Pearly Panties

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After Mavis received the package she had been waiting for, she ripped the wrapping paper opened and held the nude coloured panties in the light. A sense of excitement breathed into her as she felt the centre piece, with a string of pearls sewn into the crotch area. Quickly snapping a picture of it showing the spheres protruding out of the panties, she sent it to me as a morning greeting, just to wake me up the right way.

At first, I did not know what to make of it, since it wasn’t so clear in the photo. But with a long way to go before the end of the day, I left the conversation as it was and went about my work, only replying at midnight when my shift ended.

Mavis (Whatsapp): ‘I wore this for a run just now.’
Me (Whatsapp): ‘So fast to test it out huh? Where are you now?’
Mavis (Whatsapp): ‘Under your void deck? I see you walking.’

I spotted the sporty dressed girl in a spandex tank top and a pair of white, yellow sport shorts, those that had loose openings at her thighs to provide more manoeuvrability. We moved to a quieter stairwell in the neighbourhood so no one would bother us, and I made a request to feel how the panties worked. Sitting between my legs, I reached for her thighs and moved my hands up under her shorts, feeling for the string of pearls that trailed from her navel down to the end of her slit.

A bit of moisture remained in her shorts as I fiddled with the pearls, pressing and rolling it around against her clit.

Mavis: ‘Hey.. stop playing with it. I’m already turned on when I ran in it.’
Me: ‘So it’s working good? Seems like someone will be turned on 24/7 with it on.’
Mavis: ‘Hope I don’t get too addicted to it.’

Her head fell on my chest as I continued masturbating her outside her panties, and as time past, I could see her nipples protruding out of her top too. I could tell that the tank top was tight fitting, and the thin cardigan she wore as a windbreaker wouldn’t be able to provide much cover too. Nonetheless, I focused on her panties that she had gotten so wet that it was soaked.

Me: ‘Can you remove your tank top and just wear your jacket?’
Mavis: ‘I think so. No one will walk pass this place.’

I prepared her cardigan while she stripped her top off, quickly sticking her arms into the pullover and wrapping it around her chest. Now that her boobs were easily accessible, one hand of mine was squeezing on them while the other rubbed outside her shorts.

Mavis turned slightly to reach into my shorts while I kept her breathing fast, stroking my hard on in response to my teasing fingers. In no time, I was sticking my hand into her shorts from her belly button and toying with her clit skin-to-skin.

Mavis (whispering): ‘Let me remove my panties. I’ve wore it long enough today.’

The quick removal of her panties was less of a striptease as her shorts went on as soon as I catch a glimpse of that fair slit, returning to the mutual masturbating position soon after. As my dick pushed painfully against my shorts, it had been angled to my thigh gap and she was jerking it in the open.

Me: ‘Does it smell?’
Mavis: ‘A little?’
Me: ‘Too bad for me then. No blowjob.’
Mavis: ‘Yeah.. too bad.’

I helped her up and placed her over the ledge of the small window of the stairs, facing the empty coffee shop behind the block. This time, I did not remove her shorts but pulled it aside, just enough to let my dick enter. Growing impatient with a raging hard on, I let myself slip into her pussy and entered in just three strokes, fulfilling that starving cunt of hers. Quietly, I glide in and out of her gracefully and her hands clenched tightly at the railing, soundless to my gentle boning.

Me: ‘I love it when you tie your hair high.’
Mavis: ‘Makes me look wild and adventurous huh?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’

I made her hang onto the rails firmly before leaning backwards, using her hips as support. My hips was lowered to provide an upward angle that resulted in her losing control of her voice and moaned to my thrusts. This position was known to deliver orgasms quicker and true enough, her tight ass was wriggling as an orgasm built up.

Mavis: ‘Keep going.. don’t stop.. ‘

I rammed harder and deeper into her, stimulating her g-spot till a small stream of juices flowed down my balls, wetting my pants that was still around my legs. The girl was exhausted with just one climax and I slowed down to a standstill. With a satisfied face on Mavis, she led me back to the lowest step and sat between my legs.

As a treat, I was given the first row seat to watch her finger herself, pushing more honey out of her pussy onto that white shorts. At the same time, her head lowered onto my groin and my dick disappeared into her mouth, eyes frequently locked in my gaze. The opening and closing of my mouth was all she needed to know how well she was doing, as her tongue playfully fondled the sensitive spots on my manhood.

Mavis: ‘Let me know when you’re about to cum k?’

I could only give her a nod as another long stroke down my shaft took my breath away. It was the hardworking mouth that kept going despite her tiredness that touched me deeply, letting her soft, fleshy tongue do the work while her cheeks created a vacuum to keep up the blood flow. Sure enough, with her skills, I did not last long in that state of blank and warned her before the deadline was up.

She wrapped the pearl-lined panties around my shaft and kept only the tip inside her mouth, sucking while stroking that veins-covered shaft violently. The pearl did provide a little pain to up the sensation, and before I could do anything, the sudden death feel overcame my senses.

A little jerk of my hips signalled the moment and she pushed her tongue against my pee hole, blocking the ejaculation in vain. Although it did not feel like ‘complete’ at the first few shots, her lips that went along the shaft to milk everything out brought the ultimate sense of ‘relieve’ to my balls, emptying it till there was not a single drop left.

As soon as I was done, she swallowed the load and wiped her mouth with that pair of undies in her hand, which surprised me since she complained that there was a smell.

Me: ‘You swallowed?’
Mavis: ‘I need my protein for the afterburn. Plus, my pussy pretty much cleaned the smell off this little one.’

She gave my dick a little push downwards and let it bounced right up, accidentally leaking a tiny drop of cum which she licked it up. She returned to sit beside me and I gave her a round of cunnilingus that she loved, officially draining any of her energy left for the night with a subtle orgasm.

We each gave a peck at the respective genitals before separating for the night, with her walking in front so I could admire that tight ass, donned in a small shorts without any pantyline (cause her panties were wrapped in her tank top she held in her hand), and the sexy back, braless behind that sheer yellow cardigan.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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