Stella: ‘Is there anything I can do?’

Louis: ‘What can you do?’

Stella was dumbfounded as she had been with him as a girlfriend for the longest time and she still failed to satisfy him. Even with her around, giving himself a handjob felt even better than with her help. She was just there to provide some visual support, by being naked in front of him.

Stella had been saving her virginity until marriage and her exposure to sex and pleasure wasn’t that great either. She had never accessed pornography, neither was Louis keen to teach her too, since he was kind of getting his relieve outside too. She had never touched herself either.

Stella: ‘Am I that hopeless?’

Louis: ‘Yeah. I’m tired of trying.’

What the fuck? Such attitude and she’s still with him. As she got worried about losing him, she mustered the rest of her courage to ask for a try, which he gave since there wasn’t much to expect out of her. Stella stood in front of him and stripped down to her birthday suit, she sat before him while he leaned his back against the head of the bed, feasting his eyes on the lost little girl who had no idea what she was doing.

Exhaling a breathful of air, she lowered her head over his dick and gave a gentle blow to remove some air in her mouth, to create a light suction. His dick was about five inches long, but she had never ventured to the halfway point, for fear of revolting and even vomiting over him. It was time she overcome that. Forcing her own head downwards, she went down on him to half his shaft length and sucked while she let her head go upwards in relieve. Every stroke she went, she made sure to spend a second or two to go slightly deeper.

Slowly, she managed to reach the base of his dick and was sniffing his trimmed pubic hair with every stroke. Once she needed a break to catch her breath, she would exit his dick and licked below and over his rod, while taking a moment to recover. It was the first time Louis felt her eagerness to pleasure him and she was actually on her way to make him cum. He reached into her hair and guided her back to his dick that needed attention without delay.

Knowing she was on the right track, Stella gladly took him back between her lips again and went down faster on him. In no time, Louis was moaning and his hips was thrusting in synchronise. Sucking harder, the vacuum was driving him crazy and he knew she had to go faster whether she liked it or not. Pushing her head onto his groin, he made her went all the way down and Stella switched to breathing with her nose, knowing her mouth was in full utility.

It was barely seven minutes when Louis took over the pace and it would not take long to make him blow his load. She realised that by taking his dick all the way to her throat, she would not choke since her throat was crowded. And by the time he was out, she just needed to breath harder. Bearing that in mind, she held his waist and took over his speed, driving her head deep and fast over his tormented little one.

He let go of his grip on her head and allowed her to work whatever magic she just learnt, ready to unleash his soldiers when the time comes. The new found confidence gave her new strength and she gave all she had and did not stop until he suddenly held her head down and forced his dick into her throat.

The slight contraction in her mouth and the caressing of her tongue finally triggered the bomb and he groaned in ecstasy while pumping his sperms down her throat, skipping the need to swallow. Creaming his biggest load with Stella’s presence, he was truly exhausted and smiling happily when he sat with his energy all transferred to his innocent girlfriend.

Stella did not end her job there either. She pulled her mouth slowly outwards and kept her lips closely sealed, scraping whatever cum covering his shaft. Upon reaching his little head, she swallowed loudly in the quiet room and sucked on his pee hole like a straw, tickling with her tongue that made him grab the bedsheets frantically to contain the overwhelming tease on his maxed out penis.

After watching her boyfriend squirm like a girl, she finally left his dick and opened his mouth to show him what she got out of his spent rod. It was close to a tablespoon full of goodness. Bearing the bitter-salty mixed taste, she swallowed with difficulty and Louis just pulled her towards him and kissed.

Stella: ‘Was it good?’

Louis: ‘Thanks baby. It was the best blowjob I’ve got from you, and you must remember how to do it k? Cause it felt really good. To give my baby my precious love juice.’

She smiled from her heart this time and snuggled into his chest, while stroking his dick, excited about her newly picked up skill of giving good head. Nonetheless, the sex he enjoyed could still only be found away from her but he knew he had someone to relieve him if he felt needy.

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