Pleasant Surprise

Day: Saturday
Date: 7 November 2009
Time: 3pm
Location: My house

I ended singing at 2.30pm and met Peiling to go out. Her ISP was finally done and free to go out together. Having no idea where to go, she suggested my house to help me with my work.

I was shocked and wasn’t sure if it’s the right thing to do. After all, we quarrelled because of too much ‘playing’. I confirmed with her a few times before I suspiciously brought her there.

There was no one home and like a long time ago, she sat down and watched TV. I went to put down my stuffs and wash up. She was wearing her OP skirt and a black tee with a dog picture.

I started up my laptop and beside her to watch together. During the advertisements, she asked if I want to go to my room and of course, I agreed. I turned off the TV and went in. She lay down on the bed and I climbed on top of her and had a wild tongue fight.

She was feeling horny and nudged me and patted on the bed hinting I lie beside. She then took my hand and placed it on her chest. I detected her fast heartbeat and started shifted my hand, squeezing her right breast through her clothes and bra.

I then took her pink vibrator of my pocket (she had no idea I was washing that earlier) and slipped it under her skirt into her panties. While it was vibrating away in her, she sat up and asked me to lie down. She asked me to turn off the vib and proceeded to pull my pants down.

I helped her with my FBTs and soon my dick was in full view. She went down on me without saying anything and kept sucking with her signature move. With her lips covering the tip of my dick, her tongue playfully teased the opening. Once in a while, she would move her lips up and down a little, but her tongue never rested. I played with the controls on the vibrator to watch her vary her sucking with different intensity.

After a while, I thought it was time to return the favour but she didn’t respond when I wanted to get up, she just kept sucking. ‘Just lie down and relax’ she said, and I did. I was surprised but did not question.

My load came soon and she took it all in her mouth, even continued sucking for a while after I emptied it all. She lifted her head up, with her hand still around my dick and moved up and down distractedly. After a few seconds, she gulped the cum down and paused to swallow a few more times.

It was the first time she did that for me. It was really touching to see her doing something for me in a long time. Her hand took over and with her saliva and with some of mine too, she woke my softened dick up for round two – handjob. Alternating between one and two hands, the feeling of shooting was delayed. She smiled at me everytime I looked at her, and even getting a grin sometimes.

Her handjob covers the whole length from bottom till the tip of the dick. It was numbing for my (big) head and with her other move, both palm clamping my dick and moving up and down, I got close to shooting in no time.

She led me by my dick into the toilet and jerked me off from behind with her left hand. I shot my load into her hands as she tries to cover the tip of my dick, preventing  me from shooting everywhere. She washed her hands and my dick as well and we all went back to my laptop to do work.

As I was tired enough, I didn’t really had the energy or mood to ask for a third round. Seems like she found out about that trick. Hehe.

I supposed she got off while getting me off. It’s her favourite pink vibrator after all.

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