckily, Alvin was a non-drinker and only had water the previous night. So there wasn’t any strong smell.

After he was done, he resumed pounding the exhausted girl’s pussy with increasing vigour, delivering orgasms to her sensitive clit and G-spot. When the next smack descended on Alvin, a more powerful jolt made them both groan. Water, pee, whatever bodily liquid, was a great conductor of electricity.

Melissa raised the spreader bar up and instructed Alvin to get out, which he did promptly in fear.

Melissa: ‘Turn over Wen. Or I will shock him.’
Alvin: ‘Please Wen! Please please!’

Wen did a two point turn with the toy prying her legs open and went into doggie, officially out of sight with what would happen behind her. It was nothing scary when Alvin tucked his legs under the bar, engaging them in doggie style without much escape route. Alvin automatically plunged his dick into her and granted Wen a mind soothing sense of security, knowing that they had no reasons to be punished.

Melissa: ‘Are you all the way inside? Is he?’
Wen and Alvin: ‘Yes yes.’
Melissa: ‘Good. Hold her hair.’

Wen tilted her head back to let Alvin catch hold of her permed ends, ready to be fucked in her rear. But unexpectedly, Melissa stuck the racket on his butt and did not take it off immediately. The initial trembling turned into a convulsion that made Alvin rammed his cock in deep and hard, repeating it to take the pain away. For Wen, her G-spot was receiving orgasm-level kind of sensation and just kept cumming in loud moans.

The ten seconds Alvin had been electrocuted felt like hours to him, and when his cock regained feeling, Wen was too tight to continue fucking. Nonetheless, he bit his lips and pounded the blissful looking girl, eyes shut to the impending orgasms that her contracted pussy was getting.

Melissa did not touch them anymore and let him worked, allowing the ‘natural’ pleasure of sex recover in their privates. Gradually, the forceful fucking slowed down to a stop and ended Wen’s buffet of climaxes.

Alvin: ‘I’m almost cumming Wen. Melissa, shock me if you must. But I’m not going to cum inside her.’

Melissa: ‘Good. Take it out.’

He left her dripping wet hole and stood away from the bed, only to scream when Melissa tapped his dickhead with the racket. Melissa left him standing there and returned with another two patches of handkerchief, giving one to Alvin in his face. Wen no longer had any strength after the mindless sex and breathed in willingly, falling asleep right after that.

When she woke up, it was afternoon and her clothes were back, as if untouched. Party-like noises came from outside the door and true enough, everyone was just eating and drinking.

Wen: ‘Hi Alvin.’
Alvin: ‘Hey Wen. You slept for so long. Eat this.’

Confused, she ate the sandwich from Alvin and went back to pack her bags for the check out in the late evening. About fifteen minutes later, Alvin swung the door open to Wen’s room and Melissa was in his arms.

Alvin: ‘Move your stuff away! This bitch needs to be punished.’
Wen: ‘Wait. You mean it’s real?’
Alvin: ‘No shit. That’s why I didn’t let you touch the food and served you all the way.’

They tied her up while the rest of the bedrooms got busy with the other two ladies. Alvin brought a handkerchief laid with the drug she used on them and let her breath in the sexual-inducing medication. In less than a minute, she was up and struggling, begging to be fucked for anything.

Instead of torturing her, Alvin turned his attention to Wen, whom did not resist when he gave her a kiss. Right before Melissa’s eyes, the pair of horny lovebirds started stripping each other, hands running all over cock, pussy and boobs. In front of her, they began with doggie-style, Wen moaning extra slutty as Alvin happily pounded her pussy sore.

It was a consensual trade of lust between them, having her feminine body pounded by a fit, young man who was more than capable to fuck properly. The senseless jerking of Wen’s body on her knees drove Melissa crazy and only after they changed to missionary, did Wen help Melissa at all.

On her back, she reached for the pussy of her ‘master’ and pinched her clit, which Melissa was totally alright with. Alvin did not disappoint Wen as orgasms disrupted her tempo masturbating her supervisor, screams joining the the other torture/ pleasure rooms.

Alvin (whispering): ‘wen! I’m gonna cum soon.. ‘

Wen gave the sex-droid a grin and guided him to Melissa, who was dying from desperation. As Wen went to her side to attack her nipples, Alvin raised her feet high up into the air. In a swift, he pierced into her raw and Melissa went near unconscious. Thanks to her nipples, she sobered up when Wen sank her fingernails into the peaks, shocking her awake.

Wen: ‘Alvin is going to cum into you now.. It will be over soon.’

Alvin heard his new instructions and went all out, ramming his cock in full length into the dominant bitch. After two minutes of intense, sweat sprinkling, the stud unleashed his cum with powerful jerks to her pelvis, filling her up till cum overflowed out of her tight hole.

Like a scratch that temporarily not itch, Melissa stayed quiet for a while, and the pair got dressed with much excitement from their revenge. Once Melissa was back to her crazy state, the two model colleagues stayed by her side, helping her out till she was back to normal.

Well, the three ladies no longer played pranks in the office, and Melissa grew attached to Alvin not long after, who was Wen’s boyfriend as well. Unlike most love-triangle, the couple now has a ‘slave’ to do their bidding.

What would such an experience do to you guys?

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