Pavlov’s Mornings

For reasons I didn’t want to admit, my body had an almost-instant reaction to the scent of Emily’s blankie, being pulled over my eyes. While it began as a ‘sneak attack’ to wake her lazy dad up, the combination of being blindfolded, and getting ‘jumped on’, stirred quite a response I had to warn her about. Despite my caution, the innocent and simply minded girl just couldn’t get the message.

Over the years, as she grew up to be an active teenager, our daily morning, wake-up call turned into an unspeakable – secret(?). Like always, she threw her blanket over my face and proceeded to climb onto my resting body, precisely placing her groin on top of mine and did her little ‘wriggle’, to wake ‘me’ up. Once there was something substantial between her legs, she would gyrate her hips in a different vibe, though her intentions were fairly obvious to me.

That routine, that had initially lasted as long as it took for her to get an orgasm of sorts, soon advanced in its duration, and intensity, on a special occasion she skipped an entire day of lectures for. Showing up in just an oversized t-shirt and non-existent bottoms, I was more nervous that day. Just as I thought that nothing more would happen, I realised that her hips were moving in a particular way – that subtly lowered my boxers.

Before I knew it, our genitals were grinding skin-on-skin together, slightly lubricated by fluids I couldn’t endorse. ‘Dry-humping’ in an eerie silence, I was somewhat glad when she finally slowed down, having pushed me to my limits, in terms of ‘size’ and ‘stiffness’. Just when I thought it was over, she slid her waist up my belly and fell her braless chest in my face, before her body slipped downwards, going right over my cock.

While the insides of all vaginas might have ‘minor’ differences, she was a ‘whole new world’. She was so comfortably warm that my entire body might have just melted, and had a perfectly-tuned tightness that felt so rightfully mine.

(She moaned) ‘you fit.. so well inside.. inside me like.. like you are made for me.. ‘

As soon as we fused, our bodies just mindlessly took over and hips began jerking, both together and against each other. Her juices flowed proportionately to the intensity of our motion, without causing any unwanted sloshing or slurping noises. My mind was just drifting in and out of unworldly ecstacy while she was panting not too dissimilar to a good workout.

I couldn’t help but started feeling up her legs, waist, breasts, before she replaced one of my hands at her clit. Quickly slapping a hand over mine (at her groin), she was literally rubbing herself through me, to stimulate more juices for a faster ride. After I felt both her hands on the mattress by my neck, my body was immediately sent to the edges of hell once she repositioned her ass, to bounce rampantly on my tattered morals.

I spent the next few seconds groaning for my life before I had to change my tone, to a more stricter tone for her to get out of an impending finale I had little control over. Down-playing my unwarranted cries that were obviously made early, she let her pussy down my cock one last time and re-enlisted her fingers, for her own unruffled climax.

Little did I expect, the serenity of such a ‘scene’ was not to be underestimated, for the turbulances inside her pussy was rousing my overly-jacked manhood. In less than two minutes, without any visible, big gestures, I was in a more defenceless state than ever.

(I grunted) ‘Em.. emily! i’m.. shi.. shit shit.. ‘

In a single, swift maneuver, she evacuated ground-zero and I promptly let the first of many violent jets of cum exit my member, except she caught every one of them in the mouth she punctually repurposed, quelling the mess I would have otherwise, made. With my balls emptied, and righteousness skewed, she picked her blankie off my eyes and left the room, for me to wallow in guilt.

No more than thirty minutes later, clearly too disturbed to go back to bed, my phone buzzed to a yearly reminder I had set – to ‘celebrate baby’s birthday’. Recalling that it was ‘another’ Monday that she should be in school, I crawled out of bed and made my way to the kitchen, ready to whip up her favourite pancakes (with maple syrup) to start her day.

Halfway through the cooking, she reappeared in a more appropriate attire, and hugged from behind.

‘I love you dad.’

‘I love you too Emi. What would you like to do today?’

Without hesitation, she tucked her hands into my waistband and fondled my slimy cock, still unwashed from our earlier pursuit. Not before long, she found herself on top of the kitchen counter, was getting fed pancakes from my mouth while getting pounded by another organ below my waist. For the last piece of pancake, I obligingly drizzled ‘another type of syrup’ only to see her gobble it up as hungrily as it was disparaging to the efforts I put in to produce them.

For most of the day, we stayed home and made good use of a certain ‘medication’ I took to keep my little head in the game, until Janice, her best friend, dropped by at 4pm to celebrate her birthday with a small cake. Once we had a few drinks in our system, Emily ‘offered me up’ to her friend and the two of us poured our lust out, exchanging dirty pleasantries as ‘secretly’ as we couldn’t since ‘Emily can never know’.

Long story short, for the next few hours after Janice was gone, and the days that follow, we always knew exactly what we wanted to do to each other, and with Janice when she visited ‘us’ more frequently.

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